A Quad Burning, Gasp Inducing Morning


Have you ever had one of those weeks that’s physically a day behind where you are mentally? I’m stuck in one of those right now. Ie yesterday felt like it was Wednesday, today felt like it was Thursday, etc. Hmph! I am taking solace in the fact that Ben and are going on vacation this weekend and Christmas is right around the corner – wheee!

We have exactly 3 more gifts to get for our families, and then we’ll be completely done Christmas shopping. I think we’ll pick them up while we’re traveling this weekend. More on that later though. ;)

So – I HAVE to tell you about my workout this morning. After I wrote about the sprint interval treadmill routine on Monday, Naomi sent me another one to try. I am not kidding you – it was the most challenging treadmill routine I have EVER done! From the Oxygen Magazine website, here it is:

Minutes Speed Incline
1-3 3.5 mph 0
3-5 6.0 1
5-6 6.5 0
6-8 6.0 2
8-9 7.0 0
9-11 6.0 3
11-12 7.5 0
12-14 6.0 4
14-15 8.0 0
15-17 6.0 5
17-18 7.5 0
18-20 6.0 4
20-21 7.0 0
21-23 6.0 3
23-25 3.5 2

Yes, it’s only 25 minutes long but I promise you – it least for me – that it is the most leg burning, gasp inducing 25 minutes you will ever experience! Ok that made it sound awful, but seriously this was so challenging and kicked.my.butt. In a word – it was awesome! Try it out and let me know what you think!

In other news, you’ll be happy to see that tonight’s dinner does not involve, a.) soup b.) something made in the crock pot, or c.) both. :D It’s Roasted Broccoli Balsamic Pasta!


I drizzled olive oil, salt, pepper and garlic powder over one bag of pre-cut and washed broccoli.


Roasted in a 425 degree oven for 10 minutes, it turned out darn near perfect.



Next, I cooked up some Ronzoni Smart Taste penne rigate.


You know the kind!


After reserving about 1/4 cup of the pasta cooking water, I drained it in the sink. While it was draining, I combined some corn, red pepper flakes, salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, a splash of balsamic vinegar, drizzle of olive oil and the reserved pasta water in the hot pot.


When everything was hot and bubbly, I added the pasta back in and tossed in the broccoli. Mix and serve topped with feta. Because it makes it beta. :)


So delish you guys! Salty from the feta, spicy from the red pepper flakes and sooo much flavor from the roasted broccoli. You could use any combination of vegetables that you wanted, too. A must try! :D


Big news: due to a pact made with zee lovely HollyGlamour Shot photos will be posted tomorrow morning. Get ready for this!!!!!

Bigger news: Head over to the aforementioned Holly’s website and make the good Samaritan, Holiday spirit move to donate even a wee bit of money to help build a much needed well for some Cambodians who do not have access to clean drinking water. Have you ever given a second thought to turning on the kitchen faucet and leisurely taking a drink? These people don’t have that option, so let’s help Holly – and them – out! ‘Tis the season!!

Top Chef Reunion on tonight! I think both the brother’s are extremely talented, but Kevin was consistently excellent throughout the entire competition and I’ll just say…it would have been great if he won. ;)

Don’t forget to enter to win massive quantities of Food Should Taste Good chips! Ugh, I really want some right now actually…

Good night!


Fess up, do you have all your holiday shopping done?!

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  1. VeggieGirl 12.16.2009

    Hang in there!! Your vacation time WILL be here soon.

    Yep, been done with holiday shopping for a while now – I’m ahead of the game ;)

  2. janetha b 12.16.2009

    i LOVE oxygen’s workouts! that one looks good~i think ill go do it now. thanks :)

  3. sassy 12.16.2009

    I’m almost done. I have two more presents to buy and one more to ship. Yay! I think I did surprisingly well this year.

  4. Lauren 12.16.2009

    I just did your last treadmill HIIT workout this morning and it totally kicked my butt! I loved it! :) I just copied this one and it’s next on my list. AHHH, i hate sprinting hills. So intense! :)

  5. Rachel S 12.16.2009

    That pasta dish looks great! I’ve already had dinner but I think I could eat that right now=) I just started to buy Christmas gifts today–I spent 3 hours at the mall and only came out with gifts for 2 people–proof that I am a horrible shopper!

  6. Wendy 12.16.2009

    Gifts 100% purchased & wrapped and Christmas cards mailed. I think this is the earliest in the season I have EVER had all that done!

  7. Lindsay 12.16.2009

    I am pretty much done except for the few little things that I still want to get my parents!! Your dinner also looks really good… I had lasagna tonight for dinner and I am STUFFED!!

  8. I make pasta like that all the time. Veggies, oil, vinegar, pasta and some cheese for fun.

    I have all my shopping done but we don’t buy much. And with our jobs if we don’t buy early we don’t get it done.

  9. Ugh, don’t remind me about holiday shopping! Grumble, grumble!

    Your workout looked kick butt! You go, girl! That pasta looked pretty delectable, too. Mmm!!!

  10. Andrea 12.16.2009

    Pasta looks good, almost done shopping just did a bunch on line.

  11. Woo! Nice workout, girl! You rocked it!
    I hear you on the shopping…I basically haven’t even started yet. *Gulp*
    That pasta dish looks phenom nom nom :)

  12. Kristine 12.16.2009

    That recipe looks delicious and right up my ally!
    I might try that workout tomorrow morning! I love how you post great treadmill workouts! Thanks :)

  13. Kristine 12.16.2009

    That recipe looks delicious and right up my ally!
    I might try that workout tomorrow morning! I love how you post great treadmill workouts! Thanks :)

  14. katie 12.16.2009

    GREAT workout!! those noodles sound delish! and im gona try that workout soon

  15. Holly 12.16.2009

    i can’t even begin to tell you how excited i am for these glamour shots pictures…this is perhaps the best pact i have ever made :). mine shall be posted sunday!

    and thank you for all your support with the well! it means so much, and i truly appreciate every shoutout!


  16. […] wanted to keep it easy and not workout too vigourously.  right before leaving to the gym i saw this post of kristin’s where she mentioned a nice treadmill incline workout that she snagged from naomi who got it from […]

  17. Katie 12.17.2009

    gah the whole week has felt that way! I leave for home on Friday and that is probably why… I can’t wait!! Have fun on your vacay!

  18. Beth 12.17.2009

    This week has been a mess! I big fun holiday mess! my house is a disaster because I have been out enjoying holiday parties and activities-and no my shopping is not done yet. But I have a list and hopefully this afternoon!

  19. Melinda 12.17.2009

    That pasta dish looks so good.

  20. erin 12.17.2009

    i have all my christmas shopping done except for 1 person who i didn’t realize i was doing a gift exchange with, but that’s ok…. i’ll find something! all your treadmill workouts are insane, i’ll eventually try it one of these days. =) i’m just sticking with running between 6.0 to 7.0 for about 40 minutes most days.

  21. Jen 12.17.2009

    Yum, that pasta dish looks delicious!

  22. Kelly 12.17.2009

    IGE…I also think Kevin should have won Top Chef! I missed the reunion, but thanks to Bravo…they like to play re-runs!

  23. […] This morning, I was looking at the Oxygen website at a treadmill interval workout that I saw on Iowa Girl Eats’ blog.  I have been looking to mix up my workout routines a little bit, so am really looking forward to […]

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