Tips for Dining Out Mexican Style


Good morning everyone – happy Friday!

Now you may or may not know that on Friday’s I sometimes feel the need to make a little somethin’ somethin’ special for breakfast. Today’s breakfast was definitely special and seriously.amazing…Roasted Asparagus Egg Scramble!


All I did was combine 2 egg whites + 1 whole egg, salt & pepper, hot sauce, leftover roasted asparagus and some shredded, cheddar cheese.

IMG_3963 IMG_3965IMG_3966 IMG_3968

Mix together and scramble in a hot skillet for two minutes and you’ve got yourself a genuine, extra-special Friday morning breakfast…FAST! This took me mere minutes to whip up!


As the eggs were scrambling, I toasted up a slice of whole wheat bread and smeared it with some of that to-die for, Trader Joe’s pumpkin butter.


Bliss. :)


What a way to kick off a Friday morning! This was hands down, the best egg scramble I’ve ever made. The roasted asparagus gave it such a unique flavor, and I could really taste the cheese in there. Healthful, filling and tasty. :D


Well, I’m headed south of the border for lunch today…my co-workers and I are going out for Mexican!

Some Mexican dishes can be a healthful eating nightmare – think chips, cheese…and more cheese! Here are my tips for making healthier choices when dining out Mexican style:

  • Choose soft shell tacos over hard shell. Hard shells are fried, whereas soft shells are not.
  • Do yourself one better and ask for corn tortillas over flour tortillas to save even more fat and calories.
  • Order black or pinto beans over refried beans, which are often made with lard or bacon.
  • Skip the cheese dip for your chips. Use the gratis salsa that usually comes with your meal instead.
  • On the topic of chips – hello – I could mindlessly eat an entire basket if I’m not careful! Ask for a small plate and portion out a set amount. Try and make those last for your entire meal.
  • If you still don’t think you can control yourself around the chips, ask your server not to bring them out.
  • Try to avoid deep fried dishes like chalupas, taquitos and chimichangas.
  • Opt for healthier items like grilled chicken or shrimp and chicken or veggie fajitas.
  • If you’re in the mood for a taco salad, order it without the deep-fried taco bowl. It’s basically one, big, fried tortilla chip!
  • Do yourself another favor and use salsa as salad dressing.
  • Ask for the sauce that would usually come slathered over your burrito or enchilada on the side, so you can dip your food into it.
  • Chug water. Some Mexican food can be very salty – you’ll thank yourself later by staying hydrated throughout your meal!
  • Every once in awhile…go all out. Life is short. Mexican food is delicious. :D

I definitely do not follow all of these rules when dining out in Mexican restaurants – half the fun is eating those crunchy, fresh tortilla chips and dousing your enchiladas in red sauce. Pick and choose where you can give and take, and I promise your experience will be even more rewarding!

With that – have a FAB Friday everyone!


What’s your best healthy eating tip for dining out at restaurants?


Oh, I’ve been getting a lot of questions about where to buy PURE Bars lately! Here’s a list of retailers and you can even purchase them online. Unfortunately, they do not sell them in Iowa! :(

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  1. OH that scramble look so good! I love asparagus – one of the few veggies I enjoy! I also love Mexican food. I have to limit myself because I love it so much! :) My best tip would probably be to skip the bread basket, unless it’s REALLY good. Otherwise it’s usually gross, almost-stale white bread. Boooo.

  2. Katie 11.13.2009

    That scramble looks delish. Mexican food is my favorite, but it is one of the easiest to overeat calories on. Thanks for the tips!

  3. Beth 11.13.2009

    Your scramble looks amazing. I took the time to make a special breakfast this morning too-breakfast burritos! so good.
    When I eat out I usually always try to bring half home. I can always make a restaurant entree last for 2 or 3 meals.

  4. Lauren 11.13.2009

    Thanks for this. I love Mexican Food, and I find it soo soo hard to stay on track when I got to a Mexican Restaurant. These tips are sure to work!

  5. Great tips! I just went out for Mexican – and I had the veggie fajitas – very yummy and healthy!

  6. Evan Thomas 11.13.2009

    I like to scan the menus before I go somewhere, just because I know I’m a picky eater and want to be sure they’ll have something I like

  7. VeggieGirl 11.13.2009

    I check the menus online and call ahead to make sure they can accommodate my food allergies.


  8. My best healthy dining out tip is to know what is worth the splurge. If you have to have the cheese do it but avoid the chips. Or if you must have the bread and butter get a lighter entree. You can enjoy the good stuff as long as its not all at once.

  9. Mexican sounds so good! Enjoy!

    My best tips for dining out are not eating the entire meal. I usualy cut my meal in half and try to eat only that. Most of the time it’s more than enough. If I don’t do that it’s so easy to mindlessly eat everything in front of me. I also try to remember that not every time I eat out is a special occasion. I try to make good choices so when I do have a special occasion I can splurge.

  10. Carrie 11.13.2009

    It’s a pretty lame tip, but if you go to actual authentic Mexican restaurants, the portions tend to be smaller and slathered in less cheese and grease. On the Border and Carlos O’ Kelly’s–have you SEEN their chimichangas??–have huge portions and super size everything.

  11. laura dishes 11.13.2009

    My best tip is probably to stay away from the bread basket! If it looks really good, then have a piece and be done with it. It’s rarely worth the extra calories, imo! :)

  12. Misty 11.13.2009

    I have found PURE bars at Campbell’s Nutrition in Des Moines. They don’t have all of the flavors, but they have a few!

  13. Great looking breakfast!

    My favorite eating out tip is to only eat half of what you order… works every time :)

  14. Wendy 11.13.2009

    I don’t like asparagus, but your scramble still looks really good! I’m thinking broccoli would be tasty, too. :)

    I don’t get to eat out often (less than once a month!). Since it’s a treat for me, I don’t worry too much about making it healthier, and just order what I’m craving. That said, I do try to eat half, and bring half home. They give such huge portions, and I hate feeling uncomfortably stuffed afterward!

  15. Grace 11.13.2009

    I can not stop if fresh tortilla chips are in front of me. I have to tell the server not bring them out. When I’m eating out I get one glass of wine and I focus on that while I’m eating. I slow down my eating when I focus on the rich flavor of a cabernet or merlot. When I slow down I never clean the plate and always have yummy leftovers to take home.

  16. Lauren 11.13.2009

    Eggs looks awesome today! I love the idea of using leftover roasted veggies. I never really thought to add ones that were already roasted. I usually just add them raw, but I bet the roasted ones added soo much more flavor!
    Great idea! ;)

  17. BroccoliHut 11.14.2009

    Alright. That’s it. I MUST get some asparagus tomorrow!

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