Not so Glamorous Shot


Good morning! It was another early night for this one last night…I think the clock said 8:53pm when I snapped off the light. Awesome! Seriously though, I can always tell when I’ve really challenged myself in a workout when I’m ready to hit the hay by 9:00pm. ;)

Breakfast this morning is a light and portable one – a Raspberry Cheesecake Fat Free Yogurt and a Peanut Butter & Jelly Larabar.


If it’s not going to be Greek yogurt, then it’s going to be AE yogurt (a Midwest brand, made locally)


I had somehow forgotten about the Raspberry Cheesecake flavor until I spied it at the grocery store last weekend and snatched it right up! It is truly as delicious as the name implies. :)


This flavor of Larabar is one of my faves, too. It will seriously make you scratch your head and wonder how in the world a 4-ingredient bar can taste so much like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.


See? :)


I’ve got a nice, crunchy salad for lunch today!


I use the Dole pre-washed and bagged lettuce. It’s usually on sale every week at my grocery store, and the convenience cannot be beat. I always dig around to find the bag that has the latest “enjoy by” date. I try and make sure it’s at least a week after the day I’m purchasing it on for maximum freshness.


In the mix:

  • Mixed greens
  • Baby carrots
  • Corn
  • Mediterranean feta cheese


Here’s that feta cheese. It’s a blend of feta, basil, kalamata olives and sundried tomatoes.


Talk about a flava explosion!


Crunch, crunch, crunch. :)

DSC_0017 DSC_0016 DSC_0018

Oooooook…I promised you I’d do it. Ben can’t even believe I’m going through with this because, it’s pretty embarrassing. But if you can’t laugh at yourself, then…you should!

GLAMOUR SHOTS CIRCA 1993!!!! Yes, that’s IGE – age 10. Don’t mind the still-growing in front teeth, the horrendously sequined top, giant Barbie plastic earrings…


Or the mother/daughter cowgirl shot!!!!!! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!


Ugh ugh ugh – this totally makes me squirm!!!! Oh, 90’s. You were a crazy, crazy, decade! At any rate, I hope this gave you a hearty chuckle to start your Thursday!!

Do you have a Glamour Shot photo haunting you from your past? Email it to me @ Slideshow!

The fun doesn’t stop there – it’s Three Question Thursday time! Today’s questions:

1. How many places have you lived?

2. What’s the last thing you bought?

3. What’s your favorite Christmas/Holiday cookie?

My answers:

1. 4 places. Minneapolis, Japan and 2 places in Iowa.

2. A Diet Mt. Dew yesterday afternoon.

3. I have two. One is peanut butter cookie dough baked in mini cupcake tins, then when they’re fresh out of the oven you push a mini peanut butter cup down in the middle. My second is a chocolate crinkle cookie. I’m not sure if these are technically “Christmas or Holiday time cookies” – but I only make and eat them around this time of year! :D

Don’t forget to enter up to 3 times to win 1 of 2 Food Should Taste Good chip packages! You have until Friday @ 3pm central!

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  1. Ohmigosh I got a glamour shot done too!!! LOL. So funny!!

    1. 3
    2. chicken
    3. peanut butter blossoms. :)

  2. Melissa 12.17.2009

    The Glamour shots were hilarious! Nice one and brings back memories for sure.
    1. 4 places (Council Bluffs, IA, Crete, NE, Baghdad, Iraq, and Kuwait City, Kuwait)
    2. Material to make scrubs for my sis-in-law for Xmas
    3. Peanut butter balls or gingerbread men

  3. allijag 12.17.2009

    o.m.g. I LOVE you for posting your glamour shots. you are the best! toooooo funny! :)

    I’m not buying the fact that’s you – there is no way a pretty lady like yourself ever wore that much denim at once! ;)

  4. Amber 12.17.2009

    LOVE the glamour shots!! I never did them, but I had friends that did!!
    1. 7 places (5 places in Iowa, Omaha, NE, Grand Forks, ND)
    2. Starbucks latte and oatmeal this morning!
    3. Divinity, not a cookie but it is my favorite Christmas treat.

  5. Cara 12.17.2009

    GLAMOUR SHOTS! Yes! Those are awesome!

  6. Susan 12.17.2009

    1. 2 – Pittsburgh and Erie
    2. Carrots (obviously I needed a new vehicle for my PB)
    3. Snickerdoodles!

  7. anne 12.17.2009

    I’m a big fan of the sequin top!

    1. 5 (WI, 2 places in IN, Omaha, NE; and Jonesboro, AR)

    2. Magnets..random

    3. Scotish Shortbread

  8. Cara 12.17.2009

    P.S. your Chocolate Crinkle Cookies are strikingly similar to ones I made the other day!!

  9. brandi 12.17.2009

    Ah, I love them! So glam :) Especially those shoulder pads. ;)

    1. 3, if you count college. 2 if not – Home with my parents growing up and now new home with the husband :)

    2. New shampoo + haircut!

    3. snickerdoodles

  10. Eve 12.17.2009

    Ha – love the photos!! I’m with you on the PB&J larabars – so good!
    1) 3: White Plains, NY; St Louis, MO; NYC
    2) medicine at CVS
    3) is it weird if I don’t have one?! I would probably have to say my mom’s mint meringues – healthy & delicious.

  11. Love the glamour shots! I had some done too but have NO idea where they are. It would probably take my mom two years to find them!

    1- Philly, Indiana, PA, Australia, Boston, Durham
    2- Hand soap
    3 – Snickerdoodles!

  12. Amber 12.17.2009

    That is great! I love the mother/daughter shot. I think I am the only one in our generation that did not have glamour shots done! I love looking at everyone elses though! :)

    1. Spokane, WA; Des Moines, IA; Ames, IA; Kansas City, MO and KS; Myrtle Beach, SC
    2. A few more last minute tree decorations at Walmart last night (I just now put up my Christmas tree! lol!)
    3. Hmm… that’s tough… I love those really soft sugar cookies with frosting. Mmmm…

  13. Lovin the Glamour Shots!

    1) I’ve lived in… Kansas, Indiana, 2 cities in Wisconsin, and 4 different cities in South Carolina. I’ve moved A LOT.

    2) Christmas cards

    3) My mom’s sugar cookies with frosting :-)

  14. Julie S. 12.17.2009

    1. 3 places all in IA
    2. a digital pic frame for my mom for Xmas
    3. I love the peanut butter w/ kisses cookies, too. Also the old-fashioned decorated sugar cookie.

    LOL at the mother/daughter Glamour Shot. Those were great! I never had them done either. Really don’t know how I missed that.

  15. dana828 12.17.2009

    LOVE the Glamour Shots! I am SO glad i don’t have any in my past…my school pics are bad enough!

    1. 4 states; Fargo, ND, KC area (both MO & KS sides), 2 places in IA
    2. Zhu Zhu pets for my daughter (my lucky day @ Target!)
    3. Russian Teacakes!

  16. Maura 12.17.2009

    1. I’ve lived two places. Born, raised, and still living in Boston, MA. (I went to college in Durham, NH –does that count?)
    2. Hmmm, last thing I bought was Starbucks — grande soy carmel macchiato. So addicting.
    3. Peppermint Stick Brownies for sure!

  17. Beth 12.17.2009

    I am so embarrassed by my glamour shots photos.

    1. I have lived in a total of 9 places. 2 different places in CO, 2 different places in MD, 4 places in PA and 1 place in CA.
    2. I plan on baking this weekend so I hit a local place called Ann’s House of Nuts to buy bulk nuts.
    3. I’m not really a cookie person but usually anything with PB and chocolate.

  18. I was never allowed to do glamour shots… but i do have a fairly horrendous 8th grade picture, complete with velvet choker and floral bodysuit…oh the 90s were AWESOME!
    1. How many places have you lived? 5 cities, all in IL, but if you count different actual houses/apartments, 10

    2. What’s the last thing you bought? HUGE Dunkin Donuts coffee this a.m.

    3. What’s your favorite Christmas/Holiday cookie? Hmm… any and all really, but i love the peanut butter kiss ones

  19. VeggieGirl 12.17.2009

    Cute photos :-D

    1.) Two homes, same city. I’ve been in my current home for 19 years.

    2.) Groceries at Whole Foods.

    3.) Gingerbread men.

  20. Amanda 12.17.2009

    1. 2. Queens, NYC and Upstate, NY

    2. Subway last night

    3. The PB cup cookies you mentioned – I just made a batch the other day!! Soooooooooooooooooo good! And traditional sugar cookies, I love em!

  21. Holly 12.17.2009

    MADE. MY. DAY. this is amazing…i am pretty sure all of my friends had their glamour shots done. i am just sad my mom didn’t participate. this is awesome – and i agree, if you can’t laugh at yourself, life is going to be REALLY LONG! i shall post mine sunday :)

    (1) st. paul, mn; miami, fl; dallas, tx; st. louis, mo; london, england; bangkok, thailand; wausau, wi: madison, wi; eagan, mn. whew…that is more than i thought!

    (2) coffee this morning :)

    (3) the same cookies but with the hershey kiss. i die i love those so much!

  22. Mikael 12.17.2009

    Why are you squirming? You look darling! Very cute kid indeed.
    1. 3: Utah, So Cal for a year if that, and two wonderful months in England (and yes, that counts in my book!)
    2. Jimmy Buffet CD for my dad and a car ipod adapter for my mom as part of their Christmas presents last night =)
    3. My grandma’s sugar cookies are a sensation. I’ve yet to meet someone who doesn’t like them. She has cute christmas cookie cutters so they are very festive.

  23. Those photos are classic! Love them!

    Have a great day!

  24. Katie 12.17.2009

    haha great pictures- shoulder pads, sequins, teased hair!
    1. I’ve lived 4 places: Corning, NY; Rochester, NY; Lewisburg, PA; and Fort Collins, CO
    2. Last thing I bought was cookie cutters and sprinkles to make cookies last night!
    3. My favorite holiday cookie are these anise fingers my mom makes or buckeyes my step-grandma makes

  25. Sarah 12.17.2009

    1. California, Nevada, Oregon, Illinois, and 3 places in Colorado
    2. A tall non-fat with whip caramel brulee latte at Starbucks
    3. Definitely sugar cookies made with sour cream in the recipe so they stay extra soft & moist!

  26. Bridget 12.17.2009

    OH MY GOSH! I was in college during the Glamour Shot phase and I’m so glad I didn’t do it. Sorry, but it’s just too much! Your future children will LOVE to see those! :)

    1. grew up in Chicago, then onto Davenport IA, Japan, NE, KS, and now IA.
    2. new jeans for my youngest child.
    3. peanut butter cookie with a chocolate kiss on top.

  27. Jessica 12.17.2009

    1. California, 2 cities in Utah, and Nashville, Tennessee!
    2. Hot chocolate from Panera
    3. I love those mexican wedding cookies!

  28. Heather 12.17.2009

    I never had glamour shots done – those are amazing!

    1. Georgia, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts
    2. I bought a hot tea with my meal plan…
    3. I love my Grandmother’s Sour Cream Cookies – plus anything chocolate!

  29. Morgan 12.17.2009

    I have Glamour Shots floating around somewhere. I thought they were so cool when I did it!

    1) NJ, several apts. in the Boston area, 6 months in Melbourne, Australia and now northwestern PA
    2) powdered sugar and whole wheat flour
    3) sugar cookies!

  30. Holly 12.17.2009

    oh my GOSH….these are fabulous!!! You look adorable compared to me in the 90’s. I swear – let’s just say I had the Ugly Duckling phase goin’ strong – for a few years or so. ;-)

    1. How many places have you lived?
    Just two – such a homebody, this girl! Indianapolis all my life, and Bloomington (Indiana) while in college.

    2. What’s the last thing you bought?
    A big ole’ Diet Coke from McDonald’s. So bad, but soooo so good.

    3. What’s your favorite Christmas/Holiday cookie?
    Tough question! I LOVE the peanut butter cookies you mentioned, too. I would say if I could only have one holiday cookie, it would be sugar cookies with tons – tons – of creamy icing!

  31. jen 12.17.2009

    Oh Glamour Shots! I never got to have them done myself, but I always wanted to!

    1. I’ve lived in the KC area my whole life. 5 different houses.
    2. The last thing I bought was a soccer ball for my sister for christmas.
    3. My favorite holiday cookie would have to be chocolate cherry cookies!

  32. Jess 12.17.2009

    I moved a lot as a youngster and my sister and I conveniently lost all the photos of us between the ages of 6 and 14. Darn.

    1. How many places have you lived? I’ve only ever lived in Pennsylvania, but I’ve moved at least 12 times here.

    2. What’s the last thing you bought? I’ll spare you my whole grocery list.

    3. What’s your favorite Christmas/Holiday cookie? gah. um. um. depends on my mood – SOFT gingerbread. Snickerdoodles. Brown sugar shortbread. Peanut butter. . . though truth be told with the exception of the GB I make those year round! They’re my fave cookies in general. I also adore a good chocolate chip cookie but I hate making them because I have this thing about the chunks in the dough making it weird to mix!

  33. Sarah Jayne 12.17.2009

    BAHAHAHAHAHA!! I LOOOOVE the mother daughter shot! Gahh I was sooo sad as a kid that my mom wouldn’t take me to get glamour shots at the mall, but now, I am VERY thankful she didn’t :) :)

    1. 4. kinda. With my parents, Marquette MI for college, Mt Pleasant MI for college pt 2, and now with my boyfriend, which is about 10 minutes from my parents. Haha!
    2. Technically gas for my car but thats boring so hmm lets see….a bottle of wine for my secret santa!
    3. Peanut Butter Cup Blossoms! YUMMMMMMM

  34. emily 12.17.2009

    1. Four -St. Thomas, Miami, NYC, Buffalo
    2. Candy for someone’s stocking.
    3. 7 Layer Bars.

  35. Debbie 12.17.2009

    1. I have lived in Nashville, TN; St. Louis, MO; Chicago, IL; Atlanta, GA; Westport, CT; Oahu, HI.
    2. The last thing I bought was a chicken plate at a local Greek restaurant.
    3. My favorite Christmas cookies are Almond Crescents which are butter cookies that are rolled in tons of powdered sugar. They melt in your mouth!

  36. Sara 12.17.2009

    Oooh, Glamour Shots! I never had them done when I was a kid, but I’ll admit…I wanted to. I person who came up with that idea, needs to be shot. :)
    1. I’ve lived in 3 places: California, Scottsdale, AZ and Prescott, AZ.
    2. Last thing I bought was groceries on Sunday.
    3. My favorite Christmas cookies are decorated sugar or gingerbread one. Yum!

  37. haha I have some scary glamour shots from the early 90’s too!! Horrifying.

    1. I’ve lived in California my entire life!
    2. The last thing I bought was a cookie ice cream sandwich last night. YUM.
    3. I love snickerdoodles.

  38. I always wanted to do those but now I’m glad I didn’t.

    1. How many places have you lived? Too many to count. Several different places in Europe (Germany and Spain), Louisiana, DC, PA, MD, MA, NY, etc.

    2. What’s the last thing you bought? I bought a blender last night to replace the one Hunni broke so I could make more green monsters.

    3. What’s your favorite Christmas/Holiday cookie? I love my family welsh cookies. They are tradition and the only ones I really eat.

  39. Deirdre 12.17.2009

    Just found your blog a few days ago and I love it!
    Great glamour shots!

    1. I have technically lived two places:
    Cleveland, Ohio and NYC.
    2. Last thing I bought was a skim misto with two pumps of mocha from Starbucks. Having a Starbucks in my office building is DANGEROUS.
    3. I love sugar cookies in Xmas shapes like trees and stars.

  40. Alissa 12.17.2009

    Love the glamour shots photos! I always wanted to have those taken as a kid. :)
    1) I have lived in 4 places. Nebraska, Wisconsin, Illinois and now Iowa.
    2) The last things I bought were milk and bananas.
    3) My favorite chistmas cookie is the sugar cutout with frosting! Yum!

  41. Grace 12.17.2009

    My mom never would have done the mother daughter glamor shot, but she did take me to Sears when I was 5 and dressed me up in a sailor dress. There were also the matching outfit pictures with my sister…

    1. Iowa City, Boulder CO and Denver
    2. An REI gift card for my dad
    3. It’s not really a holiday treat, but I love when my mom makes scotcheroos. They’re rice krispy treats made with peanut butter and the butterscotch/chocolate spread on top. So rich and delicious!

  42. Tay 12.17.2009

    LOL those pictures are hilarious!!!

    1. If we’re counting towns/cities then 4 places. Apartment as a baby, then a city right next door, then I moved to Danville when I was 5, and then lived there until I moved to school. Technically still live in Danville at times! But have stated in CA my whole life.

    2. Last thing bought…does a soda count at the gas station? Other than that, the real substance type thing would probably be my tights and leggings I bought the other day!

    3. Snickerdoodles!!

  43. Wendy 12.17.2009

    Your 10-yr-old self is so cute, sequins & barbie earrings & all!! You think the 90s were bad? I grew up in the 80s!! Fortunately, I never had glamour shots done. :)

    1. If internships count, I’ve lived 5 places – 2 towns in Missouri, Florida, Iowa :), and Georgia.
    2. A Christmas dress for my daughter.
    3. I love chocolate crinkle cookies, too! I also loooooove gooey butter cookies. Do you have gooey butter cake/chess cake in Iowa? It’s like that, only in cookie form, and sooooo good!!

  44. Pamela 12.17.2009

    Gotta love the Glamour Shots! I never did that, but remember envying the girls who did. : )

    1. Five: Michigan, Virginia, Illinois, Prague (CZ), and Iowa. After I moved out of the house, my parents moved to Pennsylvania and then Florida, where I’ve spent several holidays. So add two by extension!
    2. OPI nail polish at Ulta, which I almost immediately decided I’ll have to return – didn’t need it in the first place, and I’m trying to stick to a need/want approach to spending!
    3. My grandmother’s crushed pineapple cookies with nutmeg – they’re amazing!

  45. Kate 12.17.2009

    i have a glamor shot too! i have to dig around and find it. love it!

    1. 8, i think.

    2. a decaf soy cappuccino at caribou

    3. english toffee! (not technically a cookie but still seasonal and delicious.

  46. Becca 12.17.2009

    No Glamour Shot for me, I always wanted to get one taken, but my mom would never let me. Looking back, maybe that was a good thing…

    1. 7 ( 2 in IA, 3 in FL and now in TN)
    2. A perscription at Walgreens
    3. Peanut Butter Blossoms

  47. Erin 12.17.2009

    1. I have lived in Iowa my whole life, in 6 different cities.
    2. The last thing I bought was gas Tuesday night.
    3. My favorite Christmas cookie, which my daddy brought me last night, is my mom’s spice cookies. Molasses-y chewy goodness.

  48. Brynne 12.17.2009

    1. Two – home and college
    2. My way out of the parking garage …
    3. Gingerbread!

  49. Anne 12.17.2009

    That salad looks delicious! And I looove the glamour shots, haha ;)

    1. I’ve lived in 2 states–Michigan and Arizona. I’ve lived in 2 houses in Michigan, and 3 different places in Arizona :)

    2. A grande Starbucks coffee last night at the airport

    3. Snickerdoodles! Or soft and chewy gingerbread cookies. Yum!

  50. janetha b 12.17.2009

    oh my gosh, those glamor shots win at life!!!

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