The Forgotten Gift


It’s a BLIZZARD, people!

Not that kind of blizzard… (a delicious pumpkin pie blizzard)


A blizzard blizzard!


My poor, tiny little car was almost launched off the highway on multiple occasions coming home tonight, because the wind is howling something fierce! I’m just praying that this doesn’t turn into another one of these… 8O


In other news, I wanted to tell you that my Baked Tofu, Rice & Roasted Vegetable lunch was SO delicious and held me over SO well today! Ben came to eat with me and finally threatened to leave if I wouldn’t hurry up because I was taking forever – savoring each and every little tofu nugget! (He wouldn’t have really left me ;) ) True, it’s only the second way I’ve prepared tofu – but cubed and baked is where it’s at. For now, anyways! :D

So remember the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, aka the secret stash of slow cooker cookbooks, I found this weekend?!


I can’t believe I forgot I had these! One of my best friends got us a slow cooker and all of these cook books for our wedding, but I think I put them in storage for the Spring/Summer (we got married in early Spring) and never rummaged them back out.



And just because it’s so friggin’ cold out – honeymoon memories! Oh the warmth of Cabo San Lucas…take me back!


Anyways, I dove into the books this weekend and found recipes in all of them to make this week! That’s right – we’ve got 4 nights of slow cooker goodness going on. Well, tomorrow’s dinner doesn’t technically require a slow cooker, but the recipe was still found in one of the cookbooks. :)

Tonight’s dinner was adapted from a recipe in the Not Your Mother’s Slow Cooker: Recipes for Two cook book.


So glad I have this in my arsenal, because one thing you’ll definitely get from slow cooker recipes is LEFTOVERS! Sometimes too many, so recipes for two is perfect for Ben and me. 


Mexican Tofu & Rice Slow Cooker Soup

Adapted from the Sopa de Casera with Chicken, Tofu, Avocado, and Beans recipe in the Not Your Mother’s Slow Cooker Recipes for Two cook book.


1/2 cup onion, minced

1 clove garlic, minced

1/4 cup + 3 Tablespoons cilantro, divided

2 Tablespoons medium grain brown rice, uncooked

1 cup Great Northern beans (or cannellini beans), drained and rinsed

dash of dried oregano

dash of red pepper flakes

5 cups chicken broth, divided*

1 cup cooked chicken, shredded

1/2 cup extra-firm tofu, cubed

2 cups baby spinach, torn

salt & pepper

2 roma tomatoes, chopped

1/2 avocado, chopped

lime wedges


1. Combine onion, garlic, 3 Tablespoons cilantro, rice, beans, oregano, red pepper flakes and 3 cups of chicken broth in slow cooker. Cook on high for 2.5 hours (or until rice is cooked).

2. Add remaining cilantro, chicken, tofu, spinach and S&P, and cook for 20 more minutes on high.

3. Serve topped with tomatoes, avocado and a squeeze of lime.

*If making ahead of time, you will need ~2 more cups of chicken broth to make “soup like” again.


This soup was so unique! A nice zip from red pepper flakes, comforting goodness of chicken broth and a nice ting from the lime juice.


Plus the texture from the shredded chicken and cubed tofu were just perfect!


I served my soup with some chips and guacamole. Oh. Yum.


Here’s my recipe for Lightening Quick Guacamole:

Mash one avocado with salt, pepper and garlic powder. Squeeze in some lime juice, stir in chopped roma tomatoes and serve cold!



I love guac! Buttery, garlicky and so special. :)


Oh, ps, some people like to use the “spoon scoop” method of getting to the avocado flesh, but I find it’s much easier to “peel” the avocado. Much less mess and no avocado waste!


This was a truly unique soup and like the book says, it was perfect for two. Ok, we had some leftovers, but not much! ;)


Tonight I am settling in to watch The Bachelor and text back and forth with my girlfriend all episode long. We like to gossip about what’s happening via BBM (blackberry messenger.) ;)

Goodnight everyone!


What’s your chip dip of choice?

I looooove, love, love homemade guac – but there’s something to be said for a nice, crisp potato chip and cold, creamy French onion dip! Oh, and Beanis!

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  1. Lauren 01.25.2010

    Too bad it’s not the first kind of blizzard. That one looks so much more enticing! :)

    What a wonderful slow cooker recipe. I never would think of put tofu in my slow cooker. How convenient.

    Guac is by FAR the best dip for a chip. I love making my own, but I really don’t think anything on this earth beats Chipotle guac. Amen??!?! :)

  2. Andrea 01.25.2010

    Great wedding dress!!

  3. Molly 01.25.2010

    ah stay safe down there! The boy was suppose to come up and visit but i-35 I closed past Ames! :( lame!

  4. Katie 01.25.2010

    chips and salsa for sureee.. and guac too!

  5. Glad you made it home in one piece! Guac is my fav for sure :-)

  6. I wish I had a smaller slow cooker because sometimes we have tons of leftovers. Lucky for me Hunni is a leftover eating machine.

    My favorite dip is Hummus. I eat it on everything.

  7. Julie 01.25.2010

    Oooooh guac, hummus and salsa!

  8. Evan Thomas 01.25.2010

    I’ll trade my rain for your snow
    I like my chips pre-flavored. The cheddar or sour cream and onion Pop chips are just too perfect on their own

  9. Jenna 01.25.2010

    It is super duper windy up here, and the temp keeps on dropping and dropping. Stay warm and safe!

    I love guac too. Funny thing is, I used to hate it. But now, I can’t get enough.

  10. Jenna 01.25.2010

    Mmm yummy guac!

  11. emily 01.25.2010

    I’m a fan of pretty much all dips but the best is Buffalo chicken dip – cheesy, gooey, spicy, perfect!

  12. Abby 01.25.2010

    I’d rather have the pumpkin pie blizzard!
    And your dress is gorgeous!!!

  13. Emily 01.25.2010

    Girl, that wedding picture is beautiful! You’re both glowing. :)

  14. kate 01.25.2010

    oh the joy of living in iowa!

  15. Sara 01.25.2010

    I want a pumpkin pie blizzard! Love your wedding pic. That cookbook looks perfect for me and my hubby. I should get that!

  16. katie 01.25.2010

    great soup! i LOVE dipping things in greek yogurt and spices.
    YOU are a beautiful bride, and a beautiful girl!!

  17. twutritionist 01.26.2010

    That winter looks miserable. At least you have some yummy, warm food to get you through it :)

  18. Wow, love the color dinner! Nothing beats homemade guac!

  19. I’m a hummus gal – can never have too much of the stuff, especially caremalized hummus….ahh :)
    I did tofu last night, it was amazing!! I’m offically a convert now :P

  20. jen 01.26.2010

    That guac looks soooooo good! And, what a beautiful bride you were!

  21. Love homemade guac! Just made some on Sunday…mmmm… Definitely my favorite chip dip. Fresh salsa is up there too!

  22. Graze With Me 01.26.2010

    I just posted a Flashback post about where my hubby and I got engaged and it was in Cabo – so funny that you just put that photo up.

    I’d choose guac for sure but I would be happy eating it with a spoon instead of chips…

  23. Courtney 01.26.2010

    oh man! I seen Ben is wearing an exclusive intramural champ t-shirt! Very jealous! I never got one, but I was so close one year!

  24. sassy 01.26.2010

    Yum…that looks awesome. I love the little dipper chips!

  25. Cabo is where we are getting married!!!! 

    And can I say you made a stunnung bride!

  26. Jenn ( 01.28.2010

    You were a stunning bride! Love the idea of avocado in soup. Is this Mexican week for you? lol Love it! :)

    I think my favorite chips are Cape Cod potato chips. :oops:


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  28. Micheal 08.22.2013

    I have a question about the:*If making ahead of time, you will need ~2 more cups of chicken broth to make “soup like” again. I don’t get this. If I make this soup for dinner and then eat next day for lunch do I add the broth then?

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