Easy Baked Egg Rolls & Vegetable Fried Rice


I heart working out in the mornings. I really do. Today was crummy, drizzly, grey and wet = it would have been tough cookies getting myself to the gym after a long day at work! Instead, I leisurely came home, put on my best PJ’s, turned the thermostat up to 71 degrees and lit my favorite candle. A Vanilla Bean WoodWick candle.


Have you ever heard of these? They have a wood wick – hence the name WoodWick – which crackles like a toasty, roaring fire as it burns. Except this fire smells like a vanilla bean and I want to eat it. ;) 


After my kitchen filled up with the sweet, sweet scent of baked goods – I went to work on dinner. My-oh-my, it was an easy one – but SO good! It revolved around these Nasoya Egg Roll Wraps.


These wraps are all natural and pack 7 grams of protein into 3 wraps. Yow!

IMG_4570 IMG_4571

I used them to make tonight’s feast: Baked Turkey Egg Rolls & Vegetable Fried Rice.


Forget take-out! Dine in for less fat, less money and more time snuggling by the fire candle. :)

Baked Turkey Egg Rolls

Makes 8 egg rolls.

Print this recipe!


1 celery stalk

2 cups coleslaw mix

2 teaspoons vegetable oil

2 cloves garlic

1/2 inch peeled, fresh ginger

1/4 medium onion

1/2 lb. ground turkey

2-3 Tablespoons soy sauce

1/4 teaspoon red chili pepper flakes

8 egg roll wraps


1. Chop celery into small chunks in food processor. Combine in a microwave safe bowl with coleslaw mix and microwave for 5 minutes.

2. Add garlic & ginger to food processor and chop until fine. Add onion and chop until small. Move mixture to skillet over medium heat and sauté in 2 teaspoons oil for 2-3 minutes. Be careful not to burn garlic.

3. Add ground turkey to skillet and cook until no longer pink. Drain turkey/onion/garlic mixture and return to skillet. Add cooked cabbage and celery, soy sauce and red chili pepper flakes. Stir until combined and allow to cool.

4. Heat the oven to 400 degrees, spray a cookie sheet with non-stick spray and get out a small cup of water.


5. Lay egg roll wrapper on a flat surface so it’s in the shape of a diamond.


5. Add about 3 Tablespoons worth of turkey filling and fold bottom corner up.


6. Fold right and left corners of wrapper towards the middle.


7. Wet the open triangle with water and roll the egg roll over once. Fold the end of the triangle over to stick to the top.


8. Bake egg rolls in the oven for 10-15 minutes or until golden brown. (Shown with my finger so you can see how big they are!)



Literally – since I made the filling ahead of time – these egg rolls are made and baked in 20 minutes!


The rolls were perfectly crunchy and I just loved that savory, gingery turkey filling. Mmmm…


I served my egg rolls with some easy, Vegetable Fried Rice. I cooked 1 cup of dry brown rice and when it was done, I added it to a hot skillet with:

  • Dash of sesame oil
  • Steamed broccoli
  • handful of coleslaw mix
  • Dashes of ginger and garlic powder
  • ~2 Tablespoons soy sauce
  • 1 egg




You can fry these Nasoya Egg Roll Wrappers, but I think the light, crisp and crunchy baked style is a fabulous, healthy alternative to your everyday Chinese food sidekick!


Well, due to my early morning workout, I had a case of the muncheroos when I got home from work…so I busted into my stash of Popchips! Have you ever tried these??


I’ve never had so much fun eating a potato chip in my LIFE! They are one of the crunchiest things on the planet!


IMG_4599 IMG_4601

Now, I love me a good chip – but I don’t love the queasy, greasy feeling they give me. I also don’t like to eat baked chips because, honestly, they’re no fun.


Popchips are perfect because while they’re preservative, trans and saturated fat free (meaning I won’t feel like garbage after eating them) – they are JUST as much fun to eat as a regular potato chip. Nay – they’re BETTER! They’re like a compressed rice cake that’s crunchier than celery. Seriously. Love these!


Mmmkay. Relaxation time…ohhhhm… ;) Have a great night everyone!


What’s your favorite Chinese dish?

I’m partial to a good Kung Pao Chicken!

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  1. Evan Thomas 11.18.2009

    I almost never have chinese food so when I do I’m not picky, so long as it’s fried and saucy.
    Those wraps sound like there could be a million uses for them!

  2. Jenna 11.18.2009

    I agree. Now that I workout in the mornings, I could NEVER go back to evening workouts. You feel so much better the whole day AND you get to come home, put on sweats and relax. :) Double score.

    My favorite Chinese food is orange chicken! The really bad for you, heavily breaded kind.

  3. my favorite chinese food is mixed lo mein! YUM!
    Also egg rolls are pretty high up there ;)

    I gotta try your recipe! Looks delish!

  4. Anne K. 11.18.2009

    Wow, that meal looks amazing! Beats take-out for sure :) I’m a fan of veggie fried rice.

  5. chocolatepickle 11.18.2009

    LOVE BBQ Popchips…that’s my favorite flavor! If you haven’t tried them, Food Should Taste Good Chips are also delicious without being greasy!:)

  6. Cristina 11.18.2009

    That seriously, your meal…. looks amazing! I gotta say, in all honesty, your food blog gives me a lot of food inspiration for meals. I recently tried your apple crisp oatmeal. I made it for the boyfriend and he requests it all the time! It’s so easy to make, but I use instant oatmeal instead… and I tried it myself, and it’s delish. This Chinese food meal looks good. I think I’ll try this one too!

  7. Beth 11.18.2009

    I’m definitely going to try out this recipe. I feel like it will make a great finger food for holiday parties!
    My favorite chinese food is lo mein. I love the chewy noodles.

  8. Tay 11.18.2009

    Dang lady, I’m craving egg rolls like mad now!! I really wish I had some in my freezer (although yours are obviously better). My fave chinese dish is garlic chicken, chow mein, fried rice, and lettuce wraps!

  9. I love kung pao too. But egg rolls also top the list for me.

    I wanna try these! I’ll let you know if I do! :)

  10. Lisa 11.18.2009

    I have hat exact same candle. It’s my Fav!
    It smells like Vanilla Ice cream/ a Vanilla cupcake!
    I also have the diffuser by the same company and same scent….its heavenly :)

  11. Sarah 11.18.2009

    My favorite Asian treat right now is the Tom Ka Kai soup from Cool Basil. Sooooo good! It’s better from The Spice in Ames, but Cool Basil is the best in-town Thai food we’ve found. :)

    Where do you find those wraps? Hy-Vee?

  12. If I wasn’t going vegan for the day tomorrow I would totally make these. I think they will be added to my Friday dinner instead of what I have planned :-)

  13. Brynne 11.18.2009

    I love working out in the morning! Getting it over with makes me feel so refreshed all day (although extremely hungry). Sometimes I even forget that I’ve exercised for the day hahaha

  14. emily 11.18.2009

    That looks fabulous, it is totally going on my ‘to cook’ list! And my favorite is General Tso or Kung Pow Tofu, the spicier the better.

  15. BroccoliHut 11.18.2009

    Beautiful egg rolls!
    Not sure if this is considered Chinese, but I really like the orange-sesame tofu recipe from ED&BV.

  16. Ayse 11.18.2009

    I have been reading your blog for a while now and I have to tell you I admire you. You are so optimistic and so keen on keeping up with a healthy life style (which is sooo hard with all the chocolate and the ice cream) you truly inspire me and make me wanna be just as healthy :) So thank you!!

  17. Julie 11.19.2009

    Anyone have workout advice for me? I am a new mother and want to exercise daily if possible. I think I am more of a morning person than an evening person, but not sure how to work in exercise in the picture. Kristen do you have any advice for me? When do you get to bed a night if you wake up so early. I would love to be an early riser. I feel like I would get more done, I just can’t always get myself up. haha

  18. Kate 11.19.2009

    Those look SO good! So glad that I found your blog this weekend! :)

  19. jen 11.19.2009

    Those egg rolls look amazing.
    I wish I could get myself to get up and workout in the morning. Well, for that matter, I haven’t been able to get myself to do it at all lately. I always think if I could just get in the habit of doing it in the morning, it would make my days so much better! I wouldn’t have to think about it the rest of the day. I however, am not a morning person and am not sure how to convince “early morning me” to leave the bed and go run. Any suggestions?

  20. Candles Scented 12.19.2009

    I have just purchased a woodwick candle set, and I am questioning if extended use will wreck the candle and if so is there any products i can use to avoid that?

  21. Summer T. 01.21.2010

    I JUST used those very same wraps last night and made my own quickie egg rolls with pre-bagged broccoli slaw and canned chicken breast, ginger, garlic, pepper, and soy sauce. The oven browns them and makes them so crispy, they were awesome!! I love your recipe, I’m gonna try that when I have more time on my hands. I also COMPLETELY agree about the barbecue Popchips…they’re AMAZING!

  22. […] for the egg rolls – I googled several recipes, and watched this girl’s video for inspiration – and just kinda threw together my own […]

  23. fantastic advice and sharing,I will buy one great apple for me .thanks,Joe

  24. […] plate, it went from hard, to soft! Yes! I continued to wrap the roll similar to an eggroll – like this – except I rolled them as tight as I could. I thought the wrapper might rip, but it […]

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  26. Cozy 04.21.2012

    I just made these tonight. I was a little intimidated since I’ve never made egg rolls and I live alone…so I didn’t want to be on egg roll overload. I didn’t cook the celery & slaw first. I just added it at the end right when I took the pot off the stove. I also opted to freeze the egg rolls prior to cooking them. So I took one out a couple of hours later to see how they would weather. And I was greatly impressed. Now I can pop them in the oven at my leisure. Though next time I will use 85/15 gruond turkey instead of the 97% fat free. Left the meat a little too dry.

  27. […] way with writing and photography that you want to return each day to see what she is up to.  These egg rolls and vegetable fried rice were her idea, I just changed up the turkey to bison and added some carrot.  Thank you […]

  28. tiff 04.28.2013

    Thanks for this recipe!

    I followed the recipe mostly except I added 1.5 tbsp soy sauce and 3 tbsp of Worcestershire sauce and fried my egg rolls (I followed it exactly the first time and I just couldn’t do it again >.<). The result was a super perfectly juicy tasty egg roll!

    Thanks again.

  29. tiff 04.28.2013

    I mean I substituted, so instead of 2-3 tbsp soy sauce only 1.5 tbsp + 3 tbsp Worcestershire.

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