Well, the bad news is that I woke up feeling worse than I did yesterday. The good news is that I went to the doc this morning and got some meds. To health! :D

Last night I ended up watching G.I. Joe instead of Funny People. I was in the mood to be “wowed”. 8O


And I totally was! I love action movies and this one was right up there with the best of them. It wasn’t as cheesy as some action flicks can be, and I definitely liked it more than Transformers and Spiderman. Great rental! Two thumbs up. :)


So a couple weeks ago, reader Sabrina, sent me a link to an article called “Top Skinny Foods for 2010.” Knowing how much I love pumpkin, Sabrina though I would like the yogurt/pumpkin combo that made the list in the article. Today – I gave it a shot – Vanilla Pumpkin Yogurt!


All you do is combine 1/2 cup pumpkin with a fat-free vanilla yogurt, and some cinnamon. Mix and eat!


I topped mine with some crunchy Grape-nuts. I ate this on the couch next to Ben who was reading, and he had to put his book down while I munched because the crunch of the grape-nuts was so loud he couldn’t concentrate. For some reason this made me laugh soooo hard. Muwahahahaha!


Pumpkin lovers: TOTAL WINNER! Tasted like pumpkin pie filling. Loved it – will be repeating. :)


Thanks Sabrina!


I’m going to go watch some “How the Earth Was Made” on the History Channel (my fave) and then get my bake on!! The recipe I’m diving into is life changing!


What are some of your favorite crunchy foods?