Does This Make You Uncomfortable?


Oops, I did it again. ;)

That Honey Wheat bagel from last night was so irresistible – I had to have another one for breakfast today!


Last night I took a bagel out of the freezer (I stocked up a few weeks ago when they were on sale!) and let it thaw in the fridge overnight. This morning I toasted it up, and brought out the big guns…


Almond Butter, baby. Top with half a sliced banana for a breakfast you won’t soon forget.


I left the other half of my banana for Ben – aka, my little garbage disposal. ;)


I slice my bananas right in the peel. Less mess. :) You?


Well between my Mom’s Lasagna Rollups from Sunday, and my Chili from Monday – Ben and I have found ourselves with a large supply of leftovers to kill! I’m doing my part by packing some Chili and a Mixed Veggie Salad for lunch.


I’ve been meaning to tell you – this chili freezes fabulously. Just let it thaw in the refrigerator for a day or so, re-heat and eat!


My Mixed Veggie Salad will be the perfect, light accompaniment.


In the mix:

  • Romaine hearts
  • Chopped carrots
  • Chopped vine-ripened tomato



So, that speech I told you about last night? This morning I’m headed to Drake University to speak to a Web Design class about how to start and run a website! Like a lot of people, I don’t love speaking in front of big groups of people. In fact, I semi loathe it. But, it’s a good opportunity and a topic that I’m really interested in…so I’m doing it!

I truly believe that no matter how painful it may be, one of the best ways to grow as a person is to occasionally put yourself in uncomfortable positions. Here are some tips to get you through it!

  • Ease into it. If something like networking is hard for you, go to an event with a friend who’s committed to sticking by your side for the night. At the next event, challenge yourself to meet three new people without your companion.
  • Give yourself credit. Acknowledge the fact that you’ve taken yourself out of your comfort zone and tried something new. Did you face your fear of heights by hiking up a steep mountain side? Give yourself a big pat on the back – that takes guts!
  • Think of what you could gain. Successful people aren’t successful from sitting on the couch and waiting for something to happen. Sometimes it takes big risks to reap big rewards.
  • What’s the worst that could happen? It didn’t turn out quite how you had hoped? Think of it as a learning experience and move on – there’s always next time!


Keep your fingers crossed for me. I’m probably speaking at this very moment! :O

Happy hump day everyone!


When’s the last time you challenged yourself by doing something outside your comfort zone?

This principle even applies to such things as workouts. Recently I’ve been upping my speed on the treadmill to the 7.0+ range. At first I felt as though I’d fly off the treadmill – now I’m confident in my ability to go even faster!

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  1. Good luck. :) I’m sure you will do great! I love challenging myself. Scary, but so worth it.

  2. Kristine 11.04.2009

    Good luck with your speech!

  3. Diana 11.04.2009

    I do it pretty much every week when it comes to exercise. But that’s my PT’s fault! :P
    Good luck with your speech! :)

  4. Jimmy Clausen 11.04.2009

    GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!

  5. Good luck with your speech!! Thats so cool.

    Love your breakfast.. nothing beats a little almond butter in the morning! :)

  6. Lizzy 11.04.2009

    You will do AMAZING! :) I bet you are a wonderful public speaker, but just get nervous! have no fears! I wanted to tell you that your veggie salad looks OUTSTANDING! so colorful! This salad diva herself LOVES it!

  7. Evan Thomas 11.04.2009

    Good luck!
    That almond butter goes so good with banana! I think it’s the touch of sea salt that adds the wow factor

  8. Melanie 11.04.2009

    Great tips! My motto has always been, “Feel the fear but do it anyway.” I used to be extremely shy, but with that going through my head I’ve become much more comfortable speaking in front of groups!

  9. Rose 11.04.2009

    I love the idea of slicing the banana in the peel. I’ve never done that before. What have I been thinking?

  10. Whit 11.04.2009


  11. Graze With Me 11.04.2009

    Good luck! I’ve never been very good at public speaking. I stammer, stutter, sweat, turn red and can’t get a word out. (Hope you’re not reading this *before* your speech!)

    I slice my bananas right in the peel as well, definitely makes it easier!

  12. brandi 11.04.2009

    Nick and I share bananas all the time :)

    Good luck on the speech!

  13. Yasmin 11.04.2009

    Good and luck and great advice. Take it and run with it!

  14. Mikael 11.04.2009

    Looks like you just finished your speech from your twitter… How did it go? =)
    This past weekend, I gambled. I was really scared for my first time! I’m really picky with what I do with my money so gambling my money away isn’t really appealing to me. I look terrified in the pic my mom took. But hey, I ended up winning 30 bucks!

  15. Lindsey 11.04.2009

    I’m with you- completely get sick just thinking about speaking in public, or speaking with someone interviewing me- I don’t know how I made it out of high school!
    somehow, college changed all of that but I’m not begging to give a public speech or anything :)

    good luck! that’s really awesome when you bloggers get recognized and asked to do something based on the fact that you do this daily! love reading :)

  16. Sheri 11.04.2009

    Good Luck with your speech!

  17. I slice my bananas in the peel too.

    Good Luck today! I don’t like public speaking either. It’s a part of my job though so I always challenge myself to improve one or two things from the last time I had to do it.

  18. Best of luck on your speech today!

    I try to challenge myself as much as i can! It’s scary :)

  19. Michael Corey 11.04.2009

    Hi all:

    It was my class Kristin spoke in this morning, and she did a great job and seemed very comfortable. One student even threw around the word “inspiring.”

    Many thanks, Kristin!

  20. Hunni is my garbage disposal too. I never have to worry about leftovers going bad with him around.

    For my the biggest thing outside of my comfort zone lately is being assertive. I like to be the nice person who isn’t a boss. But with how crazy things are I’ve had to put my foot down sometimes. It is really hard because I want to be liked. But it turns out they like that I’m giving them direction but not being mean. I still have to work at it but it felt good to do it.

  21. Wendy 11.04.2009

    I used to dread public speaking in the worst way, but after having to give lots and lots and lots of oral presentations in grad school, it became a LOT easier. Yeah, I still get nervous butterflies beforehand, but nothing like the days or weeks of terror and dread I used to experience!

    I’m in the process of challenging myself by taking on a new job – teaching high school! I’ll be teaching full time starting next fall, and I’ve subbing some this school year. My best strategy for overcoming my fears and anxieties is to fake confidence! Even though part of me thinks I don’t belong in the classroom after doing the stay-at-home mom gig for the last 4.5 years, I just tell that part to shut up because we BELONG there and we’re gonna be a GREAT teacher!

  22. I slice my banana’s when they’re still in the peel, too!

    Good luck at your speech, I’m sure you’ll rock it :-)

  23. angieinatlanta 11.04.2009

    Great post! I totally agree that pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone here and there is necessary. I have never run a race before but I’m looking into my first 5 k!

  24. Sassy Molassy 11.04.2009

    Nice work! It’s not easy speaking in front of a crowd of people you’re unfamiliar with, but it’s good for us.

  25. Katie 11.04.2009

    As I recover from the DE I try to put myself outside of my comfort zone to aid in me being comfortable with me. I started a blog which is a huge start and have ran more then I ever thought possible.

  26. BroccoliHut 11.04.2009

    OMG you are so clever! I am so stealing your slice-in-the-peel trick!

  27. eatmovelove 11.05.2009

    WTG on the Treadmill speed!! I can get up to 7-7.5 on a ‘good’ day but not for long and it’s few and far between :(
    Had to comment on your bagel!!! I had one last night after dinner as well and then another one this morning – I was feeling kind of guilty because it’s alot of bread and everyone seems to be so healthy and “eat this…or this is not good for you”…that it gets overwhelming at times. Oh well – you just have to go with it and realize it’s just food right – and it still tasted good :)
    Add me to your blog if you haven’t already – love yours :)

  28. […] morning I’m off to speak to a Drake University class about starting and maintaining a blog. Last time I was so nervous…this time isn’t much different. Wish me […]

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