Heart on My Sleeve


Good morning!

Feeling so much better after getting a good night’s sleep last night (and after two, all new, kick a$$ episodes of 30 Rock!) To be honest, I’m at 80% now and could use another 2 hours of sleep to be 100% – but that is what the weeeeeeekend is for!! 8)

You know the expression “wearing your heart on your sleeve”? As in, you show your emotions freely and everyone can tell what you’re feeling, all the time? Well my body “wears its heart on its sleeve”. As in, if I don’t get enough rest, exercise or eat properly, it shows in the forms of migraines, body aches and general feelings of ickiness.

Due to three, consecutive nights of not sleeping well, my body finally said “Hey – who do you think you are, not giving me 7.5-8 hours of sleep every night? I’ll show you!” (What, your body doesn’t talk to you? ;) ) Getting that migraine yesterday was my cue to pay more attention, buckle down, and give myself the proper rest and nutrition it needs.

Unfortunately I can’t go back to bed this morning, but I can get the day rolling with a nutritious breakfast – a hearty bowl of Banana Almond Oatmeal!


In the mix:

  • 1/2 cup old fashioned oats
  • 3/4 cup almond milk + 1/4 cup water
  • 1 banana
  • cinnamon
  • 1 Tablespoon almond butter

Mix oats, milk, water and half a banana in a bowl, nuke for 2-3 minutes and add the rest of your ingredients.


Perfection! Healthy fats and protein from the almond butter, whole grain and fiber from the oatmeal, and vitamins and carbs from the banana.


That’s a good breakfast, yo!


Lunch is even better – a Kitchen Sink Salad.


In the mix:

  • Mixed Greens
  • Chopped carrots
  • Cucumber (peeled and seeded)
  • Dried cranberries
  • Almond slices

Can you say YUM?

DSC_0009 DSC_0010 DSC_0014

I packed some Annie’s Light Raspberry Vinaigrette for my dressing. So jazzed to try this as I adore me some raspberry vinaigrette. Often times the light varieties are super thick and fake tasting, but I’ll let you know how this one turns out!



I’ll also be snacking on yesterday’s vitamin packed navel orange. I didn’t get a chance to eat it before I had to go home. :(


After work, I’ll be hitting the gym for workout attempt #2 – should be a goodie. :)

Have a fantastic Friday – see you in the evening!


Can you feel when you haven’t been eating right, sleeping well or exercising enough? Do you “listen” to your body and shape up?

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  1. I always can tell if I’ve eaten poorly. I feel sluggish and just like crap overall. It usually doesn’t happen very often – maybe after a a holiday or something. It is a nice reminded of why I eat and exercise like I do!

  2. Theresa 01.15.2010

    I can definitely tell when I haven’t been doing things right and tend to shape up right away! Whether it be having not enough water, sleep, or exercise, or skimping on the fruits and veggies, I try to shape up as soon as possible. I hate the way I feel when I’m not treating my body right!

  3. I can always tell when I’m taking proper care of myself… I just feel blah!

    Hope you feel better today :)

  4. Definitely. It’s such an icky feeling, and I always kick myself when I’m not getting enough rest or eating unhealthy stuff. It even shows in your appearance—yuck!

  5. The 30 rock episodes last night were SO good! And yes I can tell when I haven’t been on track, especially the eating part.

  6. Jenna 01.15.2010

    Get some rest girl!!

  7. Glad you’re listening to your body and resting up :) I wish my body would talk to me like that! It’s far more likely to let me work myself into the ground, then randomly one day go ‘THAT’S IT’ and be REALLY ill for a day, then be fine again! It’s very temperamental apparently :p
    Have a fab day!

  8. Today I just posted about how I let life come before me and I feel so sluggish.. I had a healthy breakfast this morning and I feel so much better!

  9. Bridget 01.15.2010

    I can definitely tell when I haven’t been on a good schedule. When my kids were tiny babies I’d fall asleep while I nursed them during the day. It was SO hard to stay awake! Good for you listening to your body and staying healthy–so important. Looks like we’re in for more mild weather. Enjoy!

  10. Sara 01.15.2010

    Your oatmeal looks great! When I don’t get the proper amount of sleep, I can totally feel it after a few days.

  11. My body screams at me if I’m not treating it right. It’s very loud and angry. There’s no ignoring it – haha! :-) Sometimes sleep is the best remedy ever. I love sleep.

  12. OH, I do for sure!!!

    Like I took 2+ weeks off from the gym and my overall “healthy” eating routine over the holidays and I felt it towards the end a lot……I got a few headaches myself (running helps me from getting the normal “tension headaches” I usually get weekly), was more moody/grumpy/stressed, felt BLOATED a lot and just overall down about myself towards the end!

    Next time I won’t avoid the gym/running so long during the holidays like that, I will most likely still eat more and such but I can still get to the gym at least a few times.

  13. Tay 01.15.2010

    Aww I missed the epis of 30 Rock! Not sure why I didn’t watch them – glad they were good! And I love that dressing! Delicious.

    I can definitely tell if I’ve been eating way too badly, and too much soda. I feel huge and just all over bloated!

  14. Melanie 01.15.2010

    I also suffer from migraines, so I thought you might appreciate this tidbit! My mom just told me that she read in a study that women who have migraines may be less likely to develop breast cancer – something to do with estrogen levels. So, maybe I can be a little more positive the next time I have a migraine… Maybe? :)

  15. Anne 01.15.2010

    I can definitely tell when I haven’t been treating my body right–be it lack of sleep or excess junk food. I just feel so icky! Your oats look fantastic, though :)

  16. I believe my mom is planning something similar. I wish luck to you.

  17. AP 01.15.2010

    30 Rock was hilarious last night. James Franco!!

  18. Coco 01.15.2010

    delish oats girl. There is nothing better than a warm hearty bowl of oats right now. Love your photographs.

  19. My body is super sensitive to when I don’t get enough sleep or exercise or when I don’t eat right. I have to fix it right away or it can be debilitating at times. I think that’s why I eat so healthy.

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