Look at this – told you that recipe made a tOn of cookies! Even after my cookie monster afternoon, Ben making a small dent in the batch and a special delivery to my parents this afternoon, there are still sooo many cookies left! 8O


I packed the remaining cookies up and stuck them in the freezer. 4 layers of frozen bliss. :D These are a blessing (or a curse depending on how you look at it!) because now whenever my sweet tooth kicks into high gear, I can just reach in the freezer for a little fix…eek, actually!!


So last night Ben and I did decide to order Dominos. I actually ordered online! First you pick your crust, sauce and cheese. I got their new, reformulated garlic-infused crust, robust tomato sauce and mozzarella.



Then you pick your toppings! I got half pepperoni for Ben (he likes to KISS) and half black olive & banana peppers for your truly. We also got a Hawaiian Pizza for giggles.


Then, this is the coolest thing ever, you track your pizza as it’s being made!! I placed my order at 5:23…


And by 5:32 it was ready for pickup!


Cool concept – but it needs a wee bit of tweaking. When Ben got there to pick the pizzas up, they said they needed 8 more minutes (even though I “watched” the pizzas being made) and when we opened the boxes at home, everything was semi jacked.


The pizza where we picked our toppings only had the toppings on one side so one half was plain cheese. The same pizza had the “old”, non-reformulated crust. Regardless, they were both delicious! I haven’t had pizza in Heaven knows how long – so it was a treat! :D


This morning I woke up and opened a special delivery package I got in the mail on Friday – STARBUCKS MUGS FROM CANADA!!


Becca, from Becca’s Journey, knows that I’ve started to collect Starbucks mugs from wherever I go (DANG! forgot to get one in NYC!) and she sent me not one, but TWO mugs from Canada. My first International Starbucks mugs! :D

DSC_0017 DSC_0018

Isn’t that the sweetest thing ever?! Thanks Becca!

DSC_0021 DSC_0020 

Well yesterday’s cookies and pizza kept me pretty full until late morning today. When I finally broke for a meal, I whipped up a bowl of Cheerios. :)


Topped with a sliced banana and doused in almond milk.


One thing I’ve found about almond milk is that it seeps into your food faster than cows milk. It’s weird because it doesn’t make it more soggy, there’s just nothing left when you get to the end of the bowl. Am I crazy?


Polished off with another cookie. I stopped at one today because I am the picture of moderation. Obviously… ;)


Going to get started on dinners for this week – LOOK WHAT I FOUND IN MY STASH OF COOK BOOKS!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHH!!!


Slow cooker cookbooks galore – I am in Heaven!!


Thin, hand tossed or deep dish crust? What’s your favorite pizza takeout chain?

If crusts had no calories, I’d go deep dish every time. My fave takeout place is Papa Murphy’s. It always tastes so fresh! :D