Fell Off the Bandwagon


I’m officially on Christmas vacation!

The next 9 days will be filled with fun, food, family and not working! ;) I’ve been out of college for awhile now, but you never really get over not having that long winter break. It’s a good one! :D

Today’s lunch is actually yesterday’s lunch! I ended up going out for some sweet, sweet Mexican food yesterday with my co-workers, so I had my salad all ready to go today.


Mixed Greens, Carrots, Mediterannean Feta and Corn.


That corn is so sweet and complimentary to the salty feta. Yum!


After lunch I fell off the bandwagon


One of my co-workers brought us Crunchy Buckeyes today…hello!! Irrisistable.


Peanut butter + chocolate + crunchies. They were literally perfect. :)


My afternoon magic trick involves this pile of laundry…


Magically folding and arranging itself neatly in my bag. I’ll let you know how that works out!



Oh ps –  thank you for all the Denver suggestions!! I am loving them, so keep ’em coming!


Do you prefer sleeping in on vacation, or getting up early to do as much as possible?

Unfortunately, Ben “Mr. I prefer to spend my vacations sleeping in,” married me “Mrs. Lets-get-up-at-5am-everyday-because-holy-cow-there’s-so-much-to-see-and-do-and-taste-and-explore!” I don’t want to waste a single minute sleeping in when I’m on vacation when there’s so much to DO! :D

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  1. Crunchy buckeyes!! OMG!

  2. Lizzy 12.18.2009

    i love buckeyes!!!!! :)

  3. Kristine 12.18.2009

    I looove buckeyes!!! I’m surprised you do since you hate ohio state! Haha, just kidding!

  4. Abby 12.18.2009

    Hi Kristin,
    I’m a native Iowan, living in Denver. I’m guessing after this morning’s blog that you’re heading here for your vacation! Some of my favorite places include: Sushi Hai (in the Highlands area of town), Cherry Cricket (good burgers), the Irish Snug (on Colfax, near downtown) for good bar fare, and Marlowe’s downtown. I really enjoy reading your blog, and have tried several of your recipes! Have fun in Denver, it’s great!


  5. mac 12.18.2009

    Growing up in Ohio for my first 21 years, I thought Buckeyes and pitzels were the ONLY Christmas cookies everyone ate!!!!

  6. Valerie 12.18.2009

    I hear ya. I don’t know how many times my I’ve told my boyfriend, “We’re on vacation, and you want to sleep!” Drives me crazy!

    We went to Denver last year, and didn’t do anything super exciting. We were really in Conifer and were lost most of the time :)

  7. Dawn Hutchins 12.18.2009

    I agree…cruncy buckeyes would make me fall off the bandwagon too. My problem is I do all this working out, it makes me hungry and I just want to eat more! How do you stay on track with all that running? Doesn’t it make you hungry?

  8. AP 12.18.2009

    The Fillmore is a good spot, but it’s mostly jam bands. No idea what kind of music you’re into :)

  9. Amy 12.18.2009

    Snooze in denver is the most delicious breakfast place ever! Best french toast i have had! Enjoy the mountains!

  10. If the worst you’ve done is eat that package of buckeyes, I think you’re ok ;-).

    On vacation, I’m in between. I want to get my rest, but once I wake up, I want to go, go, go!

  11. Wendy 12.18.2009

    Stay home vacation = sleep in!
    Traveling vacation = up & at ’em!

    Drooling over the buckeyes…mmmmm…

  12. jen 12.18.2009

    Oh yum! I make those too. They’re on my list for this weekend! But, they are incredibly dangerous!

    I’m a sleeping in kind of girl. Love me some sleep!

    Can’t wait for my break to start next Wed. Have a great trip and a Merry Christmas!

  13. a 12.18.2009

    oooh i’ve never seen crunchy buck eyes before. Actually truth be told, I had never even heard of them called buckeyes before last year.
    I call them chocolate peanut butter balls or chocolate “chestnuts” lol

  14. Niki 12.18.2009

    Haha me and my fiance are the exact same way! He would rather sleep in and I would rather get up at the crack of dawn and go, go go!! Those Buckeyes look delish! I hope you have a great vacay!

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