Giving It All Up for Chocolate



Good morning everyone! I’ve got a lot to be thankful for today.

Thank goodness for Granola & Bananas for breakfast.


I combined another one of my Bear Naked Fruit & Nut Granola pouches with a banana and a splash of milk for breakfast. Nothing better, really!


Eating this reminds me of my Grandpa, who ate a bowl of milk and bananas every single morning :)


Thank goodness for a simple lunch.

I’ve been eating so much meat this week (a la Chef Ben) that I needed something simple, and pure for lunch today.


Enter CranberryOrange PURE Bar – which is organic, raw, healthy and delightful. Really it is – it says so on the package! ;)


A fat-free Blueberry Cheesecake Yogurt with no added sugar.


And a fresh, crunchy, sweet Honeycrisp Apple.


Thank goodness for Fun Fact Friday!

Today’s fun fact: I worked as a Chocolatier when I lived in Minneapolis!

I’ve mentioned that before I got into cooking, I was really into baking & sweets – which, I’m not sure why, all got started when I moved to Minneapolis after college. Before I knew it, I started looking for ways to make money off of my new found interests. Enter a part time gig working on the weekends at Chocolat Celeste in St. Paul, MN!

Chocolat Celeste creates delicacies for the chocolate connoisseur – ie, they create unique and mouthwatering chocolate truffles, bonbons and treats for the chocolate lover inside us all. It’s a small shop owned by a woman who waved goodbye to years and years of working in the corporate world to follow her dreams and open up her own chocolate shop. No big deal… ;)

I was hired for the holidays to package up big corporate orders in boxes and ribbons, but before I knew it I was creating luscious, silky, chocolate-ganache truffles that we would flavor with anything from pumpkin spice to champagne. After scooping the ganache into golf-ball sized truffles, we’d enrobe them in streams of pure chocolate of all kinds. I came home every night smelling of chocolate – it was the greatest job ever.

If you ever happen to stop by Chocolat Celeste, let me recommend the Golden Cinnamon, Chai and Celestial Sweetie truffles. Ahhh, I can taste them now!


On that note, have a very sweet Friday :)


What’s the best job you ever had?

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  1. Stephanie 10.23.2009

    Oh those chocolates look divine!
    The best job I ever had was as a camp counselor at a camp I had attended since I was very young… what fun summers those were :)

  2. I love a nice laid back meal after some decadent ones. Just makes me feel good.

    My favorite job was working at the college snack shop. I was the manager so I always got to eat dinner while setting up the evening shift and the extra wings and bread sticks were split amongst me and my crew. And there was always extra milkshakes and pizza to go around. Needless to say this didn’t help my waistline..but it sure did taste good.

  3. Beth 10.23.2009

    My favorite job was working in restaurant. It was so much fun before opening and later in the evening to just be able to make anything you wanted-there were so many ingredients and choices. This is definitely what sparked my interest in cooking.

  4. What a great holiday gig!
    One of the best summer jobs I had was the summer before I studied abroad when drove the beverage cart at a Coutry Club golf course :) It was so easy, and and great way to make lots of cash! Think drunk old men ;)
    The bananas in your cereal look humongous!
    Happy Friday!

  5. Coco 10.23.2009

    yum. I want granola and bananas. even though i just ate a huge bowl of oats.
    My favorite job I’ve ever had was working for a caterer/restaurant. These two twins owned and ran it and I got to help out at all levels, even the cooking! It was awesome

  6. Mandy 10.23.2009

    I worked in a grocery store all through highschool and college. It was busy (sometimes frantic!) and very physical. Now that I have a desk job, I long to be up and moving again. The holidays were especially fun. The store was always very festive and it was non-stop action! Hmmm…I wonder if they are hiring? :)

  7. Cristina 10.23.2009

    When it comes to the “best” job, it’s a tie. It’s a tie between being an intern at Walt Disney World for 6-months (my roommate was a character) and working as a Resident Assistant at Mount Ida College. The Disney experience was fun and learned a lot. Got free admission to the Theme Parks and plenty of other perks!

  8. Cristina 10.23.2009

    Sorry, I’m at forgot the (dot)com part.

  9. Evan Thomas 10.23.2009

    I used to dog sit–cushiest job ever

  10. Oh those chocolates look and sound so good! The best job I ever had was as a camp counselor. I loved hanging out with the kids and being outside all summer long!

  11. Sara 10.23.2009

    That is such a cute little shop! What a fun job. The best job I had was at Target, my senior year of high school. I worked with a bunch of guys my age and we had a lot of fun while working.

  12. Holly 10.23.2009

    ummm i know exactly where this is and have been dying to try this out! good thing i am going home to MN over hallow’s eve weekend, i might just have to stop by.

    my best job ever was working for two summers as a counselor at a day camp. completely exhausting but the most fun i have EVER had!

  13. Calee 10.23.2009

    The best job I ever had was working at the canoe rental in my hometown. I loved being outdoors and I loved the fact that I was going to get sweaty and dirty anyway, so I would just run to work on some days. I also loved the fact that I was outside in the sun all day and that acceptable work attire was a bikini. :) My high school sweetheart and I both worked there full-time in the summers and our boss would always make sure to give us the same days off. Oh, the life. :)

  14. Anne K. 10.23.2009

    That chocolate job sounds so awesome! One summer I worked at a kids music camp, and that was a lot of fun. They were sooooo cute!

  15. Yasmin 10.23.2009

    How fun that must have been! I don’t think I would call any of my jobs fun per se but they did have great benefits. Jason’s Deli= free, delicious food! AMC theatre manager = free movies!

  16. What a great job! Sounds like fun!
    Hooray for chocolate!

  17. Island Girl Eats 10.23.2009

    How lethal working with chocolate. I think that I would eat my pay cheque!!!!

  18. Mikael 10.23.2009

    Sounds like such a fun job! My favorite job is probably babysitting even though it’s not a “real” job. I love playing with kids! Or my semester sports information internship that I did as a replacement since one of the students couldn’t do it anymore and they asked me to step in! I hope to get to do that again this year!

  19. Tay 10.23.2009

    TGIF indeed!! I’ve loved a lot of my nannying jobs. Fun and pretty easy!

  20. Devan G Newman 10.23.2009

    Oh yum! thatd be the best job everr!

    I adore being a makeup artist!!

  21. RunToTheFinish 10.23.2009

    ohh we have a place like that in KC called Christopher Elbows, heaven!!

    my best job was being the NBC peacock…seriously what a friggin blast

  22. April 10.23.2009

    I could never work around all that chocolate! I’d be 400 pounds! My favorite job was working at a casino. The job was easy and the
    people were great!

  23. ohh love your bloggg so happy I found you

    I love what I do now, personal trainer and exercise specialist!

  24. Niki 10.24.2009

    Wow!! That would be an awesome job!! I really LOVE being a nurse and all but I would have to say my most FUN jobs were at TCBY and Starbucks!!

  25. Lizzy 10.24.2009

    what an awesome job! working with chocolate would be a dream come true! :)

  26. Mary Leonard 02.17.2011

    Thank you for including me in your blog.

    I love it!

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