Keep Your Fingers Crossed!


Hi everyone!

It a glooorious day here – pretty nippy out, but the sun is shIning bright. :)

I slept in and lounged until the fabulous hour of 9:30, then Ben and I hit up the last Farmer’s Market of the season. Bonus – there was a Halloween costume parade for dogs! But, don’t worry, I forgot the battery to my camera in the charger at home. Still kicking myself! We even saw a bulldog in a king’s costume, complete with a crown and purple velvet cape. He looked something like this:

Except a little less…wrinkly. Adorbs – so sad I couldn’t capture it on camera!

We went so Ben could get his first (and final!) taste of a Farmer’s Market Pupusa!


We brought it home to eat because it was so darn chilly out there.


Thick corn tortilla that’s crispy on the outside, creamy on the inside, and stuffed with gooey cheese and fresh spinach. TO DIE FOR! I will certainly miss these this winter. Anyone have a good pupusa recipe I could try??


I am currently decked out in my finest Iowa Hawkeye gear…


Wrapped up in a blanket…




And cheering on my team for their 9th consecutive win! It’s currently 21-7 Indiana, and Iowa keeps making terrible mistakes and plays, aka Indiana is getting lucky ;) and it’s not looking great. Cross your fingers!


After the game I am headed to the gym. Those 100 Grand bars were more delicious than I anticipated… ;)

Have a great afternoon everyone!

Ohhh – I must clear up the great trick-or-treat debacle from last night! Around here the kids trick-or-treat the night before Halloween on “beggars night”. They don’t go again on Halloween. I’m not sure how/why/when this tradition was started – it’s just how it’s always been around here! :D




Maybe you were wondering if my neighbor strung up an extremely scary, life-like mannequin to decorate his house for Halloween?? Yep, he did. Freaky! I opted for a far less threatening, kid-friendly pumpkin arrangement on the porch :)   My candy strategy for the trick-or-treaters this year was to buy…

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In Case You Missed It + Halloween Costumes!


Picture edition!   The end of the week also means that it’s Fun Fact Friday: The Halloween Edition…muwahahaha. Today’s Fun Fact: Ben and I went as Shawn Johnson and Bela Karolyi for Halloween last year! I randomly found this USA Gymnastics sweatshirt, threw on medals, picked up a pair of…

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This One Takes the (Cheese) Cake


Good morning everyone – T…G…I…F! I feel like it’s been weeks since last weekend! Luckily we’ve got no plans in this household for the next two days…what about you? So my Mom and I took a walk in Miami, FL this morning. It least that’s what it felt like –…

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Love at First Bite


This picture pretty much sums up how it’s been outside! It rained from the moment I left for work, to the moment I got home from work! Naturally, I was faced with the dreaded rainy day workout dilemma. Do I go home, put on my comfy sweats and lounge…

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