Hola friends – welcome to your weekend!

As I was on my way home from work today, my Mom called with a proposal. “Grab Ben and meet your Dad and me at Granite City!”

Seeing as how Granite City is one of our favorite restaurants ever, I said “OK!” and sped on over!

15 minutes later, Ben and I found those crazy kids enjoying some beers and Idaho Nachos in a booth at the bar. We hopped right in!


Granite City has got a stellar beer selection (remember that Blueberry Ale?!) but tonight I stuck with good, old-fashined H-TWO-O.


Ahhh…thirst quenching!


Flatbread pizzas (which are absolutely unbelievable at Granite City) were 1/2 price for Happy Hour – but I said “no thank you” and ordered Mediterranean Chicken instead.


Half-pound seasoned chicken breast charbroiled to perfection. Served with wild rice pilaf and steamed fresh broccoli. Finished with marinated bruschetta tomatoes, onions and drizzled with a balsamic reduction.

The chicken and wild rice pilaf were good – but the broccoli was GREAT! Cooked just the way I like it…nice and soft. :)


What REALLY stole the show, was dessert!! My Mom and I split the Caramel Apple Crumble. No camera tricks folks, this plate was as big as my torso!


This was a puff pastry shell filled with caramel-apple pie filling, topped with sweet, brown sugar crumble, vanilla ice cream and taken over the top with a serious drizzling of homemade caramel sauce. We skipped the optional whip cream, because we’re ladies and have a waistline to watch…or something like that ;)


For some reason I thought that since I wasn’t drinking beer tonight, dessert would be a good option. Ask my stomach if it agrees. It doesn’t. I have serious sugar belly right now, which only a good session on the couch can cure – here I go!


Do you usually order dessert when you go to restaurants?

I rarely do, but like I said, since I wasn’t drinking – I got the urge to splurge!