Done, Complete, Finished, Check, Donzo


Good afternoon everyone!

It’s been another productive Sunday over here so far :)

  • Grocery shopping: done
  • Pre-make dinner for a couple nights this week: complete
  • Prep for baking project this week: finished
  • Make dessert for family lunch: check
  • Eat said family lunch: donzo


I have a really busy couple of days coming up, so I got up early and spent a few hours pre-making some dinners that I’ll be able to re-heat and eat this week! A few hours spent in the kitchen on Sunday is time well spent if it means dinner will be pretty much ready for us on a busy weeknight. Plus, I love a good Sunday in the kitchen…it’s relaxing and cozy. :D

In addition to pre-making a couple of dinners, I made an ooey-gooey, warm and chewy Apple Crisp to take over to my parent’s house for lunch! Pre-bake:




I followed my tried and true Apple Crisp recipe – works every time :) 


Lunch over at my folks’ was Steak, Fresh Bread and Almond Green Beans.


These were fresh green beans that my Mom combined with some toasted almonds. All she did was spray a small baking sheet with olive-oil spray, spread out the almonds, spray again and then toast in a toaster oven until they were golden brown. THEY WERE AMAZING and kind of reminded me of toasted pumpkin seeds!


Paired with some smoky steak and soft, fresh bread – this was a fabulous Sunday lunch!


But what’s Sunday lunch without dessert? The apple crisp was super soft with a chewy, crunchy topping. I like to double the “crisp” on top…muwahahaha!


Guess who else was there?! FINN! My favorite (and only!) nephew whose little faces and baby squeaks just melt my heart!! Look at his little man jeans! I just love him so much :)


Okie doke! I’m off to relaaaaaax, maybe watch some football – and snuggle under my pink Slanket because it’s friggin’ freezing in here!


Which weekend day to you typically try and relax a little?

I find that Saturday nights are the best time to kick back and unwind. Getting into some comfy clothes and throwing in a movie is pretty much my idea of Heaven!

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  1. Your crisp looks awesome!
    I try resting on Saturday since there’s no pressure to get things done for the week, but that usually doesn’t work out so bueno

  2. Lauren 10.04.2009

    I think I am going to make your Apple Crisp for Thanksgiving dessert this year. Everytime I see that you make it, I get so excited because it looks so miraculous and this is by far, one of my favorite desserts in the whole world!

    What a great Sunday indeed. Don’t you just love these kind of Sundays when you are able to get everything ready for the week and still enjoy some good relaxing family time. Postively perfect. :)

  3. Sunday Afternoons are my relaxing time. Church is over and the week hasn’t begun yet. I tend to do some yoga, watch some football, take a nap and relax in general.

    I love apple crisp. Next to dipping in nut butter it is probably my favorite thing to do with apples :-)

  4. Lindsay 10.04.2009

    Your apple crisp looks amazing!

    Finn is adorable! I love his little baby jeans!

    I find Saturday nights and Sunday afternoons relaxing. If we don’t go out on Saturday nights I love to relax with a movie.

  5. Jenna 10.04.2009

    Nice work getting prepped for the week!

    I am jealous of your families Sunday lunch. I wish my family was close by so we could do that! Nice work on the crisp, I always double the topping too. I mean, come on, it is the best part!

    Finn is A-DORABLE!!! Little babies make my heart melt :)

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  7. Balance for MEre 10.04.2009

    Your Saturday night sounds like mine. Sundays are usually really busy with all the pre-cooking and preparations for the week. The apple crisp looks great.

  8. Lizzy 10.04.2009

    I love the idea of prepping for the week on sunday’s. i rather take that time out then to have to rush around during the week and doing it! Your Nephew is so adorable! :)

  9. angieinatlanta 10.04.2009

    Holy yum! Your apple crisp looks amazing!

    I love Sunday prep – it’s such a lifesaver during the stressful workweek!

    Finn’s getting cuter by the day!

  10. Stephanie 10.04.2009

    What a sweet baby, and the jeans are uber-cute! And btw you rock for posting the apple crisp recipe… since I have tons of apples from pickin’ the other day that I want to use up!! :)

  11. Jaci 10.04.2009

    I think I like Saturday nights, too! I don’t do too much on Sundays, but I usually prep food for the week and get things ready for the next 5 days. I think Saturday is my official “do nothing” day!

  12. Cara 10.04.2009

    Ahh that apple crisp looks TO DIE FOR! And so does your newphew! What a cutie!

    I love cooking Sundays, especially baking ones!

  13. That baby is ridiculous! I want nieces and nephews!
    I choose Sunday! I like to bake and relax on saturdays but sunday is my lazy day.
    Rock on with all that dinner prep – you’re so organized!

  14. Jared Christensen 10.04.2009

    What do you pre make for the week? I’m trying to eat better but never know what to make. Any advice would be awesome.

  15. Devan G Newman 10.04.2009

    oh yum. your crisp looks so good :) all your food always does.

    your nephew is so cute. :) I get to be an auntie soon!! I am so so excitied :D I bet you are on cloud 9 :)

    i always relax on Sundays :)

  16. I try to relax a little each and every day on the weekend … we may run errands all day Saturday and Sunday, but I make sure to relax in the evenings with my PJ’s and a glass of wine (and maybe some fresh popped popcorn!). Or, Saturday and Sunday mornings … I love having the time to kick back with the husband, drink our tea, while watching movies or taped TV shows. It’s great!


  17. I agree that Saturday nights are my favorite time to enjoy doing nothing but relaxing. Friday nights are always about meeting up with friends, Saturdays are for doing something unique for that weekend, and Sundays go by so fast because I need to get everything done for the week. On the rare occurrence that errands are completed on Saturday, it sure is nice to have all Sunday to just hang out!

  18. AWWWW his baby jeans are too cute!

  19. Nadia 10.06.2009

    I’ve been searching for an apple crisp recipe and yours looks great! I was wondering if you could give some specifics…how many apples, how much flour, brown sugar, butter and oats did you use? Thanks!

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