Goodbye, Dolly + FSTG Giveaway Winners!


Sad news on the nostalgic doll front. I’ve just learned that Kirsten, my favorite American Girl doll, has been “retired”. :(

I think the sub-head on this article pretty much says it all:

“Parents and young adults left upset, while kids move on to newer dolls.”

It’s so true – I’m genuinely sad for Kirsten! She was always my top AG because her name was so similar to mine and she was a pioneer girl (hello, IowaLiving History Farms!)

Sadder still, after reading the article I now know that Samantha was retired last year! How could they discontinue Samantha? I feel as though she was the rock of the American Girl clan. I actually never owned an American Girl doll (too expensive) but read the books cover to cover, many, many times. What is this world coming to?!

Aaanyways. :) I may have gone a little overboard on the packing front. My bag went from this:


To this:




I just pulled the main flap over and pretended that it was all closed up. ;) She’s now sitting patiently amongst my work out bag (there’s a gym where we’re staying!) and toiletries bag. All we need now is Ben. Doot-da-doo…come on Ben! I’m ready to get this party started!


Next stop, Denver. :)

DSC_0019 DSC_0022 (2)

Oh! How could I forget? It’s time to announce the Food Should Taste Good chip giveaway winners!

Package 1: A “Holiday” themed pack of Food Should Taste Good chips:

Missy Maintains: The sweet potato please!!

Package 2: 24-mixed case of 1.5 oz Food Should Taste Good chips

Lauren: These are by far my favorite of all chips. I LOVE the sweet potato and buffalo, but I am dying to try the Cinnamon. I have yet to see this flavor in my store. I am crossing my fingers and toes because I want to win this one soo bad!

Congrats ladies! Email me at with your mailing adress, and we’ll get these right to you!

Alllrighty! It’s time to hit the highway. Denver or Bust!


What were your favorite toys growing up?

I really liked care bears and, of course, Barbie!

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  1. I had Felicity!

    American Girl dolls are so different now. But really the changes started a long time ago when Mattel took over. A lot of the clothing has changed, and I don’t like it. :-(

  2. Sara 12.18.2009

    Hands down…my favorite toy was Barbie! My dad used to work for Mattel toys and the employees used to get new dolls/toys for their kids to play with. I had a ton of Barbies! :)

  3. Melanie 12.18.2009

    No! Not Kirsten! That’s my doll! I loved to dress up just like her when I was growing up to play “pioneers” with my best friend! Oh, that is so sad. Now I feel old! I agree with the other poster that the American Girl company started to go downhill when Mattel took over – they’re getting away from the historical basis, which is a shame. (I’m a history major, so things like this bug me.) Well, bummer! Hopefully I get over this shock within the next couple of hours so I am able to fully celebrate the end of finals. :)

    Have a fabulous trip to Denver!

  4. Molly 12.18.2009

    ah sad day! I used to love American Girl! Of course my fav was Molly :) My brothers girlfriend actually works as a server at the AG store in Mall of America. She says that places rakes in SO much money every day. and I believe it! That stuff is expensive! (little did I know, when I was begging my parents for EVERY accesssorie when I was little!)

    Have a blast in Denver! Ill be there in a little more than a week! Drive safe too :)

  5. Kelsey 12.18.2009

    I was ABOUT to give away my Samantha doll last year when I heard that they retired her, and suddenly she was so much more precious to me! She has always been my favorite!

  6. Lizzy 12.18.2009

    Be safe girl!!!!! :) xoxox

  7. Stephanie 12.18.2009

    I loved Samantha! I saved up for weeks to buy that doll when I was little! I had all her clothes and my Grandpa made me my very own bedroom set for her… ahhh such fond memories, I can’t believe I’m old enough were one of my fave childhood dolls has been discontinued! Have a great trip girl :)

  8. Kara 12.18.2009

    They retired Samantha and Kirsten?!? I’m outraged! And now I feel old. I was just talking the other night about how I saved up half the cost for my Samantha doll and my parents paid the rest. When they told me they’d buy her if I paid for half, they never dreamed that I would manage to actually save. Ha! I was determined that I would have my dream doll and now American Girl has retired them. I’m sad.

  9. Erin 12.18.2009

    I have Kirsten and Felicity and a create your own (I know, spoiled child, here), but Kirsten has always been my favorite because she was my first. I was so sad when they retired her! I’m glad I’m not the only 20-something who still remembers and loves American Girl Dolls. lol.

  10. Wendy 12.18.2009

    I must be the oldest one here, lol…American Girl came when my childhood was just a memory! I grew up in the 80s…my mom still has all my Care Bears, My Little Ponies, Smurfs & Breyer horses. I was also found of my Cabbage Patch Kid, who coincidentally came with the same name as me.

  11. I still have all my barbies and cabbage patch kid dolls tucked away. I can’t seem to get rid of them, I feel like I should hand them down to another little girl who will enjoy them. I also remember loving JEM when I was little.

  12. Evan Thomas 12.18.2009

    I loved anything digimon/pokemon/yu gi oh.
    And yay I can read this blog again without a giant error page!

  13. Tay 12.18.2009

    I was seriously beyond upset when they retired Samantha. And then they went and retired my 2nd favorite Kirsten!! Seriously??

  14. Kristine 12.18.2009

    Have a safe trip!! I’m also so sad they are retiring American Girl dolls. Congrats Missy on winning!!!

  15. Congrats to the winners! Safe travels!

    I loved American girls, too!

  16. Tyler 12.19.2009

    Whaaat?!! American girl dolls were so fun! How can they discontinue the classic ones! Boo!

  17. Melinda 12.19.2009

    That is sad. My sister had Kristen and I had Samantha. I wonder where ours ever went to. Oh well. Have a safe trip and enjoy Denver. Congrats to the winners.

  18. Brittany 12.19.2009

    I hope you have a safe trip to Denver!

    I never had an American Girl doll, but I loved Barbies, Cabbage Patch Kids, Care Bears, Easy Bake and Lite-Brite.

  19. intheskinny 12.19.2009

    I love the AG dolls and books! I have one of the dolls – I can’t remember which. I guess I should dig around in the closet and see. A student in my class has 5 AG dolls!!

  20. Penny 12.19.2009

    You are far too cute. :-)
    And I adore your giant pink bag.

    I can’t relate to the AG dolls. I was a Cabbage Patch kinda girl. Still am. I have some in my bedroom right now. I’m 27. That’s ok, right? :-)

  21. I read those books over and over and gobbled up the new books each time they came out. I love the Addy doll.

    My favorite toy was my homemade cabbage patch doll. We couldn’t afford the real one so my aunt made me one. :-)

  22. Whit 12.20.2009

    I had Kirsten! She was my favorite due to the candles she wore on her head. RIP Kirsten.

    I just ordered my baby sister the Elizabeth [Felicity’s friend] doll for Christmas. So the American girl love continues.

  23. Mary Ann 12.20.2009

    What?? I loved the American Girl books, but I was only into the first 3. I couldn’t accept any of the newer ones they came out with! :) But I loved my cabbage patch dolls and Lil’ Miss Make-up!

  24. Mary Ann 12.20.2009

    Oops, I think that sounded weird, I only liked the first 3 girls because they were the original ones when I first started reading. Apparently as a child I didn’t like change!

  25. Lindsay 12.20.2009

    I cannot believe that they are discontinuing the dolls, they were my favorite toys when I was growing up!! I had and still have 8 dolls, I know I was spoiled, but I will NEVER give them away!! I will keep them forever!!

  26. Caroline 12.20.2009

    I can’t believe they discontinued Samantha and Kirsten!! It’s crazy how much American Girl has changed since I was a kid (which wasn’t THAT long ago!), they now have a giant American Girl store in my local mall!

  27. Bridget 12.20.2009

    Have fun in CO! I missed the AG craze growing up—I’m a child of the late 70’s and early 80’s so it was Rainbow Brite, Cabbage Patch Dolls, and Smurfs for me. A little Dukes of Hazzard stuff thrown in but that’s it. My friend had a Dukes of Hazzard lunchbox growing up and I was so jealous! Now my 8 yr old daughter has an AG doll and all the accessories. It’s fun!

  28. jen 12.20.2009

    I had Samantha. I had no idea she’s retired! That’s so sad! My best friend had Kirsten….I’ll have to break the news to her.

    Hope you’re having a great vacay!

  29. Melissa 12.21.2009

    Oh how sad about the American Girl dolls being retired. Those were the originals they should always keep them. I loved the history they taught me (and loads of others I am sure) as a child. I had Samantha and Kristen. Sadly American Girls were just becomming popular as I was outgrowing that phase. But I saved them for any future kids on the family.

  30. Kate 12.21.2009

    oh man – between my sister and i we had all but one american girl…i will say kirsten and samantha were my favorite though!!! can’t believe they’re both cancelled!

  31. jeri 12.21.2009

    oh my goodness! Samantha was my favorite. :( and Kirstin was my 2nd favorite. So sad. I hope you have a great time in Denver!!

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