A Feast for the Eyes and Stomach


Hello – happy Saturday!

My day has been spectacular so far. I slept in, watched some house flipping shows, did some laundry and got in a sweet 70 Minute Cardio/Weight Workout!

Time Activity Level
20 minutes Run 6.2
3 minutes Free Weights 1 circuit, 10 reps each exercise
10 minutes Run 6.3
3 minutes Free Weights 1 circuit, 10 reps each exercise
10 minutes Run 6.4
3 minutes Free Weights 1 circuit, 10 reps each exercise
10 minutes Run 6.5
5 minutes Walk 4.0, 2% incline
5 minutes Walk 3.5

For a total of 70 minutes, ~6 miles and 30 reps of each exercise in the free weight circuit. It was AMAZING!

I came home and chowed down on quite possibly the most scrumptious salad ever – a feast for the eyes and stomach – a Mixed Fruit Salad!


Don’t these colors feel so Spring-esque? I was literally smiling as I ate this. :D


In the mix:

  • Navel orange
  • Dried cranberries
  • Dried apricots
  • Braeburn Apple
  • Sliced almonds

DSC_0004 DSC_0005

DSC_0006 DSC_0007

Drizzled with my Annie’s Lite Raspberry Vinaigrette which, I’m happy to report, is sooo fantastic!!


Perfect, light post-workout salad! I may be hungry in another couple hours, but this is exactly what I was looking for. :)


I’m off to Costco and the book store to pick out a new read (The Kite Runner ended kind of abruptly which caught me off guard – but still loved it!) then possibly church with my parents at 5:00! See you tonight!


Do you like a light or hearty meal after a good workout?

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  1. What a lovely salad!!! Almost makes me feel like it might maybe be warm out…

  2. Abby Ryan 01.16.2010

    We had a group fitness jam at our gym (Lifetime Fitness) today. 45 minutes of cardio kickboxing followed by 45 minutes of circuit training and 30 minutes of pilates. I was wiped out by the end — but feel great now! According to my heartrate monitor I burned around 1,000 calories. I try and have something light before — this morning it was whole wheat cheerios with skim milk. Afterwards I refueled with egg whites, turkey sausage and some more skim milk as well as some whole wheat toast with almond butter. (Thanks for introducing me to this stuff — LOVE it!!) I’ll be sure and refuel today to be ready for my spin class tomorrow morning. Have a great Saturday!

  3. Maybe your salad will bring us an early spring!
    I love doing alternating cardio and strength workouts like you did today!

  4. Abby Ryan 01.16.2010

    That would be multi-grain cheerios. I think the workout affected my brain activity…… :)

  5. Lindsay 01.16.2010

    Love that workout! Spices things up. And that salad look GORGEOUS! Almost too good to eat!


  6. Hannah 01.16.2010

    That workout looks amazing and I will definitely have to try it! I lean somewhere in the middle for post-workout food. I typically workout in the morning before breakfast, so I like to refuel with something substantial like stovetop oats, that’s not too heavy.

  7. Wow, that really is a feast for the EYES – gorgeous!

  8. lesli 01.16.2010

    I am going to make that salad – it looks dee-lish

  9. I tend to prefer a light meal immediately after but a bigger meal later. I need protein right after.

  10. *Andrea* 01.16.2010

    that salad looks SOOOO GOOD!!!! i love dried apricots and all dried fruit pretty much. great combo!

  11. That looks so good! I usually eat light at first and then get hungry a little later for a bigger meal :-)

  12. Oooh what a big beautiful salad! Those ones are the best, the bright colourful ones :D
    Sounds like you got an awesome workout in too! You must be feeling on top of the world today.Have a great afternoon!

  13. Tracy Parish 01.16.2010

    Today I had a early (8:30am) Zumba class and afterwards my blood sugar took a serious nose dive… I had a glass of milk before class and of course burned that up during class. So afterwards hubby and I went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast! Soooo I need a Hearty Breakfast after a workout! Long story short :-)

  14. Lauren 01.16.2010

    Wow, that sounds like a kick butt workout! Good for you for getting this in on a Saturday.

    And that salad is sooo beautiful. I bet it was so refreshing after a great sweat sesh. :)

    Happy Saturday love. :)

  15. Jenna 01.16.2010

    Yummy salad!! So freshh!

  16. Melinda 01.17.2010

    That salad is a beautiful! :D I’ll have to try that dressing- I love Annie’s dressings- yum!

    Before working out, I will have a piece of fruit or something light and after I usually eat a big salad- usually I am pretty starving by then!

  17. Lesli 01.18.2010

    I made this salad last night & just now realized I left out the apples!

    Need to go home & add them in to the mix!!

  18. […] of recreations – I recreated my Mixed Fruit Salad from a couple weeks ago, for lunch […]

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