This or That…Thanksgiving Edition!


Good morning – TGIAF!

I walked out my door this morning and gasped! I thought it was blizzarding! It took me a couple seconds to realize the whiteout I was seeing was actually FOG. Fog so thick, I couldn’t see past my neighbor’s house. 8O Nevertheless, I ventured out and drove to the gym for another morning workout!

Last night I found this great 500 Calorie Burning Treadmill Workout via, but I knew I wouldn’t have an hour in the morning to complete the whole thing. So, I modified it for time, upped the speeeed a little and created this 45 Minute Treadmill Workout!

Time Speed
0-5 3.5-4
5-8 6.0
8-10 6.5
10-12 7.5
12-16 Repeat minutes 8:00-12:00
16-20 6.0
20-30 6.5
30-33 6.0
33-36 7.0
36-40 6.5
40-42 7.5
42-45 3.5

I wrote the intervals down on the back of an empty address label sheet (reduce, reuse!) to place on the treadmill and follow along.

IMG_4706 IMG_4704

This was challenging! Especially the 7.5 sprint at the end – I was doing the audible “heeeee” “whoooo” to get me through. :) I ended up at 4.6 miles on the nose and was very pleased. This treadmill interval workout kept my brain occupied and my body challenged. And now I’ve got the main portion of my exercise done for the day – sweet!

Still need more convincing to tackle that workout in the morning? Check out my workout when you wake up post for a few more reasons why you should give it a try.

Ok…breakfast was epic. I told you I’d do it… Vanilla Pumpkin Overnight Oats!


omg. OMG. This was like a creamy, pumpkiny, vanilla custard. For breakfast!


In the mix:

  • 1 Vanilla AE yogurt
  • 1/4 old fashioned oats
  • 1 Tablespoon pumpkin butter
  • 1 banana
  • dash of pumpkin pie spice
  • sprinkle of sliced almonds


Last night I combined all the ingredients (even the banana) and let it all meld and soften overnight.


All I had to do this morning was grab a spoon and devour! I have been having some really good breakfasts lately, but I think this one might top them all. Seriously…decadent…you must try!


Lunch is big, Kitchen Sink Salad.


In the mix:

  • Steamed broccoli
  • Pumpkin seeds & dried cranberries
  • Chopped celery
  • Baby carrots

IMG_4665 IMG_4667


FYI – I love adding steamed broccoli to salads. Eating raw brocc is not my favorite thing in the world, but when you microwave them with a splash of water for 2 minutes, and then add them – they are fantastic :)

I’m also saving this ginormous Honeycrisp for 2:00pm snackeage.


In other news, and in case you didn’t know, Thanksgiving is officially ONE WEEK AWAY!!! In honor, I have devised a Thanksgiving This or That Three Question Thursday Series. This is a tough one – but you must decide!

1. Stuffing or Rolls?

2. Pecan Pie or Pumpkin Pie?

3. Mashed white potatoes or Sweet potatoes (any form)?

My answers:

1. Giiiiiirl – STUFFING! It has to be the cheap Stovetop kind too. I actually don’t like homemade stuffing!

2. Pumpkin

3. My Mom’s baked apples stuffed with sweet potatoes and topped with marshmallows, which are then broiled to golden perfection, are literally then end all and be all. Seriously.

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  1. Angie 11.19.2009

    Fabulous questions, I have to say! And, I am in agreement with you on each one.
    1. Stuffing! I LOVE the homemade stuff…can’t wait!
    2. Pumpkin pie- all the way
    3. Sweet potatoes – any sort, but preferably with brown sugar, butter, and pecans on top.
    You’re getting me excited about next week!!

  2. erin 11.19.2009

    1. neither. I actually don’t like stuffing cuz it’s got onions and celery in it. otherwise I know i’d love it

    2. pumpkin pie1 yum

    3. sweet potatoes. I eat this all year round. any way, except i don’t really care for it topped with marshmallows. it’s already sweet enough!

  3. I don’t like overnight oats, but yours are making me reconsider!
    As for me:

    Now I’m starved. :)

  4. Beth 11.19.2009

    1. Stuffing hands down! I can’t get enough of it.
    2. I have to say pumpkin pie but only by default; I’ve never had pecan pie. Plus my mom usually makes her famous red velvet cake and that is my favorite.
    3. My grandmothers mashed potatoes win; she puts half&half and all kinds of cheese in them. The sweet potatoes that we have on Thanksgiving are so sweet they taste like dessert and I like my sweet potatoes nice and plain.

  5. Quinn 11.19.2009

    Gotta give that workout a try!
    1. Rolls
    2. Pumpkin
    3. Sweet Potatoes

  6. Niki 11.19.2009

    1. Stuffing!!
    2. Pumpkin pie but I really do like both!
    3. Sweet potatoes all the way with marshmallows on top!!

  7. Jessica 11.19.2009

    Awesome workout!
    1. Rolls
    2. Chocolate pecan pie
    3. Sweet Potatoes

  8. Leianna 11.19.2009

    1. Rolls
    2. Pecan Pie
    3. Sweet Potatoes

    That workout looks great!

  9. jenny 11.19.2009

    1. Neither. No bread this Thanksgiving, but if I had to choose- stuffing, hands down. *sob*
    2. Pecan pie, baby!
    3. Sweet potato, baked. Mmmmm.

    And I have to say that you have awesome breakfasts! I’ve gotta try today’s concoction…I’m excited just thinking about it!

  10. VeggieGirl 11.19.2009

    1.) stuffing

    2.) pumpkin

    3.) considering the fact that I eat sweet potatoes DAILY, of course I pick sweet potatoes :) Baked with cinnamon & coconut butter

  11. Kim 11.19.2009

    1. Stuffing or Rolls? Gluten-free cornbread stuffing w/sausage….OMG…it is TDF!

    2. Pecan Pie or Pumpkin Pie? Both ;)

    3. Mashed white potatoes or Sweet potatoes (any form)? Sweet potatoes, hands down.

  12. Paige 11.19.2009

    Oh mannnn this is a tough one!
    1) ROLLS – all the way, no question. Bread is my soulmate.
    2) I actually don’t care for either too much, but I usually have half a slice of pumpkin for an authentic Thanksgiving experience. :)
    3) Mashed white potatoes – I pretty much never have them except for holidays! Sweet potatoes any other day though.

    Your mom’s apple/sweet potato concoction sounds AMAZING! I hope you weasel the recipe out of her for us! haha

  13. Tay 11.19.2009

    Oh thanks for that workout!! But running for 2 minutes at 7.5 miles an hour? That sounds a bit difficult haha. I’ll try it though!!

    1. Well I’m not a huge fan of either on Thanksgiving. I’d rather save my carby goodness for potatoes!!
    2. Oh dear….BOTH!!! I love pecan pie, but we never get it on Thanksgiving because no one else likes its. So I’ll have it in small tasty amounts.
    3. SWEET POTATOES!!! Omg my fave. With brown sugar and marshmallow topping of course :-)

  14. Rachel 11.19.2009

    Awesome workout! I think I’ll try that tonight :)

    1. Rolls all the way! My grandma makes them from scratch and I can eat them by the dozen :)
    2. Pumpkin if I have to choose between those two. I LOVE apple or chocolate pie though.
    3. Gosh I love both…I have to say sweet potatoes though because we make them with tons of brown sugar, butter and marshmellows. Thanksgiving and Christmas are the only two days I eat them and I can’t wait!!

  15. Graze With Me 11.19.2009

    1) Oh, this is hard, I’ve just started to like stuffing! But I’m going to have to go with rolls. Even though they are just “filler” they’re SOO good.

    2) Neither, blech.

    3) I’d say sweet potatoes but they can’t have any of that syrupy crap or marshmallows on them. Just plain is fine by me!

  16. I’m so excited for Thanksgiving next week!

    1. Stuffing! Any kind.
    2. Pumpkin – although I am not a huge pie person
    3. Mashed!

  17. omg! I can’t wait to see pictures of your mom’s stuffed apples. That sounds great! I may have to steal that workout from today. Seems like a fun way to change it up a bit at the gym.
    1. Stuffing!
    2. Pumpkin pie
    3. I love mashed potatoes…..but i love sweet potatoes. So hard to choose!

  18. Sarah Jayne 11.19.2009

    Ok all of my answers definitely prove I am indeed a savory, not sweet, person!
    1. Stuffing, and I too ADORE boxed stuffing mixed. You should try this recipe from ; it utilizes boxed stuffing and is soooo fast & easy. Super easy to jazz up too!

    2. Pumpkin pie, please no whip or ice cream :)

    3. MASHED potatoes. Gahhhh. With a teeny tiny pat of butter, no gravy. No doubt my absolute FAVORITE part of thanksgiving dinner!

  19. Courtney 11.19.2009

    Rolls! LOTS OF HOT, FLAKY ROLLS! :) Stuffing is meh. And both on the pie front, bahaha. :) And I like both sweet and regular – probably sweet more than the latter. Oh fun questions!! :)

  20. brandi 11.19.2009

    1. Tie, depending on where I am for the meal :) My MILs homemade sweet potato rolls are amazing, but I love good stuffing, too.

    2. Neither! My mom’s fudge pie is it. We only get it at Thanksgiving + Christmas. It’s usually the only dessert I eat during the holidays.

    3. My mammaw’s mashed potatoes are always at holiday meals. But I do love sweet potatoes.

  21. Andrea 11.19.2009

    1. Stuffing
    2. Pumpkin, I had pecan pie for the first time this summer and it was really good, better than I thought…but you can only have pumpkin on Thanksgiving!
    3. Sweet Potatoes, with a little brown sugar and butter!

    Your breakfast looked great today.

  22. Lauren Christine. 11.19.2009

    1. a nice little dab of stuffing. just enough to get a taste.
    2. pumpkin
    3. sweet potatoes–duh!

  23. Julie S. 11.19.2009

    1. This one was really tough! Stuffing.
    2. Neither! Not a big pie eater.
    3. Sweet potatoes!

  24. Stephanie 11.19.2009

    1. Homemade stuffing!
    2. Pumpkin pie!
    3. I can’t choose…?!?!??!

  25. Jenna 11.19.2009

    Dang woman, you weren’t messing around on your workout. Nice work!

    1. Stuffing all the way. I can have bread 365 days a year.

    2. Pumpkin, hands down.

    3. Sweet potato, sweet potato casserole to be more specific :)

  26. 1. stuffing
    2. mashed potatoes
    3. pecan pie :)

  27. jen 11.19.2009

    one question: do you eat breakfast before going to workout, or after?

    1. Stuffing for sure!
    2. Pecan…strange, cause I love all things pumpkin, except pumpkin pie. I’m weird.
    3. Mashed white all the way!

  28. I love morning workouts but right now I’m having trouble sleeping so getting up for them is hard. I’ll be at it soon enough.

    1. Stuffing or Rolls? Stuffing but it has to be homemade by my dad.

    2. Pecan Pie or Pumpkin Pie? I normally eat pumpkin because it’s healthier but for a splurge it is pecan.

    3. Mashed white potatoes or Sweet potatoes (any form)? Sweet potatoes mashed or roasted. I do like roasted garlic mashed regulars if the sweet are candied only.

  29. Evan Thomas 11.19.2009

    1. Stuffing
    2. Pumpkin
    3. Sweet

  30. Julie 11.19.2009

    Raw broccoli is the bomb!

    1. Stuffing or Rolls? Oh wow…this is a toughie!! Like you I only have a place in my heart for stovetop, but this year in honor of me going veggie I’m making a vegetarian stuffing so I choose that! (but I really choose both)

    2. Pecan Pie or Pumpkin Pie? Pumpkin

    3. Mashed white potatoes or Sweet potatoes (any form)? Sweet potatoes!

  31. 1. BOTH!!!

    2. Pumpkin Pie

    3. Mashed white potatoes

    GREAT WORK OUT!!! Wish I could run that fast…….one day! =)

  32. Melissa 11.19.2009

    1. I used to be a Stove Top girl, but I’ve developed a taste for the homemade stuff at Thanksgiving (my parents make it together–so cute!), so I’ll have to go with stuffing!
    2. Pecan, but if I’m being really honest, I usually have a sliver of every kind of pie we have! :)
    3. Sweet potatoes! Call me crazy, but I’ve never really been a huge fan of mashed. Sweet potatoes just give you so much more bang for your buck!

  33. Mikael 11.19.2009

    That work out sounds intense! Once I can run for longer than 3 minutes, then I’ll give it a shot ;)
    Haha this is your EASIEST this or that for me! Haha…
    1- Rolls. I hate stuffing– ick!
    2- Pumpkin all the way with a little whipped cream on top!
    3- Sweet potatoes. My step-mom’s candied yams are the bomb.
    *like candy-canes at christmas* (sung like Moose does in Step Up 2)

  34. Sara 11.19.2009

    Yay, Thanksgiving is almost here!
    1. Rolls. Hmmm, warm and with butter.
    2. Pumpkin pie, all the way!
    3. Sweet potatoes.

  35. Holly 11.19.2009

    ahhhh thanksgiving!

    sweet potatoes.

    have a wonderful day kristin!

  36. Kara K 11.19.2009

    I love love love Stovetop stuffing. None of that real stuff :)
    Pecan pie … just a tiny slice ‘cuz it’s so rich!
    Mashed taters w/ turkey gravy … yum!

  37. Brynne 11.19.2009

    OMG your breakfast sounds amazing! I love steamed broccoli too – last night I had some great steamed broccoli with just lemon and garlic. It was seriously so great.

    1. Stuffing!
    2. Definitely pecan – but only my grandma’s!
    3. Sweet potatoes – any way, shape, or form.

  38. katecooks 11.19.2009

    good questions!!!! gonna have to say rolls, pumpkin and white mashed. only because that sooooo screams my childhood dinners. but once i have one slice of pumpkin, i am back with a vengence for seconds and thirds on pecan :)

  39. Amy 11.19.2009

    I’m going with:
    1. My mom’s homemade sweet rolls.
    2. Pumpkin pie
    3. My hubby’s garlic, smoked applewood cheddar mashed potatoes.

  40. Brittney 11.19.2009

    1. Anytime you put bread in front of me, it wins everytime BUT… my grandma makes some BOMB homemade dressing (she never calls it stuffing) that is to.die.for. The top gets all crunchy and everyone fights over the corner pieces.
    2. Pumpkin pie
    3. Sweet potato ANYTHING

  41. tray 11.19.2009

    my mom LOVESSSS stovetop cornbread stuffing! LOL!

    1. neither. i don’t like either. i’m so weird. i usually just fill up on turkey and green beans.

    2. pumpkin pie

    3. sweet potatoes.

  42. Lauren 11.19.2009

    Wow, that’s the best one yet! I am loving the pumpkin yogurt breakfast.

    Yay for Thanksgiving edition of 3QT!

    1. Eh, I could acutally do without either, unless its cornread. Now, that’s a whole different category.
    2. Oh my, how about Pumpkin Pecan Pie?
    3. Definitely, definitely sweet potaotes!

    Happy Thanksgiving Kiristin!

  43. Carly 11.19.2009

    OMG. Your mom’s baked apple/sweet potato concoction sounds devine! Any chance you could share the recipe with us?!? Pretty please?? It’s my first time hosting Thanksgiving and I’m looking for some dishes to WOW my new in-laws!! Pretty sure this would do the trick!! :D

  44. Taylor 11.20.2009

    1. such a toughie! i am an all-around carb lover :) buuuuut at thanksgiving i’m gonna go for the stuffing since it’s not an everyday thing!
    2. pumpkin CHEESECAKE
    3. sweet potatoes hands down!

  45. NySoonerGirl 11.20.2009

    1. Stuffing or Rolls? Stuffing before it’s cooked (my mom’s is meatless) AND the yummy giant rolls-not the tiny smushed pre-packaged 18-to-a-bag-kind

    2. Pecan Pie or Pumpkin Pie? Neither! Allergic to nuts and hate pumpkin pie!

    3. Mashed white potatoes or Sweet potatoes (any form)?
    Mashed white with brown gravy-yum! But your mom’s sound absolutely amazing! I’d kill for that recipe!

  46. […] the past couple of weeks, I’ve been doing my 45 minute treadmill workout routine with awesome results. It’s about 4.6 miles, has remained challenging and I always feel like […]

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