Missed That Train…


It appears I missed the milk replacement train a long time ago!

Sounds like many of you prefer soy or almond milk to regular cow’s milk – which has piqued my interest in trying out some of the brands you all mentioned. We know that getting enough calcium is crucial for healthy bones – especially for women – but the taste of regular cows milk isn’t my favorite and I always feel like a balloon after I drink it. Maybe I’ll give some of these replacement milks (that are fortified with vitamins and minerals) a whirl, and let you know how it goes! :D

First, breakfast. Southwestern Eggs & Toast!


I whisked up one whole egg + two egg whites with a dash of hawt sawce.



Scramble and top with some fresh salsa for the southwestern portion of your breakfast. Toast up some whole wheat bread for the toast portion…

DSC_0006 DSC_0005

And you’ve got yourself a kick butt Friday breakfast, my friends!


Have you ever added salsa to your eggs? It gives them so much flavor, without having to add extra fat like cheese, ham, butter, etc.


And I’m falling more in love with this bread every time I eat it. So hearty, that it’s like a meal in and of itself!


Plus the tops are super cute and bubbly. Mickey Mouse? Clouds? Heart tops? Anyone? Bueller?


The fearsome foursome are making an appearance at lunch today.


We’ve got a Ginger Snap Larabar,


Which, with only 6 ingredients, manages to taste like the chewiest, yummiest ginger snap cookie you’ve ever had. Oh snap!


A navel orange. I tweeted about this the other day – it’s a good thing that oranges are so delish, because they are a pain to peel. I prefer the zipper skin of a clementine, but the size of a navel orange. Somebody needs to engineer a zipper skinned navel orange. Just saying.


I’ve also got some carrots and almond butter. I may have definitely swooped a couple spoonfuls of almond butter as I was packing this last night. Can’t get enough of the stuff!


Oh, ha, look at this carrot I found in my bag of baby carrots! Could you just die? I snarfed him right up. :)


And rounding it all out is a Fat Free French Vanilla Bean Yogurt. Oh yes.

DSC_0019 DSC_0020

What a delish day of eats on this Friday! It’s going to continue on into dinner too – Ben and I are hitting up one of our recent favorite dinner spots. Any guesses as to where it could be? :) Ms. Holly checked it out for herself the other day!

In other news, thanks to my sister-in-law, I was reminded that it’s been way too long since I’ve seen the Beyonce Clown video. If you’re in need of a chuckle, nay, a hearty, tear-filled belly laugh, you MUST watch this. I sat and laughed like a maniac as I replayed it it least 10 times last night. Ben thought I was crazy. You won’t after you watch though. Happy har-harring! :D

Oh, also! It apears the fitness funk has become a widespread epidemic! Anyone who wants to get in on the 3-day workout challenge is welcome to join. Home gyms/DVD videos count too – just get that body movin’! Happy Friday!
What are you looking forward to this weekend?
I’m looking forward to buying a new pair of jeans and wallet. Yahoo!
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  1. I’m looking forward to relaxing this weekend, but what I’m not looking forward to it taking down Christmas stuff!

  2. Stormy 01.08.2010

    Hi Kristin!

    I’m curious what the nutrition information on your almond butter looks like? I looked at a the few variaties they had at HyVee and it looked pretty high in calories and fat. I’m a peanut butter junkie and was hoping almond butter might be a healthier alternative but wasn’t sure.

    Thanks for the feedback!

  3. hahahaha I just died watching that video :D
    I’m looking forward to going back to school!

  4. Wendy 01.08.2010

    I’m looking forward to the official kick-off meeting for my half-marathon training group this weekend. I’m excited b/c I know lots of people training for their first half this spring!

    I’m also looking forward to the end of this bitterly COLD snap! 30* sounds sooooo warm compared to sub-zero temps!

  5. Sara 01.08.2010

    As a fellow Iowa naitive and food lover, I started reading your blog a couple of months ago. We now live in Kansas City and love it, but always enjoy hearing comforting news from good ol’ Iowa! My husband and I both get that not so great bloated feeling after drinking regular milk. We tried both almond and soy milk, but alas, my husband felt like it was taking away part of his manhood. So, we started buying the Lactaid skim milk. It is real milk without the lactose and in cooking is just like using real milk.

  6. Your breakfast looks delish! I haven’t tried that flavor of LaraBar–I’ll have to give it a whirl.

    This weekend: I’m looking forward to a night out with friends I haven’t seen in a while and meeting my parents for lunch!

  7. Melissa 01.08.2010

    My boyfriend is obsessed with that video! He cracks up every time he watches it & I, in turn, crack up at him!
    Have so much fun jeans shopping this weekend! I recently got a pair of Hydraulic jeans that are super cute & were pretty cheap (like $30, I think?). You should look for them! :)

  8. Run Sarah 01.08.2010

    Love the idea of salsa and eggs, have yet to try that combo yet!

  9. Melissa 01.08.2010

    I showed that video clip to my boyfriend and we both died laughing. Thanks for brightening my mood!

  10. Susan 01.08.2010

    One more vote for USAB (unsweetened almond breeze)! And your breakie looks divine – I may make a similar one tomorrow, teehee.

    I didn’t watch the clown vid unfortunately – clowns freak me out!

  11. Mikael 01.08.2010

    OH-EM-GEE! Single Ladies Gone Wrong is my absolute favorite! It never fails to make me laugh. I can’t watch it now because I’m at work and videos are blocked… but I have it bookmarked on my Blackberry (muah-ha-ha!). So watching it now. :)

    I’m seeing not one, but TWO movies tomorrow. New Moon in the morning (special indulgence of mine and my temporary sister) and then Avatar in the afternoon with the rest of the family. Two parties this weekend as well. And potentially two dates too! What the hey? There’s two of everything! Craziness.

    Have fun buying nea jeans and wallet! =)

  12. Oh my – so many things I want to comment on! Here goes:
    A) LOVE salsa on my eggs!
    B) Hate the Ginger Snap Larabar (spicy!!)
    C) I’ve also totally been in a workout funk since New Year’s!
    D) I am looking forward to a fun-filled weekend with a 5-mile race on Saturday, as well as a Broadway show. Does it get any better?! I’m also hoping the race breaks me out of my funk.

    Have a great weekend!

  13. Valerie 01.08.2010

    You breakfast looks fantastic! Makes me want to switch up my regular bowl o’ oats. I heart almond milk. I think it has a creamier and smoother taste than milk. It’s expensive and I have to travel across the city to buy it, but it’s totally worth it!

  14. Machelle 01.08.2010

    I cut my oranges up to eat them. Much easier than peeling. Cut the ends off, slice lengthwise (tip to tip), clean the stringy white stuff out of the centers, lay them center down & cut into slices. Just like if you were going to put a pretty slice on the edge of your drinking glass! You can do this ahead of time & put the slices in a baggie. After eating, I buzz the rinds down the garbage disposal to make it smell good! It’s the only way to eat oranges! I’m looking forward to warmer temps! Bring it on!

  15. lol that video is way too good! thanks for sharing!

    I love salsa on my eggs too. Makes them taste so much better in my opinion!

  16. Kat 01.08.2010

    Tip! I always slice my oranges and then cut in half to make orange smiles! So much less messy! I hate the mess too!

  17. Awh good idea for breakfast!
    I’m not looking forward to this weekend..I’m dreading it!We have SO much snow , and my sister is going back to London,which means I have all our horses to look after alone, and it is A LOT of work!! Eeek :s
    Have a good time tonight :)

  18. Hannah 01.08.2010

    I’m looking forward to getting back into my half marathon and 10K training schedule after being injured the past two weeks! I have to work, but the hours aren’t too bad so I’m hoping to fit in some time to do a little shopping :)

  19. Nicole 01.08.2010

    Hahaha, OMG! That video! I don’t think I should’ve laughed when she smacked her head on the TV…but I did! O:-)

    Ginger Snap Larabars?!? Weekend goal: FIND ONE!

  20. Mandy 01.08.2010

    Hi! I’ve been wanting to try your pad thai recipe forever, and I’m finally ready to do it!! But I can’t find the recipe! Can you help me out?

  21. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Kristin, Andrea James. Andrea James said: THAT was funny. Thx for the afternoon chuckle. RT @iowagirleats: Have you seen Beyonce Clown?! http://tinyurl.com/yersdul […]

  22. Bonni 01.08.2010

    If you eat lots of oranges you need to buy the orange peeler from Pampered chef. It makes peeling them a breeze! One side cuts the peel – the other end you can slip under the skin to start the peel going. The other side of the cutter you can use to peel the white rind away. Plus they are only a couple of bucks!

  23. Bridget 01.08.2010

    I use a spoon to peel oranges. Just start at the top and the shape of the spoon does the rest! I am looking forward to temps above 0. Yep, that’s my highlight. My husband is on a hunting trip and the kids and I are hunkering down and trying to stay warm. They haven’t had school since Wed so it’s going to be a real nice loooonng weekend. ;)

  24. I add salsa every time I eat eggs. So flavorful.

    This weekend I am going to run on Saturday. Then on Sunday after church I’m going to do yoga and maybe some Wii Active before driving to Boston for a conference for monday.

  25. RunToTheFinish 01.08.2010

    ok couldn’t watch the video because just the image was too scary

  26. Jenna 01.08.2010

    Yummy breaky! Have fun tonight!!

  27. erinbee. 01.09.2010

    oh em gee. oh em gee.
    that clip. i. just. died.

    i thought it was supposed to be funny
    just because of the clown mask and so
    i wasnt really all too amused and then
    BAM. hahahahahahaha. i cannot stop
    laughing. you just made my life. thanks.

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