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Hola friends!

I am tuckered out! I didn’t feel like running after work today so I came home and let Jillian beat me up a little…aka, I shredded! 20 minutes at Level 1 and my arms were shaking, my breathing was labored and I was a schhhhweaty lady. Ben laid on the couch, watched and commented when I wasn’t squatting low enough, punching hard enough, etc. I politely not so politely told him to join me…or can it. He canned it :)

I wasn’t very hungry when I was done, so I opted for a lighter dinner tonight: Lemon Pasta with Chicken. Perhaps you may remember this sweetie from my brush with the 101 Simple Salad Challenge?


I made it the same way as last time, except tonight I reserved about 1/4 cup of the pasta cooking water to create even more of a sauce, since I was using long, linguine pasta. Long pasta tends to need more liquid to “work with,” if you will.


Mmm – look at that chewy linguine! I think linguine is the most satisfying of all pasta varieties. What’s your fave?


The lemon pepper on the chicken breasts, combined with the garlic chips sautéed in olive oil, mixed with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice and topped with parmesan cheese = no ho hum chicken dinner here!


Dessert shall be some Skittles that Ben brought me from his parent’s house. Hmmm…trying to distract me from working out, fattening me up with skittles…what is this – Hansel & Gretel? Am I Gretel??


Off to watch The Biggest Loser – at this time last week I was tweeting with Ms. Michaels herself!!


How much tv do you watch??

I really like Fall television. Actually, one of my favorite things to do is snuggle with Ben in a big blanket and catch up on “our shows.” It’s dark out anyways, so I feel like I’m not wasting valuable time or weather by sitting indoors…know what I mean, bean?

Attack of the Abominable Speed Walker


Isn’t personal taste funny? I loved hearing what you guys “won’t even eat roasted” last night. Do you think taste is nature or nurture? I think it’s a little of both. I happen to hate cooked carrots because I was forced to finish my pot roast dinners when I was…

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