Sad news on the nostalgic doll front. I’ve just learned that Kirsten, my favorite American Girl doll, has been “retired”. :(

I think the sub-head on this article pretty much says it all:

“Parents and young adults left upset, while kids move on to newer dolls.”

It’s so true – I’m genuinely sad for Kirsten! She was always my top AG because her name was so similar to mine and she was a pioneer girl (hello, IowaLiving History Farms!)


Sadder still, after reading the article I now know that Samantha was retired last year! How could they discontinue Samantha? I feel as though she was the rock of the American Girl clan. I actually never owned an American Girl doll (too expensive) but read the books cover to cover, many, many times. What is this world coming to?!

Aaanyways. :) I may have gone a little overboard on the packing front. My bag went from this:


To this:




I just pulled the main flap over and pretended that it was all closed up. ;) She’s now sitting patiently amongst my work out bag (there’s a gym where we’re staying!) and toiletries bag. All we need now is Ben. Doot-da-doo…come on Ben! I’m ready to get this party started!


Next stop, Denver. :)

DSC_0019 DSC_0022 (2)

Oh! How could I forget? It’s time to announce the Food Should Taste Good chip giveaway winners!

Package 1: A “Holiday” themed pack of Food Should Taste Good chips:

Missy Maintains: The sweet potato please!!

Package 2: 24-mixed case of 1.5 oz Food Should Taste Good chips

Lauren: These are by far my favorite of all chips. I LOVE the sweet potato and buffalo, but I am dying to try the Cinnamon. I have yet to see this flavor in my store. I am crossing my fingers and toes because I want to win this one soo bad!

Congrats ladies! Email me at with your mailing adress, and we’ll get these right to you!

Alllrighty! It’s time to hit the highway. Denver or Bust!


What were your favorite toys growing up?

I really liked care bears and, of course, Barbie!