Chow, Chow, Chow!


Mmmm brunch – quite possibly the best meal of the day! It’s the perfect excuse to eat sweet, savory and everything in between. :)

When Ben and I arrived at my parent’s house, my Mom had everything laid out.



There was Spinach & Pepper Jack Cheese Quiche,


Cheddar & Broccoli Quiche,


Three types of salsa for toppers,


Freshly cut pineapple and mandarin oranges,


And fresh pastries – mmm!


I had about 1/4 of a cream cheese pastry, quiche, fruit and oven baked bacon. Have you ever had oven baked bacon?! Bake at 425 for 20-25 minutes. It’s unbelievably thin and crispy – the best!


For dessert, I enjoyed a Peanut Butter Kiss cookie while looking at Glamour Shot photos my Mom and I took when I was about 10. The.Absolute.Horror. Rhinestones, hairspray and shoulder pads. ‘Nuff said!


Little Finn was there too. He is a baby TANK – SO big! I love my nephew! :)


This afternoon I cleaned, did some prep work for dinners this week, took a trip to the bookstore…and made Puppy Chow!


The most delicious type of chow, in my opinion. ;)


Peanut Butter, Chocolate and Powdered Sugar. Delish!


Ben and I are trying to decide what to do for dinner. He wants Chipotle…I don’t know what I want, but I know I don’t want Chipotle and I do need some sort of fruit. Oh, decisions!


Sweet Puppy Chow or savory Chex Mix?

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  1. Cristina 12.13.2009

    Oh Chipotle, I love their burritos. Just last weekend I think it was, we had burritos for dinner. I seriously couldn’t of picked better “ingredients”: chicken, lettuce, corn, mild salsa and their lime-rice. Also had some of their lime chips, and I could of eaten the entire bag. Just thinking of it makes me hungry!

    As far as mixes, I always liked the at-home chex mix. The ones that had the cheezits and the chex, pretzles, that you bake in the oven. The secret ingredient I could of swore is Wostercheire sauce! So good.

  2. Wendy 12.13.2009

    Your family is adorable!

    I think we need to see proof of the horrible-ness of those Glamour Shots! :) Heehee

  3. Melissa 12.13.2009

    HOW CAN YOU NOT WANT CHIPOTLE?! Oh mannnn its so good. I think we need to see these glamour shots too, by the way.

    • Cristina 12.13.2009

      I totally love Chiptole. I hope there are some in NH.

  4. Pam 12.13.2009


  5. Molly 12.13.2009

    I have the fondest memories of Puppy Chow and Homemade Chex Mix that my old daycare lady used to make. Man, she loaded the garlic on that Mix but it was so dang good!!!!…I think I just started to drool thinking about it!!! I can’t decide between her P.Chow or Chex Mix…hmmm, I am a sucker for ANYTHING with PB…so I’ll go with the Chow :) P.S. The ski slopes are supposed to open this week here in Northern Japan….and it was raining all weekend – in December. What the heck?!?! Have a great rest of your weekend :)

  6. Melissa 12.13.2009

    There are totally embarrassing Glamour Shots from my youth floating around . . . The rhinestones! The glitter! The horror! Oh my!

    Puppy Chow is so yummy! I am also a fan of “Creative Mix.” It has chex, PB Cap’n Crunch, pretzels & peanuts covered in almond bark. Can you say YUM???

  7. Katie 12.13.2009

    I had quiche yesterday. So good.

  8. Julie 12.13.2009

    I love puppy chow!

    You need to post the glamour shots. You can’t tell us about them and not show them! Totally not fair.

  9. Susan 12.13.2009

    Love brunch! Definitely the best meal of the day.
    And puppy chow over savory chex mix.

  10. Puppy chow is probably the best snack ever! Not at all high-brow but oh so good!

  11. What a fun brunch.. Im jealous you and your husband are so close (distance wise) to your fam!! I could live on puppy chow.. so addicting.

  12. Molly 12.13.2009

    I almost made puppy chow today as well! SO good, I could eat a whole batch in one sitting (I may have tried once or twice during college)

  13. Alissa 12.13.2009

    That puppy chow looks delicious! I might have to make some myself!

  14. AmyLou 12.13.2009

    I love any and all Chex mixes!!! Puppy chow is what a former college roomie and I would make after a night on the town filled with “boy troubles” LOL!

  15. Lauren 12.13.2009

    Once again, your mom has outdone herself!!! Funny, I’ve had Quiche on my mind lately. I haven’t had it in ages, but for some reason, I suddenly got a craving.

    Aww, Finn is getting soo big!!

    Hope you enjoyed the rest of your day and I hope dinner was yummy, whatever you guys decided! :)

  16. Love the quiche bar!

    Puppy chow is so good and addictive!

  17. becca 12.13.2009

    This puppy chow must be a regional thing…I literally thought you were making dog food for your family’s dog…I think you should rename it!

  18. chocolatepickle 12.13.2009

    Sweet puppy chow! AMAAAAAAAZING!

  19. Amanda 12.13.2009

    The only way I associate the words “puppy” and “chow” are with the chocolately peanut butter treat. Maybe it is a midwest thing. I have also heard it called “monkey munch”-not as appealing to me.

  20. Holly 12.13.2009

    hahahahaha i also had my glamour shots done. if you show yours on the blog, i will show mine. :)

  21. I love the sweet and spicy mix of the spiced chex mix. The corn and rice chex are just sweet enough for me.

  22. Melinda 12.14.2009

    Brunch is the best and all your dishes look super yummy. We love brunch so much that for our wedding we decided on a brunch since everyone always loves brunch foods. And I am jealous of your PB kiss cookies. These are my fave. When I still lived in the States my old roomie used to make them for me and send them for gifts since she does cookie packages during Christmas.

  23. Machelle 12.14.2009

    Come On……share the glamour shots! I got roped into doing that too! My oldest sister is a hairdresser in a small town…the town photographer hired her to do hair & make-up for some glamour type photos, and as a favor also took her picture. My mom loved it, so she badgered me & my other sister till we finally broke down & had our pictures taken too! I hated the whole thing! I hate having my picture taken! But it made momma happy!

  24. Mikael 12.15.2009

    Aw Finn is getting so big! So cute… and puppy chow is the BOMB! I hope you enjoyed that enough for the both of us ;)

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