Boredom Busting Tips for the Gym


Happy Tuesday everyone!

I’m happy to report that I slept like a rock – nay, a boulder – last night! I woke up in the exact same position that I went to sleep in. Don’t you love that? :) As a result, I feel 110% better than I did yesterday morning – awesome!

Even more awesome is the Healthyeverythingtarian inspired breakfast I made this morning: Pumpkin Spiced Oatmeal. Yummm!


In the mix:

  • 1/3 cup each of old fashioned oats, skim milk & water
  • 1/2 a large banana, cooked in with oats
  • dash of pumpkin pie spice
  • splash of vanilla
  • drizzle of sugar free maple syrup
  • Spoonful of almond butter

My oats were so fluffy and whipped today!


And nothing beats a big spoonful of almond butter in the a.m.. Nothing beats a big spoonful of almond butter anytime, actually. :)


I’ve forgotten how filling oatmeal can be in the morning – I am a stuffed roly poly right now! :D


Today’s lunch marks the return of the Kitchen Sink Salad!


In the mix:

  • Romaine lettuce
  • Cabbage
  • Carrot chips
  • Sliced almonds
  • Chopped, dried peaches
  • Deli ham

 IMG_1426 IMG_1428

IMG_1429 IMG_1431

Mmmm, yep. Pretty much got everything but the kitchen sink in there. Oh, except pickles – which, FYI – are amazing in salads. Just throwing that out there!

So, friends. As the colder weather makes its way into our lives, naturally the gym must also if we want to get our workouts in. Unfortunately, the gym is a breeding ground for boredom – among other things – but I found four boredom-busting cardio routines to try from Women’s Health Mag (love that website!) Each routine combines three different cardio activities in one, 30 minute workout. Got that?! :) Here they are:

The Triathlon Trainer: A triple play that gets fast results

Pedal a bike at a moderate pace—an effort level of 5 or 6 (you’re working hard but can still carry on a conversation)—for 10 minutes. Next, run either outside or on a treadmill for 10 minutes, again at an effort level of 5 or 6. Last, head to the pool or a rowing machine and put in 10 minutes at the same effort level.

The Full-Body Toner: Combines strength moves and cardio for maximum fat-blasting

Jump rope for 30 seconds and rest for 30 seconds; do 5 sets. Then perform 2 sets of this 5-minute body-weight circuit: squats, pushups, step-ups, dips, and crunches. Do as many reps of each exercise as you can in 1 minute, moving to the next without rest. Finish with a 10-minute jog at a medium pace.

The Power Booster: This interval workout builds speed, power, and lower-body tone.

Pick three cardio machines with adjustable resistance and do the following on each: Warm up for 2 minutes at a medium pace. For the first interval, raise to max effort by upping the resistance and/or incline, keeping the pace steady; go for 30 seconds, then recover at warm up pace for 2 minutes. Do 2 intervals per machine. Finish on one machine before moving to the next.

The Calorie Scorcher: Challenges your cardiovascular system and strengthens your body

Choose any three cardio machines. On the first one, go for 10 minutes at an effort level of 5 or 6. Move immediately to the next machine and go hard, at an effort level of 9 or 10—you should just barely be able to huff out words—for another 10 minutes. Finally, switch to the last machine and do 10 minutes at a 5 or 6 effort.

Don’t these sound crazy/fun/intense/boredom busting? I kind of want to try out the “Calorie Scorcher” tonight…we shall see :)

Here are some of my boredom busting tips for the gym:

  • Listen to a book on CD, rotate activities after each chapter
  • Purchase a new workout outfit (it works!)
  • Workout with a friend
  • Download a new playlist
  • Try a new class
  • Switch classes
  • Split the cost of a couple personal training sessions with a friend/family member
  • Workout at a new time
  • Try a new gym
  • Make it a goal to try every piece of equipment in the gym in 2 weeks, one month, etc.

Hopefully these workouts and tips will help you combat the gym boredom blues this winter!

Have a great day everyone!


How often do you switch up your workouts?

I am totally guilty of running a one-type workout show. I know that continually doing the same thing day after day isn’t as beneficial as doing multiple types of workouts – I’m just a creature of habit! I used to be really good at incorporating step class/kick boxing and the stair master in with my running. Perhaps this winter I can revisit those days!?

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  1. Sarah Jayne 10.20.2009

    I always try to do something different each week at the gym. I’ll spend 2-3 days on a couple different machines and run 2-3 days. Every coupleweeks I try different “programs” on the machines ie intervals, big hill, strength, hill intervals etc! Keeps the muscles guessing!
    Can’t wait to see what Mr IGE has up his sleeve for your dinner…do you know or is he keeping it a surprise?

  2. Mandy 10.20.2009

    I don’t really change my routine much, but my routine offers a lot of variety: yoga, zumba, running (jogging), bike, weights. If I am not in the mood for the “scheduled” exercise, I just switch gears to something else. It generally works.

    Thanks for the tips!

  3. Stephanie 10.20.2009

    I switch up my workouts ALL the time as in vary them each week, it really is key for me. I like to do a mix of cardio/stregth/yoga throughout the week and LOVE to take classes (esp kickboxing!) I find that doing workout videos at home really helps me to vary it up… plus I get so freaking bored just doing an elliptical or treadmill for 30 minutes (shoot me) and do that very rarely :)

  4. I try to switch up my workouts as often as I can… but I LOVE to run… so I do that more than anything :)

    Your salad looks great! Very colorful :)

  5. Wow, those oats do look fluffy! Amazing!
    I don’t know if I have a set rotation for switching up my workouts. I just have a few different things I like to do (elliptical, walking outside, weights, yoga or shred dvd) — definitely need variety otherwise I get bored!

  6. Holly 10.20.2009

    ahhhh sooo glad you liked the pumpkin spiced oats! it’s like a fall party in the mouth – i just bought apple pie spice so now i need to try that out. i always feel a bit roly poly after eating them too, but so delish.

    i was actually planning on doing a somewhat triathlon-inspired workout tonight. thanks for the tips girl :)

  7. Leianna 10.20.2009

    Great oats, I love the stuffed feeling after eating something like that, otherwise I’m hungry an hour later!
    I like that carlorie scorcher idea too, now that it’s officially winter in Iowa, no more 70 degree days:( I need to go to the gym everyday!

  8. Coco 10.20.2009

    That pumpkin oatmeal looks divine! How is that sugar-free maple syrup? Is it like Aunt Jemima’s? I have to admit, I’m partial to the real stuff, but if it’s good I’m down to try it. Lovely colorful salad!!!
    I’m off to ZUMBA!!! I’m really trying to diversify my workouts.

  9. Abby 10.20.2009

    Do you microwave your oatmeal or cook on the stove?

  10. Tay 10.20.2009

    I love those tips!! I very well may try out the 3 cardio machine one today :-)

    I was a runner-aholic and would run everyday. I would do about 10-15 minutes of weights here and there. But it finally caught up with me and my knee so I now I know not to push it too much with running!

  11. Yummy, looking salad!!! You always take amazing pictures…..=)

  12. Julie 10.20.2009

    I’m a creature of habit too, I don’t usually switch up my routine even though I should.

  13. Sassy Molassy 10.20.2009

    I do a lot of running, but I definitely switch it up a lot as well. Each morning I take the dog on a walk/run and sometimes also fit in a little Jillian/Bob workout or some yoga and pushups. And at least three days a week I hit the gym for a little weight lifting and some cross training besides running.

  14. Jen 10.20.2009

    Im so guilty of not changing my workouts. I tend to stick with running and a little bit of weight training. Occasionally I’ll hit up the elliptical but I tend to get a bit stuck to the treadmill especially if I’m training for a race. I used to be much better at going to classes but I’ve just switched gyms and can’t seem to fit the times into my schedule :( boo. Great tips for mixing it up though. To avoid boredom I like listening to podcasts / audiobooks while on the treadmill. Takes my mind off the boredom!

  15. Carrie 10.20.2009

    I have a few gym staples that I rotate: cardio kickboxing, lifting with free weights, lifting with machines, squats/pull-ups/chin-ups/dips. Weight days usually coupled with 30 minutes of cardio.

    This summer, I did get out to ride my bike, hike and yesterday I booked it home to change and run the mountain biking trails. Felt so great to be outside in that perfect weather surrounded by nature.

    One thing I want to try and I do have a free day pass is rock climbing at Climb Iowa–I just wish it was cheaper.

  16. Missy 10.20.2009

    I do something different every day. Have you ever heard of Crossfit? I have been doing this program for over 3 years and LOVE every minute of it. I have also incorporated alot of running into my routine so I’m in the best shape of my life right now. Wish I had started it when I was in my 20’s, but oh well – almost 35 and still able to do pullups with my kids at the park! Love it!
    Check it out! You have to start out by modifying everything down, but eventually your goal is to do the workout as prescribed. It’s a blast, but takes a special breed of people to do the workouts!

  17. valerie 10.20.2009

    I know this has been asked before, but what kind of camera do you use? I desperately need a new camera, and your pictures always turn out so pretty!

  18. I’m sick today so Almond butter is one of the only things that is comforting me right now.

    I’m a one trick kind of pony at the gym. I tend to just either do the elliptical or run on the treadmill and then twice a week get in some weights. Perhaps this is the reason I ended up with a running injury from over use…oops. I need to change it up. I’m working on finding some new workouts and the new outfit thing really does help.

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