Do You Know What Today Is?


Well, do ya’? :)

First of all, praise Heaven, this is the last day I will be hand washing dishes.


The part to fix our dishwasher came in the mail! Albeit, with the wrong colored handle, but Ben is going to try and swap just the handle part with the original one. Either way, I’d rather have a mismatching handle then continue to wash dishes. I just can’t stand it! That is one thing that I am semi diva about. Can’t pinpoint why exactly…


Today is also the first time I tried almond milk! Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Breeze, to be exact.


Almond milk is made from ground almonds and contains no cholesterol or lactose (natural milk sugar). It can be used as a substitute for cow’s milk in many recipes, and is also completely vegan.


This variety of almond breeze is lightly flavored with vanilla (sooo yummy), but has no added sugar and is enriched with vitamins. Here are the nutritional stats, and just to give you something to compare it to – fat-free skim milk has 11g sugar, 8g protein and 30% calcium per serving.


While the protein and calcium in Almond Breeze is a little behind it’s cow compadre, the fact that it didn’t leave me feeling like a balloon after I ate it, really puts it ahead of the game for me.


This morning I poured a cup of my USVAB over a bowl of Shredded Wheat (which – FYI – has 47g of whole grains in each serving and was the first commercially manufactured breakfast cereal!) and a sliced organic banana – which tastes sweeter than non-organic bananas. Is that just me?


You know my disgust for soggy cereal – but when I eat biscuit cereal like shredded wheat, frosted mini wheat, etc., I love to give them a few minutes to soak up some of the milk. That way, they’re completely drenched and yummy when I finally dig in!


You know what? Today is also the day I drank the milk! I guess almond milk brings out my wild and crazy side. ;)


Almond Breeze = two thumbs up in my book! It’s just slightly thicker than skim milk, more silky and has that gorgeous hint of vanilla flavor. I totally dig!

Today is the day that I knocked out a giant spoonful of almond butter for satiating fat and protein after breakfast. So delish, so necessary. :)

Moving on, today I brought Sesame-Peanut Tofu Pasta leftovers for lunch. :)


Sounds like a lot of you are hip on cooking tofu – that’s awesome! Next, I want to try cooking it on the stovetop in a skillet. Just to see what the texture contrast is like. Any super fab recipes I need to try?

DSC_0001 (2)

I also stocked up on navel oranges at the store this weekend. They make me feel like this –> 8)


Today is the day I’ll be wrapping up my 3-day workout hiatus and getting my booty back in the gym. AND today is the day that I’ll be WALKING OUTSIDE DURING LUNCH!! I feel like it’s been months since I’ve been able to get out for a stroll at lunchtime, and it’s supposed to be just as nice today as it was yesterday. Whee!


Finally, today is the day that Three Question Thursday makes its triumphant return! My schedule gets so out of whack around the holidays, that it has completely slipped my mind for the past several weeks!! Here we go!

1. Do you like getting the good news, or the bad news first?

2. Mac or PC?

3. Doughnut, danish or muffin?

My answers:

1. Good news. It never seems as good when it’s preceded by bad news!

2. I feel like the dowdy PC man when I say this – but, PC!

3. Dougnut. I would kill for some munchkins right now!

ps: You have until 3pm today to enter to win the Amy’s Kitchen free food and gear giveaway!

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  1. Bad

    Have a great day girlie! :)

  2. jen 01.14.2010

    1. Bad first. I like to end on a good note!
    2. Mac, all the way! I’ve been forced to use a PC at home for the last couple months (bad ethernet port) and it’s starting to drive me batty. I must get that fixed!
    3. Muffin!

  3. Good news first!
    PC all the way
    Doughut! Chocolate glazed please.

  4. I HATE washing dishes too. And I agree, I only buy organic bananas b/c they’re so much sweeter! It’s def NOT just in our heads :).

    1. Bad news, for sure.
    2. PC. They’re just plain easier!
    3. Muffin! Especially if it’s blueberry with crumbles on top…mmm.

  5. Bad news, PC and a doughnut! No matter how bad they are for you…I think secretly EVERYONE likes them.

  6. Melissa 01.14.2010

    1. Bad news first. Soften the blow by then telling me something good.

    2. Mac Attack

    3. Danish on very rare occasions. but normally my mom’s homemade muffins!

    Glad you’re getting your dishwasher back. I’d be lost without mine.

  7. Jessie 01.14.2010

    Bad News, because the good news can make me feel better after.
    Muffin, especially a chocolate chocolate chip muffin

  8. Dawn Hutchins 01.14.2010

    1. Good News 2. PC 3. Big old bluberry muffin
    Congrats on getting the dish washer fixed and I completely agree about letting the almond milk soak into the shredded wheat. I do the same!

  9. Susan 01.14.2010

    So glad you’re diggin the almond milk!

    Love three question thursdayyyy
    1. Bad news first
    2. PC
    3. Muffin!!!!!

  10. Brynne 01.14.2010

    I think you just convinced me to try almond milk :0)
    1. Bad news first.
    2. Mac all the wayyyyy!
    3. Muffin!

  11. 1- Bad news

    2 – MAC!!!!!!!!

    3 – Danish :)

  12. Melissa 01.14.2010

    1. Good–I agree that it doesn’t seem as good if you hear bad news first!
    2. PC, baby!
    3. Entemann’s makes this raspberry danish coffee cake that is to die for! I haven’t had it since high school, but I may have to go hunting for some soon!

    Have a great day!

  13. Evan Thomas 01.14.2010

    1. No news is good news
    2. PC
    3. Whichever is whole wheat(so probs the muffin)

    I’ve just thrown cubed tofu in a pan with soy sauce and vegetables and it came out beautifully after browning up

  14. Mich 01.14.2010

    1. Bad. Always better to end anything on a positive note.
    2. I’m a graphic designer, so the choice is obvious = Mac.
    3. Muffins. Preferably warm, blueberry and with my grandmother’s home-made butter. Oh and with one of those crumb toppings. Damn – now I’m super hungry!

  15. erin 01.14.2010

    1. bad news.

    2. mac all the way. i cringe if i have to work on a PC!

    3. i think muffin!

  16. Holly 01.14.2010

    i LOVE lunchtime walks…that used to be a staple of mine too before the cold weather hit.

    bad news…the good news is then very redeeming!

    MAC all the way. seriously, i used to be a pc girl, but once i went mac, i’m never goin back!

    MUFFIN. gah, yummmmm!

    have a fab day girl!

  17. Our dishwasher has been totally broken for the better part of 6 months, and i’m SO TIRED of washing dishes by hand… oy! Hopefully we can afford a new one soon…
    1. Bad news

    2. Mac all the way

    3. none of the above…scone!

  18. yay for dishwashers! I am the same way. I hate doing dishes so much. And I love that my dishwasher dries everything for me.

    bananas and shredded wheat is a favorite of mine. I love it!

    1. good news first.
    2. I’m a PC too!
    3. donut! I haven’t had a real donut in so long!

  19. My answers:

    And I Love Almond Milk. I made the switch a few months back and haven’t looked back. I will still use some skim milk if I’m all out of almond, but I use so little milk to begin with that I rarely use the almond milk up very fast. I was nervous about it at first, but it’s great!

  20. I love drinking the leftover milk in the cereal bowl….and the spoonful of almond butter makes everything better ;-)

  21. Christine 01.14.2010

    You have to try the chocolate almond milk, amazing.

  22. Almond milk is so much better in cereal than cows. And I agree with the bloating.

    Yeah for functioning appliances. How did our grandparents ever survive. I would never eat on real places.

    1. Do you like getting the good news, or the bad news first? I like the bad so it doesn’t seem as bad when coupled with the good.

    2. Mac or PC? I like PC. I grew up on it and macs confuse me.

    3. Doughnut, danish or muffin? Muffin but not with a ton of sugar. I like Pisatchio lately because they are green.

  23. Sara 01.14.2010

    That almond milk sounds tasty! I’ve never tried it before.
    1. Bad news. That way you can always look forward to the good nes.
    2. PC
    3. Doughnut! I never buy donuts, whenever someone brings them into the office (which luckily isn’t all the time), I slurge and have one.

  24. Amy 01.14.2010

    I want to try almond milk!
    1. Bad news. 2. Mac. 3. Donut.

  25. Morgan 01.14.2010

    1) Bad news first. It always seems less bad when it’s followed by good news
    2) PC
    3) Muffins…more variety!

  26. tray 01.14.2010

    1. bad news always comes first.
    2. pc.
    3. hmm. danish if it’s a cinnamon cheesy one from my bakery, if not: poppy seed muffin or a bran one.

  27. Dana 01.14.2010

    Here’s a *great* tofu recipe for you to try (I’m slightly addicted to it!):

  28. Ada 01.14.2010

    1. Bad
    3. Muffin (preferably chocolate chip)

  29. Niki 01.14.2010

    Glad you liked the Almond Milk! I will have to give it a try soon!!

    1. Bad news first, I am always the one who gets the less fun thing out of the way first!
    2. PC all the way!!
    3. Muffin! Not big on doughnuts or pastries

  30. Deirdre 01.14.2010

    I need to try almond milk! I drink soy milk sometimes but I want to change that habit because I feel I have soy in enough places already!
    -I like bad news first. I’m an optimistic so I like to end on a positive note!
    -Mac at home, PC at work(boo!) I’ve only had my Mac for two years but I love it. Once you Mac you never go back! lol
    -Muffins! Because they can be savory like a corn muffin or sweet like a chocolate chip muffin.

  31. Jessica 01.14.2010

    Bad news first…
    Mac, simply because they are easy and I’m not so computer savvy…
    Donuts, unless the Danish is from my favorite bakery in WI!

    Random question…You always use old fashioned oats in your morning creations. I always have quick cooking oats b/c that is what I normally use in the AM and for cookies. Can I use those? I might want to google that, but I just wondered what your thoughts were.

  32. Julie 01.14.2010

    Hey girl! I am always curious what other people take to the gym to work out. Would you mind sharing what you keep in your workout bag?
    1. Bad news first
    2. I’m torn to be honest. I have a PC and have so many issues with it and my husband has a Mac and never has problems. So I’m really not sure.
    3. Doughnuts all the way! :)

  33. Lauren 01.14.2010

    Bad. mac. muffin. ;-) That’s me

  34. I use that exact brand and type of almond milk. I think it tastes fine. It’s certainly not bad, but for the most part, it just tastes like water.

  35. 1. Good News, makes the “Bad News blow not so bad!

    2. PC

    3. Doughnut of course, LOVE THEM!!!

  36. AmyLou 01.14.2010

    1. Bad news first, because otherwise, all I will think about during the good news is “how bad IS the bad news?” and it will ruin the good news!

    2. PC, totally.

    3. Donut. . . although those really monster huge muffins from Perkins and bakeries definitely come in a close second!

  37. Jen 01.14.2010

    Bad, PC, Doughnut
    Can’t wait to see more tofu recipes, I’ve never cooked with it before, but seeing how easy it is, I might have to give it a try.

  38. JT 01.14.2010

    1. Bad news….and than it’s over
    2. Mac
    3. Doughnut, but only old fashioned chocolate glazed

  39. Bad – cos then the good can make you feel a bit better again :), PC – cos I can’t afford a Mac!! Though my sister has one and it’s incredible, I’m so jealous :(, Muffin – doughnuts are too..doughy..and I don’t like pastry!
    Oooh I wouldn’t mind trying some of that milk – I hate the taste of regular cow milk, but the vanilla hint you speak of sounds lovveeely :P

  40. Jamie 01.14.2010

    Your Tofu Peanut sauté looks delicious! I like tofu, but have never tried cooking it myself, I might have to give it a whirl now with your recipe!

    1. I guess it depends on the severity of the news… bad first if it is something like, we’ve chosen someone else for the position. Good news first if the bad is more along the lines of “you have x days to live.” Just how I see it I guess..
    2. I get the blue screen of death about once a week on my PC, so I’m going to have to go ahead and say Macs!
    3. State fair mini doughnuts covered in cinnamon and suger! mmm!

  41. 1. Bad first, I like happy endings.
    2. PC – I love my HP and will never be swayed.
    3. Danish! Cream cheese please.

  42. becca 01.14.2010

    1) bad news first, otherwise I’ll just be waiting for it and not soak up any of the good news
    2) MAC -I switched in the summer time and would NEVER go back. This macbook pro is so fast and can do a lot of things at once. I use a brand new HP laptop at work and it is painful after using this one.
    3) Muffin-mmm banana chocolate chip :) I’ll try to get my mom’s recipe and healtify it.

    ps I sent you that package before christmas…did it ever arrive?

  43. sassy 01.14.2010

    1. good news first! That way, I’m already happy and prepped for the bad.
    2. Mac! Love the cleanliness, organized format & spam free nature
    3. donut!

  44. Jenna 01.14.2010

    Love letting milk absorb into cereal!! Mmm

  45. a 01.14.2010

    2. i have both . i prefer the mac.

  46. I knew you would like almond milk!

    Good news-hopefully the pain of the bad won’t be as bad then.
    Apple, received my first a year ago and have been in love ever since!
    Muffin-chocolate chip is my favorite!!

  47. Kelly F 01.14.2010

    1. Good news first!
    2. Mac – just got a macbook pro for Christmas and I love it!
    3. Donut! Cinnamon twists all the way.

  48. Lauren 01.14.2010

    Thank goodness the dishwasher is fixed. I remember when our fridge broke for a few days and I almost died. From hunger and from the annoying fact of being without a major appliance.

    Glad you love the Almond Breeze. By far my favorite of all milks. I also love some soggy shredded wheat.

    Hope you enjoyed the beautiful day!

  49. Bridget 01.14.2010

    1. Good news
    2. No clue about this whole Mac vs. PC debate. I’ve never touched or even seen a Mac so I go with PC. All I use my computer for is email and surfin’ the webs. ;)
    3. Lemon poppyseed muffin

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