Month of Holiday Giveaways: Coffee & Carbs – 7 Winners!


Good morning, good morning, good morning!

I have faith that today is going to be a MUCH better day than yesterday! First of all, I’m starting it out with a delish Blueberry Chobani Greek Yogurt (which I’m so happy to have learned that the high sugar content comes partially from the natural milk sugar, lactose!) and a Honeycrisp Apple.


Second of all, it’s officially 2 weeks until Christmas!

Third of all, the Month of Holiday Giveaways continues today with Giveaway #4: The Carbs & Coffee Giveaway!

2 winners will each receive a Starbucks Giftcard!



And 5 winners will receive a coupon for a FREE BOWL from Noodles & Company!



You may remember my last Noodles & Company trip at the Mall of America. Well this coupon gets you a free Square Bowl which is completely customizable and feeds up to 4 people with a single bowl!

noodles-&-company noodles-&-company

You want to get in on this noodle action!

Here’s the situ – enter up to three times by Monday, December 14th @ 3pm central to win. Here’s how:

1. Leave me a comment telling me which prize you want to enter for. Either the Starbucks gift card or the Noodles & Company coupon.

2. Tweet “I want to win free coffee & carbs from @IowaGirlEats!” and leave a comment telling me you tweeted.

3. Post about this giveaway on your blog or website and let me know in another comment.

Good luck everyone – coffee and carbs sure help me get through the Holiday madness!

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  1. Amber 12.11.2009

    Starbucks!! Soy dirty chai please :)

  2. Meghan 12.11.2009

    Starbucks gift card! Pumpkin spice soy lattes…yuum

  3. kate 12.11.2009

    aw i was hoping id be the first commenter! both giveaways sound awesome…but with this nasty iowa weather a coffee sounds toasty right now!

  4. Holly 12.11.2009

    kristin – how you manage to keep outdoing yourself is beyond me! STARBUCKS – i love my coffee :)

    hope you have a fabulous day!

  5. Melanie 12.11.2009

    Starbucks giftcards! I love lattes!

  6. Starbucks! I looooove peppermint mochas.

  7. Kristin 12.11.2009

    I would love to win the Starbucks gift card. Free caramel macchiatos

  8. Abby 12.11.2009

    OOH Id love the starbucks gift card.. good gift for the hub who is a coffee fiend ;)

  9. Jackie W. 12.11.2009

    Would love to win the Starbucks gift card!

  10. Jen 12.11.2009

    I’d love to win the Starbucks card please!

  11. Angel H 12.11.2009

    I would love to win the Noodles & Company giveaway!

  12. jackie 12.11.2009

    I would love to win Starbucks just because I dont think we have Noodles & Company where I live!!!

  13. Danielle 12.11.2009

    I want the starbucks gift card!

  14. Rachel 12.11.2009

    A Starbucks gift card would be great!

  15. Kate 12.11.2009

    Winning a starbucks gift card would be awesome! I spend about $50/month JUST on coffee (even with free refills…)!!!

  16. haily foytik 12.11.2009

    I want the Starbucks gift card! I am taking SEVEN (7) finals this year, 21 hours! I will need it!

  17. Maura 12.11.2009

    Thanks for the great giveaway! I would looooove the Starbucks giftcard. Since I have been having a hard time breaking my addiction, this would surely help my finances 0:)

  18. Allison 12.11.2009

    I’d love to win the Noodles bowl, I love the Japanese pan noodles there!

  19. Lauren Christine. 12.11.2009

    i’d love to win the noodle’s gift cards. there is one just right up the street from me! thank you!

  20. Melissa 12.11.2009

    Wow, tough choice! I love my coffee, but since I just got some from Boca Java (OMG–Maple Bacon Morning Coffee!?!? Insane!), I’ll go for the Noodles GC! I’ve never had anything there that I didn’t like from there!

    I’m tweeting, too! :)

  21. kristin 12.11.2009

    starbucks gift card!!! :)

    these giveaways are the best sister!

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  23. Holly 12.11.2009

    I would LOVE the Starbucks gift card!!

  24. Lauren 12.11.2009

    I’m with Melissa– tough choice! I’ll go with the noodles gift card.

  25. Erica 12.11.2009

    Starbucks please! I absolutely hate coffee… but after going to college where the owner of Starbucks went I started to drink Peppermint Hot Chocolates and Carmel Apple Ciders like it was my job. Now I am completely addicted to the place and just can’t get enough of it!

  26. Sami 12.11.2009

    I’d like to enter for the Starbucks CARD. Not only do I love my coffee, but there is no Noodles & Co. within like 100 miles of me. Haha. Yummmm. I can taste the peppermint latte nowww :) Great giveaway!

  27. JMB 12.11.2009

    I’d go with the S-bucks card because we don’t have a N&Co here.

  28. JMB 12.11.2009

    Tweeted too:)

  29. Brandi 12.11.2009

    Cold gross weather= comforting coffee! I love starbucks and the environment they have inside the place! Oh and the gingerbread mochas are to die for!

  30. Ally 12.11.2009

    Starbucks please! I just posted your link on my blog as well…hope you get a lot of visitors!

  31. Sarah R 12.11.2009

    We don’t have a noodles and company so I’m going to have to choose the starbucks gift card–mmm love their coffee!

  32. Andrea 12.11.2009

    I tweeted for coffee & carbs! @andreacooley. Merry Christmas!

  33. Sarah R 12.11.2009

    And I tweeted!

  34. Paige 12.11.2009

    Tough choice…I ALMOST want to enter the Noodles & Co. one because I think I’ll have a better chance of winning…but I have to say STARBUCKS!!!

  35. Paige 12.11.2009

    Oh, and I missed Three Question Thursday yesterday! :)

  36. Brittany 12.11.2009

    Starbucks gift card for sure!

  37. Art 12.11.2009

    Just tweeted and I’d love me some coffee.

  38. ashley 12.11.2009

    I’d like the starbucks gift card! I’m not sure where a Noodles and Co. is by me.

  39. Beth 12.11.2009

    I love Noodles & Co but I do not have one close by so I would love the Starbucks gift card.

  40. Sabrina 12.11.2009

    I would love to win the Noodles & Company giveaway!!

  41. Dana 12.11.2009

    I would LOVE both, but would really like the Starbucks gift card. As a mother of a 3 1/2 year old boy; there never is enough caffeine to get through the day!

  42. NySoonerGirl 12.11.2009

    I’d love both but as we don’t have the noodle place around here, I’ll pick Starbucks! :)

  43. *Andrea* 12.11.2009

    definitely the starbucks card :)

  44. Emilee 12.11.2009

    mmmmm… starbucks! i love the skinny vanilla lattes!

  45. Leigh 12.11.2009

    Starbucks, please! Thanks for another awesome giveaway!

  46. Cari 12.11.2009

    Just tweeted!
    I’d love the Starbucks!

  47. Becca V 12.11.2009

    The Starbucks giftcard please! Grande, Nonfat, no water, Chai tea latte!

  48. Pam 12.11.2009

    Cool…the starbucks gift card.


  49. Jessie 12.11.2009

    I would want the Noodles and Company coupon! I have never been to a Noodles and Company or Nothing but Noodles and I really want to try one.

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