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Ahhhh I made it to the gym after work – it was glorious. Sometimes I really just can’t bear the thought and other times I’m like – “Yeah! I’m at the gym, I’m running – I LOVE this!” Thankfully, today was one of those days :) I ran for 33 minutes at 6.5, sprinted for 2 minutes at 7.0 and walked for 10 minutes at 4.0 with a 5% incline. Total mileage: 4.5 miles. Feelin’ good.

I hit the proverbial “easy” button for dinner and jazzed up a box of Annie’s Whole Wheat Pasta & Alfredo with some Roasted Veggies. Oh yes.

Staples Easy Button

When you feel like eating something cozy, but don’t want to make anything from scratch – I think Annie’s Mac & Cheese is a great option.


To go along with my Mac, I roasted some Cauliflower and Asparagus for bulk and because roasted veggies are zee ’ish.

All I did was toss one head of cauliflower with 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil, garlic salt and pepper, then roasted in a 400 degree oven for 40 minutes stirring half way through.


I also tossed one bunch of asparagus with 1 teaspoon extra virgin olive oil, garlic salt and pepper, and roasted for 12 minutes stirring half way through. I added the asparagus pan into the oven when the cauliflower had 12 minutes left, so they were done at the same time.


The veggies came out peeeerfectly golden – YUM!


All together!


IMG_9819 IMG_9821 IMG_9823

If you think you don’t like cauliflower – try it roasted. I am telling you, I would eat anything roasted…well not carrots, mushrooms or bell peppers…but ANYTHING else. It adds such a depth of flavor that you really can’t achieve by cooking veggies any other way.


The asparagus got super tender but kept a slight bite – perfection!


Ok – this Annie’s Whole Wheat Pasta & Alfredo – is BOMB! My favorite kind so far! And look at these cute little DW heads – you know, Arthur’s sister?!




This dinner was quick, easy and FLAVORFUL. I’m tellin’ ya – give roasted veggies a try – you’ll love them forever ;)


GOSSIP GIRL IN T-MINUS 6 MINUTES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What food will you not eat, even it were roasted?

Literally the only foods that I can think of that I won’t eat, are listed above. Cooked carrots, bell peppers and mushrooms. Can’t do it! It’s a texture thing!

Autumn Roasted Vegetables on Foodista

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