Laughter is the Best Medicine


Goood morning to you!

I woke up dark and early today, zoomed to my work gym in no traffic (the benefit of driving to work at 5:30am!) and knocked out a great, mid-week sweat sesh! Stats:

  • 10 mins elliptical @ level 5
  • 10 mins treadmill @ 6.5
  • 10 mins elliptical @ level 4
  • 10 mins elliptical @ 7.0
  • Total: 4+ miles

Honestly, I don’t LOVE getting ready in the gym locker room (what if I forget something important?!) but really, the benefits far outweigh the potential annoyances. Viva morning workouts!

Last night after our AYCE adventure at Hy-Vee, I picked up a few goodies for breakfast today! One of them is this Erin Baker’s Homestyle Granola.


The sugar content in the Oatmeal Raisin variety is a little high (which unfortunately is to be expected with granola,) but there’s minimal ingredients and 180 calories, 4g of fiber and 4g of protein in 1/2 cup. I can dig that! 

IMG_4495 IMG_4496

I paired the granola with some AE Bluberry Yogurt,  

IMG_4499 IMG_4501

To make a deconstructed Fruit & Yogurt Granola Bowl!


I know, I know – I totally swiped the berries that were supposed to accompany my angel food cake last night for breakfast this morning. I was too full to eat them, and you can’t just leave these precious, juicy jewels lingering on the plate, I tell you! (TWSS)


I portioned out a serving of crunchy granola on the side, so this morning I could top my creamy yogurt and tart berries with the crunchy, cinnamony stuff. I’m happy to report that this granola rivals any of the best. It’s got GIANT clusters (which is key to a good granola in my book) and big, plump raisins.


It’s July in November, I tell you! 


This is a perfect post-workout breakfast for me. I like something really light and fresh that won’t weigh me down. What about you? Do you like eating a big meal after a good workout?


Lunch is full of repeats. Sorry :) Chicken Tortilla Crock Pot Soup & Dole Autumn Harvest Salad!


I was right – this soup does get better the day after!


Ok, I have completely fallen in LOVE with toasted pumpkin seeds after trying them in this salad. They are perfectly nutty and crunchy, and pair so well with the tart and chewy dried cranberries!

IMG_4540 IMG_4541

Well, I’m happy to tell you that Fun Fact Friday is coming a little early this week! Today’s fun fact:

I’m obsessed with America’s Funniest Home Videos!

It’s true – I’m 8. I can’t help it – those montages get me every time! 30 face plants in 30 seconds? Genious. I feel so much better after watching AFV – laughter really is the best medicine. ;)  

What sparked a change in the fun fact schedule? The Subway “button pop” commercial! Seriously, this commercial makes me hysterically laugh every single time I see it. It never gets old!!! It aired again last night and I couldn’t wait to show you, in case you hadn’t seen it. Check it out for a good, mid-week laugh.

Well, that’s all she wrote! Literally. I’ve got to jet – have a great day everyone!
What’s the best medicine for when you’re feeling down? Chatting with a friend? Reading a good book? Shopping?
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  1. I am so jealous of how juicy and fresh those berries look. Ours here in Pa look like shriveled little peices of garbage. That commercial is FUNNY! I had never seen it.

  2. Ha! My husband and I roll over laughing every time we see the “button pop” commercial!
    When I feel down I tend to go out for a run (no I-pod). I just always feel better after a good run!

  3. VeggieGirl 11.18.2009

    Just posted about that – I look down at Chooey to feel better :)

  4. Margaret 11.18.2009

    I’m relieved to see there’s another adult in the world that likes AFV. ;) I love to laugh and it is a sure thing with those montages!

  5. Leianna 11.18.2009

    Great breakfast after a wonderful early morning workout!

  6. Erin 11.18.2009

    I haven’t seen that commercial yet! It would probably help if I watched TV, eh?! I loved AFV back in the day, and some of their footage was pretty funny! Maybe I’ll have to watch it again!

  7. Tay 11.18.2009

    That’s actually pretty good stats for 1/2 cup granola! A lot of granolas are that much for only 1/4 cup! Scary how high granolas are. I love funny commercials and funny videos :-) They always give me a good laugh.

    Have a great hump day!!

  8. Sarah Jayne 11.18.2009

    HAha! That is a funny commercial. I just saw a new one last night that I rewatched about 10 times because I couldnt stop laughing. It was for the Flip camcorder…I just tried to find it on youtube/the internet but to no avail…you must keep your eyes open for it. It starts with a woman baking in the kitchen…and that’s all I can tell ya ;) Happy Humpday!

  9. those berries look so good. Smart thinking on taking them home last night. I would have done the same thing!

  10. What a very “summer” looking breakfast!

    So jealous :)

  11. Jamie 11.18.2009

    The best medicine I have found is hanging out with my old black lab Reed. All I have to do is sit on my porch and put tennis shoes next to me (means we’re going for a run/walk on our river trails) and she goes nuts – her tail wags uncontrollably, jumps up and down, does this half – bark half whine thing, and is an incredible happiness booster!

    BTW – what type of camera do you use? Love your macro berry images come out so bright and clean cut!

  12. Mikael 11.18.2009

    Those berries look delectable! Yum… my local grocer doesn’t do anything like that. Jealous!
    What makes me feel better is singing. It’s a high like nothing else for me. If I’m angry, sad, or happy– singing out a great song always makes it better! =)

  13. Evan Thomas 11.18.2009

    Those berries in yogurt look delicious! I workout first thing so I like a nice rounded breakfast as my recovery meal

  14. FoodCents 11.18.2009

    Well, you are not alone in being 8 and loving AFV……. I can really excited whenever I see reruns of it on, at various time of the day.

    Laughter is the best medicine……..

  15. Niki 11.18.2009

    Haha that commercial is so funny!! I would say running or spending time with friends/family is the best medicine for feeling down.

    PS: Those PB cookies are TO DIE FOR!

  16. holly 11.18.2009

    laughter IS the best medicine, and i could use some right now!!! however, that salad bar last night looks like it could be the perfect medicine for lunch as well :)

    have a wonderful day!

  17. My family and I watch “America’s Funniest Home Videos” every night while eating dinner…….WE LOVE IT TOO!!! =)

    Totally love the Dole Autumn Harvest Salad, looks so good!!!

  18. Julie 11.18.2009

    Erin Baker makes the. best. granola. Other varieties are peanut butter and chocolate. Neither stand a chance around me ;)

  19. Honestly a good workout or chatting with friends are the best medicine for me. I just either need to completely disconnect or reconnect. It depends on the day.

  20. Jenna 11.18.2009

    Amen sister. Clusters in the granola is key. Granola without the clusters? Not interested :)

  21. Lizzy 11.18.2009

    the picture of those berries is sooo pretty! i love blueberries or any berry for that matter in my yogurt or cereal! :)

  22. Julie S. 11.18.2009

    Thanks for sharing that commercial. I hadn’t seen it yet. LOL!

  23. Gab* 11.18.2009

    My Hubby loves funniest home videos too, he also loves lots of other child-like things! It’s great that you love seeing the funny side of life!

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