Bachelor, anyone? We’ve got all sorts of crazy up in here this season!! **Spoiler alert** so glad nut job Michelle is gone. I feel like she just wanted a husband, and Jake was convenient. Plus, like I said, she’s a nut job. Clearly.

Anyways – it’s an almond butter kind of day! Can you feel it too?


I woke up this morning feeling not so hungry. Strange.


So I made a light, yet filling, breakfast of a slice 100% Whole Wheat Earth Grains toast, smeared with my beloved almond butter. Now that my Trader Joe’s AB stash has been replenished, I can feel free to eat it with abandon. Fab!


I will be digging into my trusty, navel orange sidekick later this morning.


Almond butter is also making an appearance at lunch – I’m telling you, I’m obsessed! :D


We’ve got a deli flat which I plan on toasting and spreading with the almond butter, and a pretty Pink Lady apple. :P Let’s be real though, the almond butter will most likely be eaten straight out of the container with a spoon. ;)

DSC_0007 DSC_0012 DSC_0008 

Oh, I replenished my stock of unsweetened vanilla almond breeze this weekend! I wanted to get a whole palate at Costco, but alas they only had the sweetened kind. I’m becoming obsessed with this stuff too – finding that I’m eating bowls of cereal for my nightly snack just so I can have the almond milk!! 8O It’s also really great in my morning coffee, so I’m taking a little supply with me to work today.


Full of almond butter, and more to come later – I’m off to work. :) Have a great day!


What food are you obsessed with these days?