My Must-Have Kitchen Item


It’s been gray, foggy and drizzly for three days now. I don’t know how much more I can take!


Luckily, things are much more cheery inside. :) Probably because there’s dried apricots involved. After work, I savored a handful and put the bag away before I had apricot-gate 2.0 on my hands…


And got started on a cookie order I’m making this week!  I must show you the shamefulness – I keep my dry, baking ingredients in plastic bags. :(


Momma needs some containers!!


The sugar cookie recipe and process I use takes three days. Day 1: make the dough. Day 2: roll, cut & bake. Day 3: decorate! FYI – cookies tastes worlds different when you let the dough sit for 24+ hours in the fridge before baking. Unbelievably delicious! Today was day 1 of the process = dough making. Enter my beloved pink, Kitchen Aid Mixer!


And my must have attachment – a paddle with scraper wings! Seriously, if you have a Kitchen Aid, you know what a pain it is to scrape the sides of the bowl. This attachment solves all your problems by scraping with itself. Genius! Here’s where you can buy it >


I managed to cover my sweatshirt in flour…



But not my face. :) Muwahahaha!


After the dough was made, wrapped up tight and popped into the fridge, I started on dinner – Mini Greek Burgers!


Last night I combined:

  • 1lb 99% fat-free, lean turkey breast
  • ~3/4 package frozen spinach, thawed and excess water squeezed out
  • ~1/4 cup feta cheese
  • ~8 sundried tomatoes, hydrated and chopped
  • 1/4 cup red onion, minced
  • salt, pepper, dried oregano & dried thyme

DSC_0054 DSC_0055 DSC_0058

and let it meld together in the fridge all day today.


Tonight, all I had to do was heat up a large flat-top skillet, spray it with non-stick spray,


and pop my mini burgers on top! (big burgers for Ben ;) )


After a couple minutes on one side, I flipped…


and got my toppers ready. A juicy, vine-ripened tomato,


A locally made, olive-oil based vinaigrette,


and some salty, briny capers.


When the burgers were done, I laid out a bed of baby spinach and assembled!


Oh – you guys – too good!


Talk about a dish that PoPs! Sweet sundried tomatoes, salty capers, and those unmistakable flavors of oregano and thyme. Sooo yummy! Give this a try, won’t you? :D


I am so jazzed for tonight. Now that my cookie dough has been made, I’m going to settle in to watch The Biggest Loser for the first time this season. :D I missed the first episode to watch my beloved Hawkeyes crush tail at the Orange Bowl and I was skipping around NYC during the second epi. Who should I be rooting for? I guess I’ll find out soon enough!



Veggie, beef, turkey or “other” burger? What do you like to top yours with?

I like turkey – although I really want to start making some black bean burgers. I like to KIS with my toppings. Some gooey muenster cheese, cold ketchup, and a salty pickle slice really does it for me! :D

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  1. Evan Thomas 01.19.2010

    I would love a standing mixer. I got a food proc for christmas this year, so maybe that’s next!
    If I’m having a real grilled burger and not a veggie one in the microwave, I like for it to be beef or bison. It just needs to be red and fatty for me to truly enjoy it. And a gourmet ketchup makes it so much better.

  2. Melanie 01.19.2010

    Yum! I made your Greek Turkey Burgers a while back and loved them! Need to try those again soon… I do love hamburgers and pork burgers from the grill, topped simply with fresh lettuce and tomato – sometimes cheese! I’m not a huge fan of traditional condiments. :)

  3. Melanie 01.19.2010

    Okay, the post above mine reminded me of my love for buffalo (bison) burgers, as well. Used to get them at a local Lewis and Clark Festival as a kid! :) And, I’ve honestly never tried a veggie burger!

  4. MUST get that attachment!! So a funny thing: when i clicked on the baking orders link, i saw the duckie cookies that are just like the ones you made my campers over the summer, and your meal that day was chipotle bowls, like i have now made twice in two weeks… p.s. i might need another cookie order soon. I’ll let you know :)

  5. I am envious of your pink Kitchen Aid…very very envious.

    I’m a veggie burger kind of girl…and like to top ’em with hummus : )

  6. Love the idea of mini burgers! And Greek one too! Looks delicious!

  7. I’m so glad you showed us the scraper! I need that for my kitchenaid mixer, badly.

    For topping my burgers, I like to KIS too. But sometimes I get a hangering for avocados, caramelized onions and muenster cheese. YUM! (It’s good by itself!)

  8. Melissa 01.19.2010

    OMG! Totally coveting your pink Kitchen Aid! SO super cute!

    I’m a turkey burger gal, but truthfully, I like a good beef burger or veggie burger just as much. Lotsa ketchup, pickle, lettuce & tomato. I always think I like cheese, but I just recently realized that I can’t really taste it . . . weird!

  9. Wish I had a standing mixer….love it in pink!

  10. Jenna 01.19.2010

    Whoa whoa whoa, a scrapper with wings? I need to get that for my Kitchen Aid! Brilliant I tell ya!

    I like turkey burgers as well. Some cheddar cheese, tomato, pickle, lettuce and ketchup is where it is at. :)

  11. Lauren 01.19.2010

    those little turkey burgers look delicious! I mostly eat veggie burgers, but every once in a while I crave a big ol’ juicy beef burger. I made some mini veggie burgers the other week that are really good:

  12. RunToTheFinish 01.19.2010

    LOVE mushroom on my burgers!

  13. Run Sarah 01.19.2010

    I love hearty black bean or lentil burgers, topped with hummus or ketchup & mustard!

  14. I love chicken burgers with hummus and laughing cow.

  15. Emily 01.19.2010

    I made black bean burgers with diced green chiles, bread crumbs, egg, and cumin/chili spices last night. Delish! I totally recommend it. But, when I crave a meat burger, I always want buffalo. :)

  16. Jamie 01.20.2010

    I LOOOVE salmon burgers!! They are so flavorful and the toppings are endless! Although, your turkey burgers sure are making my mouth water ;)

  17. Brittney 01.20.2010

    I’ve never seen scraper wings before! Talk about love at first sight…

  18. I really like veggie burgers actually, or chicken ones.. I’ve never had a turkey burger and I don’t eat red meat! Your burgers look so colourful though, I want to make some!

  19. Melinda 01.20.2010

    I didn’t know about that attachement. I will need to investigate. We got a kitchenaid mixer for our wedding. Actually my mother in law and sister in law and aunt (in law…my hubbys mom is a twin) bought it for us for my bridal shower. It was really sweet.

  20. Alison 01.20.2010

    those poor baking ingredients…mine live the same sad life.

  21. Jenna 01.20.2010

    Burgers look great!!

  22. Heather 01.20.2010

    I’m starting to use my KitchenAid mixer more these days. Where, oh where, did you find the scraper with wings?!??!

  23. Tracy 01.20.2010

    I love veggie burgers, esp. Sunshine, Amy’s California or homemade black bean burgers. My fav toppings are AVOCADO and sometimes hummus and hot sauce!

  24. Erin 01.20.2010

    Thanks for the mini Greek burger recipe I will be trying this out this weekend! It looks delicious!

  25. i have never seen that paddle attachment with the scrapers–i need one of those!!!

    your burgers look delish–i love greek anything!

  26. kate 01.20.2010

    yum those look awesome,they bring be back to greece :)
    hope you enjoy TBL!

  27. Cari 01.20.2010

    Turkey burger grilled and topped with Havarti cheese, slice of avocado and a little ketchup. Yum! Is it grilling season yet?

    For now, I vow to make Greek mini burgers. They look delish!

  28. Betsy 01.20.2010

    I love Morningstar farms garden burger, the tomato basil pizza variety is awesome! I top mine with pepper jack soy cheese and use a whole wheat english muffin, its so good!

    For a burger off the grill, I usually go w/ the lean turkey burger, mix in french onion soup mix and chopped jalepenos and stick it in the fridge to grill the next day – I could eat these everyday :D

  29. Balance for MEre 01.20.2010

    I just got a stand up mixer in December and am so glad to have a suggestion for a next tool/gadget to use.

  30. BroccoliHut 01.20.2010

    I always top my veggie burgers with lots of avocado!

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  32. Yum Yucky 01.21.2010

    Ummm. Wow! I’m gonna show this to my husband. Maybe I can force him to make it for me??

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  36. Cookie Burkhalter 08.28.2010

    Where did you find the attachment for your KitchenAid mixer? The KitchenAid site doesn’t have. Google seems to have never heard of it. I want one!

  37. Audio Switch 11.16.2010

    kitchen aids have a variety of different appliances that can help you cook your food easier ~~~

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