Bachelor, anyone? We’ve got all sorts of crazy up in here this season!! **Spoiler alert** so glad nut job Michelle is gone. I feel like she just wanted a husband, and Jake was convenient. Plus, like I said, she’s a nut job. Clearly.

Anyways – it’s an almond butter kind of day! Can you feel it too?


I woke up this morning feeling not so hungry. Strange.


So I made a light, yet filling, breakfast of a slice 100% Whole Wheat Earth Grains toast, smeared with my beloved almond butter. Now that my Trader Joe’s AB stash has been replenished, I can feel free to eat it with abandon. Fab!


I will be digging into my trusty, navel orange sidekick later this morning.


Almond butter is also making an appearance at lunch – I’m telling you, I’m obsessed! :D


We’ve got a deli flat which I plan on toasting and spreading with the almond butter, and a pretty Pink Lady apple. :P Let’s be real though, the almond butter will most likely be eaten straight out of the container with a spoon. ;)

DSC_0007 DSC_0012 DSC_0008 

Oh, I replenished my stock of unsweetened vanilla almond breeze this weekend! I wanted to get a whole palate at Costco, but alas they only had the sweetened kind. I’m becoming obsessed with this stuff too – finding that I’m eating bowls of cereal for my nightly snack just so I can have the almond milk!! 8O It’s also really great in my morning coffee, so I’m taking a little supply with me to work today.


Full of almond butter, and more to come later – I’m off to work. :) Have a great day!


What food are you obsessed with these days?

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  1. Do you ever check out realitysteve.com? He has all the spoilers before the season even begins! He even knows who Jakes picks…

    I could never pick one food – love ’em all. :)

  2. Holly 01.19.2010

    My friend reads Reality Steve, too! He has ALL of the spoilers on there. I haven’t read it yet…I like to be surprised, but seriously, Michelle = nut case!

    Hmmm….I am OBSESSED with savory oats right now. Love ’em! I eat banana oats every morning for breakfast, but I love savory oats for dinner. Amaaaaazing.

  3. Kabocha squash and parsnips! All roasted up with cinnamon and garlic – HEAVEN!
    I also has my first EVER iced latte today, and loved it! A new obsession maybe…!!

  4. Um… I’m kind of obsessed with your cilantro lime rice. Like, so obsessed that i think i’m making steak bowls tonight… ha!

  5. Beth 01.19.2010

    I have been obsessed with chobani greek yogurt and soy lattes!

  6. Julie S. 01.19.2010

    Those Bachelor shows are like watching a train wreck! I agree — Michelle was a total nut job. I LOVED that he called her bluff & sent her packin’. :)

  7. I’m so glad Michelle is gone too! She was more than a little crazy!

    I love so many foods I can’t just pick one.

    Have a great day :)

  8. Anna 01.19.2010

    Just a heads up from a Des Moines reader and almond milk fan…at the Jordan Creek Hy-Vee they sell the unsweetened vanilla in 1/2 gallon size! They are over by the health food in the refrigerated section! I found myself going through the small cartons way too frequently… :-)!

  9. Sweet potatoes and peanut butter….together!

  10. Ankeny Hy Vee had several types of Almond Breeze on sale this past weekend.

    My current food obsession…I think yogurt. My friends at work keep commenting on my copious consumption of Yoplait.

  11. Whit 01.19.2010

    Augh! I HATED MICHELLE! She was so freaking crazy. Crying all the time because she did not have Jake to herself. Well what did you expect, crazy? It’s the freaking BACHELOR!

  12. Emily 01.19.2010

    Almond Butter, Almond Milk…now you just need some almonds to finish your day off right! ;)

    DORI is on your orange! Jealous…. lol

  13. Tracy 01.19.2010

    I’m obsessed with kabocha squash…I can’t get enough!! YUM!

    Next you need to try hempmilk. I like Living Harvest unsweetened. I like it as much as Almond Breeze and usually switch back and forth between the 2.

  14. Andrea 01.19.2010

    I completely understand rationing TJ Almond Butter! I live in Texas which means no Trader Joe’s! Bummer! I have been rationing my Almond Butter….even told the husband he needs to use less! Ha ha!
    I tried your banana on almond butter toast this morning….so yummy!
    And yes I am also happy Michelle is gone….love the drama of The Bachelor!

  15. I am eating Almond Milk right now in my overnight oats! So much better than plain old milk!

  16. Melinda 01.19.2010

    I totally agree with you- that girl Michelle was not only very unfriendly to the other girls but was VERY desperate! So glad that she is gone!

    Food that I am obsessed with these days- sounds cliche, but probably hummus- love it to dip veggies, pita crackers :D

  17. Niki 01.19.2010

    I am totally obsessed with Almond Milk too! Never tried it in my coffee though, which will change tomorrow morning!! I am also loving Acorn Squash! I just love that stuff!

  18. Evan Thomas 01.19.2010

    I think I have a chocolate obsession my whole life

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  20. I’m a total almond butter freak too. Not a day goes by that I don’t incorporate it into at least one meal–usually more like 2 or 3. :) It’s just SO good!

  21. Tay 01.19.2010

    Almond milk in coffee is the best!! Okay, maybe not better than cream. But way better than regular millk and soy. Yummm. I have been obsessed with yogurt! Oh goodness…

  22. I’m with you on the almond milk. I can barely tell the difference between that and regular milk. It’s so good! :)

    Hope @ Hope’s Journey

  23. Kate 01.19.2010

    i am loving the bachelor this season too!

    my food obession lately has been humus. i’ve been on two tubs a week!

  24. I’m so glad crazy Michelle is gone too! What a weirdo! ha

    I’ve been obsessed with Mary’s crack and hummus. It’s my go to snack of choice these days! Soo addicting!

  25. hahah I watched the first episode of the Bachelor and last night’s – SO glad that crazy chick is gone. I said from the beginning she’s a freak that is desperate for a husband. The chick who said “I think she needs a therapist before she needs a husband” nailed it on the head. :)

    So glad you’re loving almond milk! As a vegan, I love it too. :)

  26. I am very much hooked on The Bachelor, even though I don’t want to be! I need to check out this spoiler guy! Currently, I am obsessed with chobani yogurt with granola and these honey wheat English muffins with PB. YUM!

  27. I love almond breeze! I’ve tried a lot of brands and that one is def. the creamiest :)
    I’m also obsessed with oranges

  28. Southwest Salads

    Roasted Red Pepper Hummus & Whole-Wheat Pita Chips

    Frosted Mini-Shredded Wheat

  29. oh my gosh. michelle was seriously insane! i’m sad she’s gone bc she was hilarious to laugh at, but for jake’s sake-she needed to go!!!

    ps. i get my hubby to watch the bachelor with me too ;)

  30. I love The Bachelor. Jake is a hunk! And I couldn’t agree more…Michelle is a NUT JOB!

    I am obsessed with plain Greek yogurt at the moment =)

  31. Caroline 01.19.2010

    I’ve been obsessed with anything I can put tomato sauce on lately, I don’t know why. I just love love sauce : )

  32. Margaret 01.19.2010

    I, too, am obsessed with almond milk right now. After you mentioned Almond Breeze, I tried it, and it has changed my life! Thanks, Kristin! :) Both regular milk and soy milk make me feel gross so I’ve been eating cereal dry for over 10 years. Almond milk…no gross feeling!

    Btw, the Jordan Creek Hy-Vee had a sale on Almond Breeze this weekend that made the chilled 1/2 gallons the same price as the smaller shelf-stable containers (plus the register printed a 75c off coupon)! Score!

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