Three posts in one day – who am I?! :D

Ben and I had another stellar time at Granite City. We wanted to go somewhere to watch the Jets-Bengals game, and it seemed like just the place.


Have I ever shown you around GC? It’s got a very cool Rocky Mountain/brewery vibe.


Laid back and casual, but without that “bar” feel – which I appreciate. I am a cranky, old lady underneath this 26 year old exterior, after all. ;)


We camped out in a big booth that had a perfect view of the game on a big screen, right above these tables.


The first thing we do when we go to Granite City is order two big mugs of Brother Benedict (for him) and Northern Light (for her). We’re “mug club” members so we get these giant glasses of brew for $3.95! 



Per usual, my Northern Light was crispy, cold and juuust right. :)


We happened to be there during happy hour, and took advantage of their half price Flat Bread Pizzas – the best flat bread pizzas I know of!


We love each and every mouth-watering option, but the Prosciutto Olive is our #1 favorite.


It arrived and we pounced!!


The creamy garlic aioli, crispy prosciutto and salty cheese is TOO GOOD. TOO GOOD!



Within minutes, our giant pizza was reduced to this. I know.


I went to the washroom and when I came back, it had been reduced to this. I know.


While Ben drank another couple of beers, I reduced it to this. I know!! It’s true, Ben and I cashed an entire flat bread pizza by ourselves. No regrets. It was worth every satisfying bite. I’d do it again in a minute, I tell ya!


We’re back at home relaxing now, and I’m working on my dessert cup. Some starbursts and a few squares of Dove chocolate. It’s Saturday.

DSC_0002 (2)

Have a great night!