Starting with Sprints


Good morning – and happy Monday to you!

I was actually up and running (literally!) this morning! My alarm went off at 5am and after a brief hesitation, I hopped out of bed and headed to the gym. :)

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been doing my 45 minute treadmill workout routine with awesome results. It’s about 4.6 miles, has remained challenging and I always feel like I’ve had a great workout when I’m done.

The thing is, I want the routine to remain challenging, so I don’t want to keep doing it over and over and let my body get used to it. Enter the Sprint Interval treadmill cardio routine created by Peak Performance trainer Kaitlin Kay. When I saw the sprints in this routine…I got scared. Then I decided I had to try it! After a 10 minute warmup on the elliptical, I followed this outline:

Print this workout!

WOAAHH!!! This was crazy – but doable! I literally thought my legs were going to spin off by the third interval at 10mph, but of course, they didn’t. It’s actually unbelievable for me to look at this routine. Two years ago, my max treadmill speed was 5.6 mph. Now I am able to run 10 mph sprints. Physical proof that if you stick with something, it will get easier and you will improve! What physical feat are you most proud of?


I was sooo ready for breakfast after I got ready – Baked Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal!


I baked this baby up yesterday afternoon, stuck it in the fridge and reheated this morning for 90 seconds. It has been FAR too long since I’ve had pumpkin in my life. I feel like it kind of falls to the wayside after Thanksgiving passes by…sad!


It was JUST as tasty as I remembered it. :) The crunch of the toasted almonds is so great with the creamy, pumpkin spiced oats. YUM!


Lunch today will be Sampler Style. My fave, since I can stretch it out through the course of the afternoon. :)


We’ve got a Peach Chobani Greek Yogurt.


Greek yogurt is sooo thick and creamy – like mascarpone cheese! What’s your favorite brand/flavor?


A Cherry Pie Larabar.




And a Honeycrisp Apple. Natch.


Well, it’s Monday and you know what that means – there’s work to be done! :D Have a fabulous morning and afternoon. I’ll see you tonight with a warm and cozy dinner – perfect for this icy, cold day we’re having today!

Don’t forget – you have until 3pm central TODAY to enter to win free Starbucks or free Noodles & Company!


Do you ever follow workout routines/outlines or just do your own thing? Do you make routines up or find them from another source?

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  1. Lizzy 12.14.2009

    I copied down one of your other treadmill workouts you posted on your blog not to long ago, i think it was a 60 minute interval workout. I’m so excited to try it out!!!! Thanks for posting this one, i think i’ll copy it down and hopefully try it out soon! :) have a good day!

  2. What a great workout! Definitely need to try that! The treadmill and I are not friends ;)

  3. I usually just make up a routine as I go, but your treadmill speedwork suggestion looks awesome. I may try it tomorrow!

  4. That is an awesome workout girl!! Since I am a trainer I usually just make up my own, but occasionally find some new exercises from other trainers. :)

  5. Amanda 12.14.2009

    Awesome job!! How many miles was that workout?

    I recently started using routines for the elliptical & treadmill that I have gotten off of blogs. I would never have thought to do it before.

  6. love that treadmill workout! I have an awesome one from the oxygen magazine website, it is SO great, it has inclines and sprints and makes the 25 minutes FLY by! let me know if you are interested

    taht pumpkin pie oatmeal looks fantastic and perfect on a cold winter day!

  7. Stephanie 12.14.2009

    Pineapple Chobani is my hands down favorite yogurt EVER!!!!! :)

  8. Nancy 12.14.2009

    Treadmill sprints are the only way that I can run indoors. It keeps my mind from going blank and just jogging at one pace for a set amount of time. It’s SO fun to challenge yourself like that on the treadmill.

  9. Angie 12.14.2009

    Awesome way to start your Monday! Great job!!

    I usually do my own thing, but I do find having some structure can help. I’ll have to give it a try!

  10. Mandy 12.14.2009

    I cannot tell you how encouraging it is to hear how you used to max out at 5.6 on the treadmill. I am not a fast runner, but I’ve used the interval workout you posted in the past and I have made adjustments to suit my current ability. Thanks for sharing these workouts…maybe one day I can shoot for 10 mph…maybe!

  11. I am not a fast runner at all! I’ll have to try that interval workout out though. Maybe I can just adjust the speed a bit and work my way up to it?

  12. jen 12.14.2009

    I got up and ran this morning! It was awesome, and I’m so glad I can relax guilt free tonight!
    I’m also so glad that you shared that your max speed used to be 5.6 mph. I am not at all a fast runner, but it’s good to hear that one can actually get better!
    My proudest physical feat is running 9 miles. I was “training” with my husband’s team when he ran a marathon last year, and was so proud that I accomplished 9 miles at once. Since then, I’ve slipped out of shape and am working on getting it back! I’d love to do a half marathon one day.
    Oh, I also wanted to tell you that I love your overnight oatmeal/yogurt parfaits! They keep me full til lunch, and are absolutely delish! (this morning I had vanilla yogurt with banana and pomgranate…yummmm!
    Hope you’re having a great day!

  13. Julie 12.14.2009

    Hey I was wondering about those bars you always eat. Do you buy those regularly on your grocery list and how many do you usually buy since your budget is so little? I am starting to try and buy all organic and all natural but it’s hard with only $60/month. I see that you tend to buy a lot of that too…maybe you only do b/c it’s on sale haha. Also the bare naked granola I’ve been wanting to try to, but it’s so expensive. I never see it on sale except for maybe $4, which to me is still a lot! Anyway, if you could give some info on that that would be awesome!

  14. Nicci@NiftyEats 12.14.2009

    I try to follow routines, but

  15. Nicci@NiftyEats 12.14.2009

    I like to do my own thing every now and then.

  16. AP 12.14.2009

    would love some Starbucks right now!!

  17. Meghan 12.14.2009

    Recently moved to an area that has noodles & co and you’ve convinced me that I must try it … so sign me up, please!

  18. Tay 12.14.2009

    Dayumn girl! You show that 10 mph who’s boss!

  19. That workout looks AWESOME. I just printed it and your 45 minute one! Can`t wait to try those babies out! Haha

  20. Lauren 12.14.2009

    Girl, I am totally trying this on my HITT workout this week! I thought 9mph was tough, oh my! :)

    Hope you had a fantastic Monday hun!

  21. Try as I might, I just cannot get into Greek Yogurt. Although last time I tried it I also had guacamole in my stomach so maybe that’s why?? : )

    Your photos are so gorgeous they might entice me to go back for one more try :)

  22. els 12.14.2009

    I would try it on my new treadmill, when I bought it, the sale man from introduce the HIIT training routine. As new to treadmill, I first have a try on gentle one, 10 pace is really tough for me. I like the red apple, it looks yummy.

  23. […] Typically when I go to the gym, I pedal on the elliptical or run on the treadmill for an hour, and I try to push my pace the entire time. This morning I decided to mix it up and do an interval workout on the treadmill inspired by Iowa Girl Eats. […]

  24. Jill and Matt 12.18.2009

    Tried the sprint treadmill workout. And my legs were sore today, which was surprising since I run all the time. – Guess I do need to add some sprints! A pace of 10 is a little scary, so was happy that I didn’t fall off!

    Matt didn’t like the running at top speed for only 45 or 30 seconds. He upped it and ran the sprints for a full min. liked it.

    Thanks again!

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