Sugar Coma


AH – I just woke up! My lunch totally knocked me out – it was a sugar FEST!

Ben and I hopped over to my parent’s house to eat around 12, (don’t worry, he proclaimed he was sick not full, so he was well enough to go to lunch ;) ) and had the BEST meal! On the menu: Italian Sausage Sandwiches and Snickers Salad!


Now, my Italian Aunt makes the most incredible sausage sandwiches from a recipe that has been in her family for years. It pairs smoky, spicy Italian sausages with homemade tomato sauce. The kind of sauce that, according to my Aunt, every good Italian mother always has a stock of in the fridge!


The only problem is that my Aunt – and her sandwiches – are in OHIO, meaning we only get to enjoy them whenever we’re visiting!

Well, the last time my family and I went to Ohio my Mom got the recipe so she could try and recreate the sandwiches at home. Now, this sandwich and sauce recipe is not a “recipe” recipe – meaning, it’s “written” in my Aunt’s head – not on paper! Nevertheless, she tried the best she could to jot it down, wished my Mom luck, and we were on our way! :)


Well, the luck worked – these sandwiches tasted JUST like my Aunts! Spicy marinara sauce, bold & zesty sausage, gooey cheese and crusty rolls – amazing! I’m so glad this recipe worked, because now we can have the sandwiches whenever we want – boo yah! Thanks Aunt Mary!


To go with our spicy sandwiches we had a cool and creamy Snickers Salad.


Crispy apples, sweet pineapple, mini marshmallows & chunky Snickers, covered in fluffy Cool Whip!


The sugar fest continued with some break-and-bake Snickerdoodles that apparently didn’t want to spread…  


So strange!


And Angel Food Cake & Strawberry Parfaits! 


Can you say summer in January? This was layers of fresh strawberries, chunks of angel food cake, and Cool Whip.

IMG_6545 IMG_6548

SO refreshing! My Mom usually makes this dessert every weekend in the summer, so it was truly a sight for sore eyes since it’s been so bitterly cold lately. Who knew strawberries could still be so sweet in the dead of winter?! :D


Unfortunatly, the trifecta of Snickers Salad, a snickerdoodle and angel food cake was…mmm…a bit excessive, shall we say, and lead to a serious sugar coma and sugar crash nap! 8O The prescription: more veggies and less sugar tomorrow! :D

This Grandma is going to go watch the Grammy’s in bed – I hope Britney makes an appearance!!!

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