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Hot dang – we got some snow up in here!

Those pesky flakes started falling around 1:00 yesterday afternoon and didn’t stop until well after I went to bed last night! I woke up at 5am this morning to my neighbor’s snow blower. Errreeerrrrrrrrr. How’s that for an alarm clock?! ;)

Thankfully, the snow didn’t stop my Mom and I from having a great ladies night last night. :) We stopped at Bare Essentials, where I picked up some matte foundation, per you guys’ recommendation, with a gift card from my brother for Christmas (thanks bro!) My Mom also got her makeup done and looked faaabulous – porcelain skin, I’m telling you! Then we went to Sephora where I picked up some HD Makeup Forever liquid foundation, also per your recommendation. I used it this morning, and I LOVE IT! So light and NOT SHINY! Now I just need to put matte Bare Minerals against HD Makeup Forever and see who wins. Probably more than you wanted to know about me and my makeup battles, so I’ll move on!

To dinner! After the makeup bonanza, we headed to the always reliable, always tasty Gateway Market to pick up some Vegetarian Pad Thai.


IMG_6264  IMG_6265

We sat in the dining area which has a great view of the market and the wine counter.


As always, the Veggie Pad Thai did not disappoint!


Chewy rice noodles, salty & savory sauce, with just a hint of cilantro.


I seriously never get anything else at Gateway because this is so good!


I woke up parched this morning (thanks pad thai) so after slamming a couple glasses of water, I had a deeelightful breakfast of Banana Almond Butter Oatmeal.


In the microwave, no less! Combine:

  • 1/2 cup old fashioned oats
  • 1 cup water
  • 1/2 banana

Microwave for 2 minutes, stir in cinnamon and sweetener of your choice, and serve topped with the other half of your banana and a generous gloop of almond butter!


Holy Heavens, this was SO GREAT! I haven’t had hot oatmeal in ages, and thought this snowy morning would be the perfect time to whip some up. I do love my stove-top method of cooking oatmeal, but 2 minutes in the microwave is awfully convenient!


The sweetener I used in my oatmeal was Sun Crystals. It’s made from sugar and stevia. Stevia is naturally sweeter than sugar, so you can use less. I used about 1tsp, and it was plenty sweet. I’ll give you guys a full review later. :)


Lunch today is a big ol’ Vegetable Salad. I made this last night after eating about 3 of the approx 4 servingss that made up my pad thai 8O hence all the clean, light veggies!


In the mix:

  • Mixed greens
  • Carrots
  • Vine-ripened tomatoes
  • Almonds


And a Pink Lady apple. These apples are so unique. Some apples, like Braeburns, are very light and crisp. These are very dense and crisp. You should pick one up to see what I mean. Super good!


Alright folks, I’m off to the dentist this moring. I’m going on 26 years of no cavaties, so I hope I can continue my streak!

Have a wonderful day. :)


What’s your “can’t live without” makeup item?

Mine’s concealer and chapstick!

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  1. Coco 01.07.2010

    mmmmm!!!!!! That bowl of oats is screaming deliciousness. I’ve been on vacation and haven’t had oats in so long. I can’t wait to get home and whip up a bowl similar to yours. Good job my friend!
    My must haves for makeup. Concealer, blush, and some berry lipstain.

  2. I am a make-up freak, I LOVE it. I could live in Sephora, but my favorite is Mac. I never leave the house without mascara!

  3. Emily 01.07.2010

    Mascara is by far the most essential part of my makeup. But I do love my Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer – it’s the only part of my makeup bag that’s “expensive.”

  4. My “can’t live without” item is concealer! And then mascara. I’ve seen those Sun Crystals in stores- looking forward to the review :)

  5. Ally 01.07.2010

    Probably mascara….if I go out of the house without it, it looks like I have no eyelashes!!!

  6. I love microwave oatmeal…especially with bananas. Mmmm :). And I definitely need concealer also…and blush. That’s my other Number 1. It makes SUCH a difference in how you look!

  7. Yasmin 01.07.2010

    I’m really looking forward to finding out more about stevia. I’ve been hearing alot around the blog world and media and curious to try it out. I’ve given up artificial sweeteners like Splenda, Equal, etc. and wondering if this would be considered another artificial sweetener or if its safe to use.
    Favorite make-up item right now is tinted SPF moisturizer from Bobbi Brown and Burt’s Bee chaptstick!

  8. Niki 01.07.2010

    Looking forward to hearing what you think about the Bare Minerals Matte make-up! I am in the market for some new face make-up and would love to hear your opinion on it!! I have had the same face make-up for literally like 2-3 years, so it’s definitely time for a change!!

    Love Pink Lady apples! Other than Honeycrisps (of course!), these are my second faves!

    We got some snow last night too! Although just a bit and nothing compared to what you got there, I’m sure!! :)

  9. Oooh I love Pink Lady apples! I had one this morning :D
    Looks like you had a great time with your mum; I adore spending time just me and my mum, it always feels so special :) Have a good day!

  10. Graze With Me 01.07.2010

    Probably my eyelash curler and mascara. Chapstick is pretty high on the list too. I love matte foundation – it’s all I use.

    I love your mother-daughter time – I’m going on vaca with my mom at the end of this month, it will be the most time we’ve spent together since I was 18.

  11. Holly 01.07.2010

    mascara and chapstick…hands down!

    you and yo mama are so cute – i love how you spend so much time together :)

  12. Your veggies lunch looks so vibrant! I also have no cavities either – knock on wood, but you’ve reminded me that I need to hit the dentist soon. Despite having no cavities – I hate going!

    My must-have make-up is concealer, blush and mascara.

  13. a 01.07.2010

    carmex and cocoa butter!

  14. Quinn 01.07.2010

    YSL Coverstick. It’s my lifeline.

  15. Katie 01.07.2010

    Under-eye concealer and mascara… it prevents any “wow you look exhausted” comments when I’m not really exhausted anyway.

  16. Alison 01.07.2010

    I had extra time this morning due to the snow–so I tried out your banana oats…and they were wonderful! Thanks for sharing!
    ….I’m a concealer and chapstick girl too. :)

  17. I’ve heard great things about the MUFE foundation. I use MUFE Face and Body, which is very light too.
    You and your mom look gorgeous, and the pad thai looks delicious!!

  18. Sara 01.07.2010

    That Pad Thai looks so great! I love Sephora and Bare Minerals. The makeup I can’t live without would be under-eye concealer and mascara. It’s amazing how a little mascara can make you look so much better. :)

  19. I can’t live without mascara. I have blonde lashes so I look like I have none without it.

  20. I’m a HUGE Mac fan too… I bought a whole array of stuff for my wedding and i’ve been living in it!
    The HD Makeup Forever is amazing too though, I had a hard time deciding!
    Great looking oats, as usual :)

  21. Cristina 01.07.2010

    Things I love:
    – Cover Girl Lash Blast mascara (the orange tube)
    – Origins GinZing eye cream
    – Origins Have A Nice Day lotion with SPF 15

  22. Erin 01.07.2010

    Concealer, pressed powder, mascara, lip balm. That’s a whole face! Baked apple crisp oatmeal for breakfast w/ my mommy tomorrow.

  23. I never leave the house without lip gloss!!

  24. Abby Ryan 01.07.2010

    Good luck at the dentist! I just celebrated 30 years cavity free…..

  25. Jenna 01.07.2010

    That veggie pad thai looks UNREAL. I would have eaten at least three of the four servings too! But it is amazing how much restaurants serve these days, isn’t it? Portion sizes are out of control. But Thai or Asian is one that I can’t really portion control. It is just too good!

    I would have to say that I couldn’t live without concealer either.

  26. Yeaaahtoast 01.07.2010

    I can’t live without blush, I look completely washed out without it, or mascara.
    I’ve been using BE for about 5 years, love that stuff!

  27. Melissa 01.07.2010

    Hey there!! I can’t live without mascara. And I must say, everything I own is Bare Escentuals…except for one thing, which is my favorite that I can’t toss: Nars Super Org. blush. Ahhh. Best EVER.

  28. Tracy 01.07.2010

    just wanted to let you know that i made your baked banana oatmeal for my husband and your baked pumpkin oatmeal for me last weekend. so so good!!! thanks for the recipes!
    and must-have make-up: victoria’s secret cupquake lipgloss- love it!!

  29. Kelly 01.07.2010

    Mascara and Powder

    p.s. I could live on Thai!

  30. Jenny Rodriguez 01.07.2010

    I love the Veggie Pad Thai at Gateway too but you have got to try the Cilantro Lime Chicken Salad. It is to die for! The corn relish on top of the salad is what really makes it special.

    and chapstick..Burts Bees!

  31. Bridget 01.07.2010

    The Gateway Market looks awesome! I just realized that you don’t live near UNI you just went to UNI. Why does my brain make those weird connections? DM has some great places to eat. We’re so far away from anything fun and when the weather gets like this I get frustrated. I live 2.5 HOURS from DM! OMG I’m so far north it hurts. Anyway, I can not and will not live without mascara and lip gloss. I have way too many Smashbox glosses–they’re my fave.

    Stay warm!

  32. Lindsay 01.07.2010

    I love to go shopping with my mom and I think it is great that you get to spend so much time with her!! My mom and I try to go out once a month or so, but she works ALOT so sometimes it doesnt happen!! :(
    My Make-up must Haves: Mascara, Eye-liner, and chapstick

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  34. Lauren 01.07.2010

    What a great “ladies” night with mom. Makeovers and Thai- LOVE it! :)

    And I am even more in love with your oatmeal breaks. I was wondering when you would be reintroducing oats back into your life again. I think I remember that is what prompted me to start reading your blog. Your oats always looked soooo good! :)

  35. Lee 01.07.2010

    I have a $50 gift card to Sephora and don’t know what to get! Hence, I cannot answer the must have makeup question. I normally just wear some eye shadow and mascara.

  36. Jenna 01.07.2010

    Pad Thai looks great!!

  37. Jo 01.11.2010

    Can you let me know what your mom thought of her Bare Escentuals makeover? I’m closer to her age and I wonder how it performs on, um, mature skin.

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  39. australien reisen 01.17.2010

    This helped me to make my right vacation decision. I will go to Turkey

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  43. Jeri 12.14.2011

    What was the verdict on the foundation? I have super duper oily skin and have always hated liquid foundation, but that’s what they had. But several years ago…ok, so it was almost 6 years ago, I caved to the infomercials and bought some Bare Minerals. I have yet to turn back. I love the stuff. Back then they didn’t have the matte version, but it still worked great! Then when they came out with the matte, I about had a coronary I was so excited! THEN! They came out with new shades (I had been mixing 2 to get the right one) and one of them was perfect for me! I swear it makes my skin better when I wear it (since as a mom I don’t have time to wear it every day). So excited to hear your verdict.

    • Iowa Girl Eats 12.21.2011

      I ended up LOVING HD Makeup Forever! Bare Minerals settled into my laugh lines making me look 100, and made my face SO SHINY. Just about the opposite of what it was supposed to do – so weird!

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