My Cold Sandwich Exception


For the past several months, I’ve had this girl’s picture hanging on my fridge among to-do lists, awards, magnets and recipes.


It’s been my inspiration to grow long, strong and luscious hair like hers. Unfortunately, it just wasn’t working out, so…


I chopped it!


I don’t like how my stylist fixes my hair after a cut, so I wanted to wait until today to show you! It’s definitely more high maintenance then my long hair which I could just blow-dry and go, but that’s the price you pay, I guess! Do you ever use pictures for inspiration?

At any rate – today I made some oh-so-fluffy Banana Almond Oatmeal for breakfast.


Cooked on the stove-top to whippy, hot oat-y perfection.


In the mix:

  • 1/3 cup each old fashioned oats, skim milk & water
  • 1 banana (1/2 sliced in while oats were cooking, 1/2 sliced on top)
  • Sliced almonds
  • Splash of vanilla, dash of cinnamon
  • Drizzle of sugar-free syrup

This totally hit the spot! What’s your favorite oatmeal combo?


Today’s lunch is sure to be better than yesterdays – it’s the other half of last night’s Cuban Sandwich and a Honeycrisp Apple.


Ok, I know I said last night that I have no taste for cold sandwiches, but the rules bend for sandwiches that were at one point hot, and are now cold. Mmmkay?



Are you sick of seeing these Honeycrisps yet? No? Good, ‘cause I’m not sick of eating them! Glad we’re all on the same page here. ;) Oh and thanks to everyone who let me know yesterday where the good sales are at for these guys!


In other news – I won a contest on Twitter yesterday! You’ve seen me feature Blue Bunny products (seriously, click on that link and tell me that music doesn’t make you smile) on this blog before. From Blackberry Creme & Raspberry Acai Berry yogurt to Sweet & Salty Cluster ice cream (twice) – I truly love their products.

When @Blue_Bunny tweeted the following challenge yesterday:


Blue_Bunny: Trivia (& 1 FREE ice cream winner) – in your POV whats been the greatest invention in the ice cream world? (IMHO, inclusions! & lots of em!)

I responded:

IowaGirlEats: The peanut butter cone pieces in Sweet & Salty Cluster, which never get soggy. Brilliant!


What would you know – they picked me as the winner! FYI, Sweet & Salty Cluster ice cream is whipped cream flavored ice cream with salty chocolate peanuts, peanut butter cone pieces and a caramel swirl. I KNOW.

I find out what my prize is sometime today. Hopefully it’s vats and vats of ice cream. My thighs won’t be pleased. ;)

Off for another day – can you believe tomorrow’s Friday? My, my…time flies!


It’s Three Question Thursday time! Here we go folks:

1. Would you rather see the future or hear what everyone is thinking?

2. 2 part Q: Is your hair long or short? Curly or straight?

3. What would you do if someone gave you $1,000 dollars today?


My answers:

1. Eek, both options sound equally as horrifying, actually! I guess seeing the future could totally ruin the present, so as painful as it could potentially be, I’d rather hear what people are thinking.

2. Short and stick straight. My hair won’t hold a curl for one, hot minute!

3. Book a trip to NYC for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade!

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  1. AmyLou 10.22.2009

    Good morning! Your haircut is cute! I think your sandwich from last night looks great, too.

    Three Questions:
    1. I have no desire to know what people *really* think of me or what I say/do, so I’d rather see the future. At least that, I can maybe do something more productive with if it’s not the best.
    2. My hair is medium-long, and it’s wavy. Which sounds great, but really, it’s not. I have to choose everyday whether to go straight or curly, and both are a huge task. The waves are very uneven and odd, ugh.
    3. If someone gave me $1,000 today I’d probably put most of it towards a couple of our bigger bills; maybe take out a $100 or so for a few nights out to eat. Otherwise, the rest to bills. I’m so lame!

  2. brandi 10.22.2009

    Love the hair!

    1. Hear what everyone is thinking :) I don’t know want to know everything in the future! I like having surprises.

    2. medium length right now, but I”m about to cut it, and straight. Completely straight.

    3. Buy a few new things I need for a trip and send to rest to our orphanage. Love those boys.

  3. My hair is short and I LOVE it. I will NEVER go back to long hair again!

  4. Kristin 10.22.2009

    Love the haircut! I tried the whole growing it out long and got sick of it.

    1. I would rather hear what everyone was thinking. I hate knowing that someone is only being half truthful with me.

    2. My hair is chin length inverted bob. It’s also stick straight.

    3. With $1000 I would do some car repairs and then hit up the mall. I have a few things that I have been wanting to buy.

  5. Cara 10.22.2009

    First of all: I’m with you on the Macy’s parade! It’s my dream. We were actually going to do it this year, but hotels are just waaaay too expensive!

    Also: I know the Blue Bunny family; they’re the best! Good job endorsing their delicious creations!

  6. Tara 10.22.2009

    Your hair is so shiny!
    1. Hear what people are thinking, for sure!
    2. I have super thick, super coarse, super curly hair. I’m growing it long again after making the poor decision to cut it. Traslation:I have a super Afro. It does not help that I live in rainy Seattle. Not at all.
    3. I would buy a new road bike!

  7. Beth 10.22.2009

    1. It would definitely be to hear what people are thinking. I agree that knowing the future would take away from the present.
    2. I am absolutely hating my hair right now. It is short (above the shoulders) and straight when I blow dry it but any hint of humidity makes it all wavy.
    3. I would book the cruise to the Caribbean that my brother and a big group of friends are going on!

  8. Sarah Jayne 10.22.2009

    You’ve got a day of good eats ahead! Formerly warm foods served cold ALWAYS taste better than made cold foods :)

    1. I would rather hear what people are thinking. I used to day dream when I was little that if I were a superhero I would be able to read minds and fly ;)
    2. My hair is medium-long & very very VERY FRIZZY & curly. But fortunately, it listens pretty well and holds a curl/straightens pretty easily.
    3. SHOPPINGGGGGGGGGG!!! LOVE me some new clothes/shoes/etc. And I would save the rest for bills :) I’m so exciting.

  9. VeggieGirl 10.22.2009

    Love the ‘do!!

    1.) See the future.

    2.) Short-ish (shoulder-length); stick-straight (naturally! I never use straightening irons or anything)

    3.) Alexander McQueen boots :)

  10. Stormy 10.22.2009

    Nice work on the blue bunny win!! I still need to try that yummy ice cream!

    1. I would rather see the future, there’s no way I could handle hearing people’s thoughts. Makes me think of Sookie on True Blood – too much noise!!

    2. My hair is SUPER straight and right now just hitting shoulder length. I’m trying to grow it out too but the inbetween land is killing me!

    3. With $1000 I would run wild in Lowe’s/Home Depot. We have a new house but my husband is laid off so we haven’t been able to do all of the things we wanted to it. Sigh…

    Oh, and it seems we have a mutual friend…Katie Patterson! I noticed her in one of your college photos. :)

  11. Stephanie 10.22.2009

    I always bring pics to my hair lady for ideas – they always end up being heidi klum for some reason bc i adore her hair haha!! oh, honeycrisps are on sale 2lbs/$3 here in VA — I am SO EXCITED :)

    1. hear what everyone is thinking
    2. short now – tried the short thing for a few months but it’s time to grow it back long for this girl!
    3. book our Christmas cruise to Mexico

  12. Tay 10.22.2009

    Congrats on winning!! That’s exciting :-) And your hair looks beautiful. I love fresh hair cuts!

    1. Hear what eveyrone is thinking, but be able to control it. Like not hear every single little word that every single person hears. That would just get out of control!!

    2. Currently it’s kind of in between, closer to the long side. I’m growing it out after a major cut last summer. And it’s naturally curly, but currently it’s straight!

    3. Probably buy a coffee and then stick the rest in the bank to save up for my (hopeful) trip in the spring!

  13. Evan Thomas 10.22.2009

    1. Future
    2. Short cuz I’m a guy
    3. Savings because groceries are driving me po’

  14. Carrie 10.22.2009

    Last time I used a photo for inspiration, I ended up with a terrible haircut. I’ve been trying to grow my hair just a few inches longer for what feels like years now and it’s not budging. I’m sure flat-ironing it everyday doesn’t help the cause. I have longish, thickish hair that is mostly straight except for a few strands around my face that will curl into spirals if I don’t touch it. It flat irons nicely and will hold a curl well.

    If someone gave me a $1,000 bucks today, I’d put in savings. Lame, I know, but I have car payments and eventually want to buy a house… or, I’d put it toward that European cruise my husband and I really want to do this year. :-)

  15. You’re haircut looks great! I always take pictures in with me when I get a hair cut (unless it’s just a trim). I hate when they don’t listen to what I want, so I feel like a picture works best :)
    My new favorite oats combo is baked apple oats! I just made some yesterday! Mmmm…
    Answers to Q’s
    1. Future
    2. Short and straight. Although if I don’t blow dry it I get a few random waves that look awful.
    3. I would save the thousand bucks and put it towards a trip for after my husband graduates grad school!

  16. Joe 10.22.2009

    I’m here to talk about sammiches; I don’t have much hair.

    Try this incredible sammich I found online – it’s called a ‘brick sandwich’, because after you make it, you press it with bricks in the fridge overnight – it melds all together with great inter-mingling flavors.

    You take a whole foccacia bread, slice it like a big hamburger bun and dig out most of the doughy part, leaving the top and bottom crust and just a bit of the bread covering the inside. Save the bread you dig out to make bread crumbs.

    Then you coat the insides with soft goat cheese or any soft, mild cheese – brie, camembert, even cream cheese would work. Then you place roasted red peppers on each piece of bread and spread them with an olive tapenade. Then you layer proscuitto, provelone, thin-sliced salami and drained, sliced artichoke hearts – alternating, two layers each. Plop the halves together, wrap well with plastic wrap so nothing leaks out and place on a cookie sheet. Then find some bricks – enough to cover. Wrap them in plastic bags if dirty and place on top. Let it sit in the fridge 12-24 hours to flatten, then slice and serve. Great for picnics, very filling and flavorful!

    Warning: This sandwich costs about $20 to make! But it will serve four people.

  17. Wendy 10.22.2009

    Cute new haircut!

    1. Neither option sounds like a good thing, actually, but if I had to choose, I’d say see the future.
    2. My hair is long (down to my bra strap), thick, coarse, and semi-wavy. It used to be stick-straight before I had kids. I think the preggo hormones made it freak out, and now I don’t know how to handle it! In a couple weeks, though, I’m getting it cut OFF. I’m donating ~10 inches to locks of love and I’m going to try out a short A-line cut. At least I think that’s what it’s called – longer in front than in back.
    3. Ummmm, I’d probably do a happy dance and put the $1000 in my bank account to use for Christmas. Boring, I know.

  18. erin 10.22.2009

    1. Would you rather see the future or hear what everyone is thinking? hmmmmmm it’s a tough question cuz i’m deaf, so i don’t hear what everyone’s saying automatically. So maybe hear what everyones thinking. I don’t kow.. future is scary as well

    2. 2 part Q: Is your hair long or short? Curly or straight? my hair’s LONG! it can be either wavy or straight, most days these days, it’s wavy.

    3. What would you do if someone gave you $1,000 dollars today? put it in the bank to save up for our honeymoon!

  19. Mikael 10.22.2009

    Cute hair! You are just darling! Never have used pics for motivation though… Maybe I should try and see if it does motivate me! That girl totally looks like Jessica Alba though.
    1- People play so many mind games that I’d want to know what they are thinking… I embrace the truth!
    2- Quite long. Longest its been since I was in middle school. Straight most days but I like to enhance my natural waves every once in a while.
    3- Put it in the bank for my “Italy Trip” or my “Move Outta Utah” fund ;)

  20. Brittney 10.22.2009

    1. I suppose… see the future? I’m not a fan of either choice, but hearing what everyone’s thinking would make me mighty paranoid!
    2. It’s the longest it’s been in a while, a little past my shoulders and pretty straight (though when caught in rain it occasionally will get pretty waves)
    3. Can you say savings account?! Frivolous spending’s not leading me anywhere good– plus I’ll be in Germany for five months and will want fun money there!

  21. angieinatlanta 10.22.2009

    Your hair looks cute!

    1. As a teacher, I’m afraid to hear what my students are thinking so I would definitely prefer to see the future.
    2. My hair is long long long and straight as a tstik.
    3. It would go towards bills. Boring but necessary!

  22. Julie 10.22.2009

    1. Would you rather see the future or hear what everyone is thinking? Hear what everyone is thinking for the exact same reason as you!

    2. 2 part Q: Is your hair long or short? Curly or straight? Short. I just shopped it!! I used a picture of Reese Witherspoon with short hair as my inspiration. I brought it to my stylist and she did an amazing job, I’ve never gotten so mnay compliments in my life! My hair is also wavy, so I can either scrunch it to curl or chi it up to be straight.

    3. What would you do if someone gave you $1,000 dollars today? NYC sounds tempting, but I’d probably buy clothes and other necessities

  23. Whit 10.22.2009

    oh, I like the hair! Cute!

  24. Pamela 10.22.2009

    I so have the same KJ food- and wine-pairing magnet on my refrigerator! Too funny.

    1. See the future. I have a hard time with uncertainty in my life.
    2. Medium length and curly, except when I take a flat iron to it…and even then, if it’s humid, it’s curly. (So frustrating!)
    3. Put it toward bills, 100%!

  25. Kate 10.22.2009

    Some days I wish to have straight hair like yours.
    1. See the future
    2. Medium long, naturally curly and frizzy. The rain is not helping my hair today.
    3. If I was given $1000…
    – invest in myself by signing up for more acting classes and get a really good facial.
    – buy more books
    – family road trip to Mega Mall and have fun!

  26. Holly 10.22.2009

    i always try to grow my hair out, but then chop it off because i get too dang annoyed!

    (1) hear what everyone is thinking – you have the upper hand :)

    (2) medium length + curly.

    (3) ahhhh i would like to say save it for a trip, but i think i would put it towards my credit card!

  27. I always tell myself I’m going to grow my hair long and then I chop it off. In fact my hair right now is the longest it’s been most of my adult life.

    I saw your win. Congrats!

    1. Would you rather see the future or hear what everyone is thinking? I would like the ability to be able to hear what others are thinking if I could turn it on and off. If not show me the future and we’ll see if it happens.

    2. 2 part Q: Is your hair long or short? Curly or straight? Medium wavy hair.

    3. What would you do if someone gave you $1,000 dollars today? I’d pay bills honestly. I would like them paid off faster than I can do with just our salary.

  28. 1. Hear what everyone is thinking!!!

    2. LONG, been growing it out for years now, waiting for my newly licensed as a cosmetologist hubby to cut it! =)

    3. PAY OFF SOME BILLS, buy some much need cloths & get a mani/pedi!!!

    P.S. I love your hair, wish mine looked good shorter! I just do not have the face for it, trust me……..=O

  29. Holly 10.22.2009

    LOVE your hair!!! It’s sooo pretty! :-)

    1. Hear what everyone is thinking – but not all at once! That’d be enough to make this girl go crazy.

    2. Well, it’s curly – and it’s loooong when I straighten it (4-5 inches past my shoulders) and medium length when it’s curly (just past my shoulders). Trying to grow out curly hair takes longer than waiting for Lindsay Lohan to get her act together!

    3. Gosh, realistically, I would pay off the new couch I just bought! But if I HAD to use it for something fun (twist my arm), I would definitely go on a trip. I haven’t been on a fun “friends” trip in almost two years!

  30. Yasmin 10.22.2009

    Hear what other people were thinking. Knowing the future would probably depress me.
    Short and supa-curly!
    Book a trip to Las Vegas.

  31. love the new hairstyle! I’m actually eating a honeycrisp apple as we speak and will probably continue to eat one daily until they stop carrying them in the grocery stores. (What a sad day that will be!)

  32. Lindsey 10.22.2009

    I’ve got a product to recommend for you!
    their curling irons WORK on hair like yours! I’ve got thin, fine finefine hair and generally , curls don’t stay past 5 minutes in my hair. Until THIS! I slept on my hair even, and it was still curly the next day! Worthy investment– and if it sounds too pricey, I think they sell ’em on amazon too!

  33. Grace 10.22.2009

    1. Definitely see the future. Hearing everyones thoughts around me would drive me insane, and probably hurt my feelings from time to time.
    2. My hair is mid length, at my shoulders right now, and wavy. I’d really like to get a bob again with straight blunt bangs, but they’re a lot of upkeep. I had to get my bangs trimmed every 4 weeks.
    3. Pay off the $450 on my credit card and buy some concert tix for November.

  34. Devan G Newman 10.22.2009

    your breakfast looks delicicous! yum! i love it!

    I use pictures, and words for inspiration! such a good idea too.. you are able to visualize what you want, and always go for it :D

    1. Would you rather see the future or hear what everyone is thinking?
    I would rather hear what everyone is thinking!

    2. 2 part Q: Is your hair long or short? Curly or straight?
    medium . i am growing my hair!! haha I actually HAVE a long haired photo too for inspiration. And my hair is mostly straight.. but have weird waves/kinks to it.

    3. What would you do if someone gave you $1,000 dollars today?
    I would buy shoes
    and a plane ticket to thailand

  35. Sara 10.22.2009

    Shorter hair is so wonderful! It’s easy to do and it’s stylish.

    1. I’d rather see the future.
    2. My hair is about shoulder length and it’s cut in an a-line. My hair is naturally cury/wavy but I blow dry it straight and use a flat iron. Been doing that for 13 years. :)
    3. If someone gave me $1000, I would go shopping with some and put the rest towards my hubby and mine’s vacation to Las Vegas in a few weeks.

  36. Arati 10.22.2009

    Your new hair-cut looks nice. Even the oatmeal b’fast looks good. I had micro oatmeal once and hated it and since then have never had oatmeal; though I am going to try your stove top oatmeal recipe someday.

    Answers to your Qs
    1. I would definitely want to see the future.
    2. My hair is shoulder length and it is wavy. I mostly keep it like that and if I have time, straighten them.
    3. I would spend the $1000 on my upcoming vacation :)

  37. Balance for MEre 10.22.2009

    I would love to have beautiful long hair but I have accepted that it doesn’t fit into my lifestyle and doesn’t look best long with my texture. I have curly hair and the weight of the length made my hair flat.

  38. Molly 10.22.2009

    Don’t you just love winning prizes?! I can’t still remember the first time I won something on the radio- Called into K102 (country) answering Gary Allen’s song “Nothin on but the Radio” and won Wynona Judd tix- haha, so lame, but my mom LOVES her, so it was totally worth it ;)

    1. I think I’d rather see the future, b/c knowing every single opinion of a person would probably eat me up inside, no matter what it was about.
    2. Straight, gross, split-ended long hair with 4-inch roots. Classy right? I’m too scared to cut it over here in Japan…but I’m about to cut it myself, yikes.
    3. I would send it right to my parents, to pay off last spring’s Senior Spring Break blackout in Mexico. Yes, I still am indebted to them :( Oops.
    Have a great weekend :)

  39. Your hair is cute! My hair is wavy and kind of long. Sometimes I think about cutting it, but I’m not 100% sure yet! If someone gave me $1,000 today, I would probably take the (boring) responsible route and put it towards paying back my student loans.

  40. Lauren 10.22.2009

    I love the hair! Really, it’s stunning! I am going through that phase of wanting to grow mine out long too, but I have a major feeling that I will get fed up and chop it soon. I’m only half way there and alreday want to take the scissors out myself. Ugh, why is beauty so much work?!? ;)

    Glad you had a great breakfast, a great lunch, and a FANTASTIC hubby made dinner! What a guy! ;)

  41. Liz @ intheskinny 10.24.2009

    1. That one is too hard! I can’t pick
    2. long hair…it’s naturally curly which I do in the summer because I can’t stand the thought of the hair dryer. I straighten it in the fall/winter.
    3. I would put the $1,000 towards our “emergency fund.” Dave Ramsey all the way.

  42. Lizzy 10.24.2009

    beautiful hair girl!

  43. […] are two spots I definitely want to hit up, depending on how much time I have – Macy’s (better late than never!!) and the Chelsea Market. […]

  44. black ops bundle 07.04.2011

    Cute girls, both of you. Who says they don’t grow anything good in Iowa?

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