The Flying Mango!


Hi guys!

Glad you liked the recap of my favorite recipes of 2009! Add today’s lunch to the list – Egg & Cheese Tortillas – yuuuUUM!


I got home around 12 and was absolutely sTARving thanks to a great sweat sesh at the gym. I figured the place would be deserted since so many people had the day off from work (my gym is at work) but the place was bumpin’! I completed a fabulous circuit amongst the crowds:

  • 10 minutes treadmill @ 6.5
  • 10 minutes elliptical @ level 5
  • 10 minutes stairmaster @ level 5
  • 10 minutes treadmill @ 7.0

It felt SO good to sweat, which I did a lot of on that dang stairmaster. It’s a shame I feel like I get the best workout on the piece of equipment I hate the most. I can’t even put into words why I loathe it so, I just do! Thankfully the latest issue of Fitness Magazine made the 10 minutes I spent on  board, a wee bit more bearable.


I’d rather climb these! :)


Like I said, I was famished when I got home! I had the makings of a meager salad in the fridge – some mixed greens and carrots – but there were several ingredients that caught my eye instead. Corn tortillas, eggs & cheese.

I cracked one whole egg + three egg whites in a bowl,


and whisked them up with some S&P, and hot sauce. Hawt!


While I was whisking I heated two corn tortillas in a skillet until they were soft.


Scramble eggs, place onto tortillas and sprinkle with cheese.


Microwave for 30 seconds, or until cheese is melted, splash with a little more hot sauce, and you’re golden!


I just love corn tortillas – the taste is far superior to flour tortillas in my opinion.


A dash of Louisiana hot sauce kicks it up a notch,


and folding everything up to eat like a taco takes it over the top! Talk about a protein packed, perfect, after-workout lunch. :)


Like I mentioned earlier, tonight were heading out to dinner – to the Flying Mango!


The Flying Mango is a BBQ/Caribbean restaurant in town that Ben and I have been dying to get to for AGES. Their New Year’s eve menu looks spectacular…so spectacular, that I have no idea what to get! 8O

Full re-cap of dinner and our NYE evening coming tomorrow – in the meantime, have a tasty, safe and FUN night everyone!! Viva 2010!!

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