It’s been gray, foggy and drizzly for three days now. I don’t know how much more I can take!


Luckily, things are much more cheery inside. :) Probably because there’s dried apricots involved. After work, I savored a handful and put the bag away before I had apricot-gate 2.0 on my hands…


And got started on a cookie order I’m making this week!  I must show you the shamefulness – I keep my dry, baking ingredients in plastic bags. :(



Momma needs some containers!!


The sugar cookie recipe and process I use takes three days. Day 1: make the dough. Day 2: roll, cut & bake. Day 3: decorate! FYI – cookies tastes worlds different when you let the dough sit for 24+ hours in the fridge before baking. Unbelievably delicious! Today was day 1 of the process = dough making. Enter my beloved pink, Kitchen Aid Mixer!


And my must have attachment – a paddle with scraper wings! Seriously, if you have a Kitchen Aid, you know what a pain it is to scrape the sides of the bowl. This attachment solves all your problems by scraping with itself. Genius! Here’s where you can buy it >


I managed to cover my sweatshirt in flour…



But not my face. :) Muwahahaha!


After the dough was made, wrapped up tight and popped into the fridge, I started on dinner – Mini Greek Burgers!


Last night I combined:

  • 1lb 99% fat-free, lean turkey breast
  • ~3/4 package frozen spinach, thawed and excess water squeezed out
  • ~1/4 cup feta cheese
  • ~8 sundried tomatoes, hydrated and chopped
  • 1/4 cup red onion, minced
  • salt, pepper, dried oregano & dried thyme

DSC_0054 DSC_0055 DSC_0058

and let it meld together in the fridge all day today.


Tonight, all I had to do was heat up a large flat-top skillet, spray it with non-stick spray,


and pop my mini burgers on top! (big burgers for Ben ;) )


After a couple minutes on one side, I flipped…


and got my toppers ready. A juicy, vine-ripened tomato,


A locally made, olive-oil based vinaigrette,


and some salty, briny capers.


When the burgers were done, I laid out a bed of baby spinach and assembled!


Oh – you guys – too good!


Talk about a dish that PoPs! Sweet sundried tomatoes, salty capers, and those unmistakable flavors of oregano and thyme. Sooo yummy! Give this a try, won’t you? :D


I am so jazzed for tonight. Now that my cookie dough has been made, I’m going to settle in to watch The Biggest Loser for the first time this season. :D I missed the first episode to watch my beloved Hawkeyes crush tail at the Orange Bowl and I was skipping around NYC during the second epi. Who should I be rooting for? I guess I’ll find out soon enough!



Veggie, beef, turkey or “other” burger? What do you like to top yours with?

I like turkey – although I really want to start making some black bean burgers. I like to KIS with my toppings. Some gooey muenster cheese, cold ketchup, and a salty pickle slice really does it for me! :D