Dip it Good!


Good afternoon everyone! How goes it?

Girls night was so much fun – we ended up watching Slumdog Millionaire. I also saw it in the theaters and ugh, it is a FANTASTIC movie! The soundtrack, story, setting and acting are unbelievable. Did you see Slumdog? What did you think?

I spent the morning sleeping in (loved it), watching True Life: Behind the Scenes (really good!), folding laundry (bleh!), then went and ran some errands (fun! I love running errands :) ) First though, I had some fuel…Ben fuel – he made us Breakfast Sandwiches!


He baked up some biscuits and layered them with crispy hashbrowns, over-easy eggs, a sausage patty and a slice of American cheese. Take that Mick-e-dees – this was bomb!


This evening we’re heading over to my brother and sister-in-law’s house to play with baby Finn, celebrate my Mom’s birthday (which is tomorrow – fun times will be had, stay tuned!) and to watch the Iowa Hawks whup on Penn State :D

We’ll order pizza for the game, but I’m also bringing Creamy Pickle Dip inspired by those deeeelish pickle bites I had while tailgating last weekend!


After I posted about the bites, reader Pam wrote to tell me there is a MUCH easier way to enjoy this flavor combo – combine equal parts sour cream and cream cheese, dill pickle relish and corned beef. Genius! This tastes exactly like those pickle bites, but was MUCH easier to make. Trust me, the bites are insanely delish, but a pain in the A$$ to make.


Dippers include carrots, Triscuits and celery.  

IMG_9660 IMG_9663 IMG_9662

Family time = fun time. I’m excited to hang out with everybody :) Have a great Saturday night everyone!!


How far away do you live from your family?

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