Twist on a Bar Food Favorite


Thanks for the nice words regarding this morning’s food & fitness related Q&A’s! If you have any other questions you’d like me to try and answer, my inbox is always open. ;)

Well, as some of you pointed out last night – I have been on a Tex-Mex/Mexican KICK this week! Between enchiladas, Chili Verde, Tex Mex Turkey Casserole and Mexican Tofu & Rice Slow Cooker Soup – I have almost Tex-Mex’d myself into oblivion! Keyword: almost. ;)

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Tonight I kicked up a Tex-Mex/bar food favorite and made BBQ Bean & Tofu Nachos!


I know, I know. Beans + tofu = nachos? Trust me, it totally works! It tastes just like BBQ chicken nachos…just minus the chicken and plus the tofu. :D


All I did was bake some cubed, extra-firm tofu mixed with some BBQ sauce, at 350 degrees for 20 minutes.



Drop a spoonful of vegetarian baked beans into some baked tortilla chip cups, top with a couple tofu cubes and sprinkle the whole thing with cheese.





Pop under the broiler until they’re golden brown.




I looove, love, love BBQ, and these were a super fun twist on your standard BBQ chicken nacho. The tofu texture totally kicked chicken’s butt!


You could top these with chopped tomatoes, green or red onion, bacon (ooo THAT would have been good!), avocado, olives – the WORKS! I just wanted mine plain though – with an occasional dab of extra BBQ sauce. :)


Gosh, is there anything better than popable "bar food"? MmM!

My Mom and I are babysitting Finn tonight – can’t wait to see the little bugger and squish him like the little peach that he is!


What’s are your favorite "bar foods"?

I could never turn down a french fry or onion rings sliced SUPER thin!

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  1. I’m a big tex-mex fan and I love bbq nachos, I have had them at bbq restaurants before but not at a tex-mex place. These looks veryyyy good. My fave bar food is any type of nachos or fried cheese nip things dipped in ranch dressing!

  2. This is such an AWESOME idea!!! I am so excited about these! Definitely making them this weekend!!!

  3. What a fab recipe idea! I need to find me some of those little shells!!
    My favourite bar food is them :) and I went to a restaurant not all that long ago and at the bar they had the most amazing posh crisps! LOVE posh crisps!! They don’t feel unhealthy :P
    Have a good evning :)

  4. Those really look great, what an awesome idea!

  5. Kate G. 01.28.2010

    Wow this is a great idea! Im sooo getting the boyfriend to eat tofu with these :)

  6. Lauren 01.28.2010

    Oh yes! I see nothing weird or abnormal about this dinner what so ever! Don’t you just LOVE BBQ tofu? I think it may be my favorite way to eat it. :)

  7. I love fried pickles!

  8. I could always go for a nice big plate of onion rings or some good wings from the Anchor bar in Buffalo.

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  10. Thats an awesome twist on a bar snack favorite! I wish bars would serve something like that!

    My favorite bar snack comes with a drink: Bloody mary with all the fixins’ – pickles, green olives, lime wedges, shrimp and beef jerky! =)

  11. Rachel 01.28.2010

    Oh these look good!!
    I just did a little shout out to you on my blog! I love the Bacon Mac recipe you’ve shared on here and I posted about it last night. It’s one of our favorite meals now!

  12. Jessica 01.28.2010

    Chips and Salsa…deadly

  13. Jessica 01.28.2010

    I love how creative you are with all of your dinner ideas!
    Does your husband eat your tofu creations. I have never been able to get mine to try it!

  14. Jenna 01.28.2010

    I would have to go with nachos myself. With the whole works, of course. :)

  15. Julie 01.28.2010

    nachos and fried ravioli…yum

  16. What a great idea! Love the idea of individual nachos! Especially tofu ones!! I love Cheese sticks and Fried Pickles!! YUMMY!

  17. Abby 01.28.2010

    I WILL be making these.

  18. I love that idea and have never even come close to thinking of something like that! Great idea.

  19. Jessica 01.28.2010

    I LOVE your tex mex dishes. Those little nacho cups are super cute too! They would make a good hor d’ourves for a party.

    My favorite “bar” food would probably be …spinach artichoke dip. I haven’t had it in years but I remember ordering it ALL the time before.

  20. emily 01.28.2010

    My favorite bar food is nachos! Add some chopped jalopenos to your genius idea and I would be in heaven.

  21. JC 01.29.2010

    Mmm that looks good!! Spinich dip or margarita pizza :)

  22. Arati 01.29.2010

    Love this recipe. I am going to use this for my next party as an appetizer… thanks girl!

  23. Jenna 01.29.2010

    Mmm look great!!

  24. Jenn ( 01.29.2010

    :o ! These look incredible!! I have to make them… maybe for my next dinner party or who knows? Maybe sooner! Yummmmm


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  26. I adore bar food… pretty much anything on the left side of the menu is good in my book. :)

    And I really need to master the art of cooking with tofu- because those look great!

  27. I keep walking over to the tofu at the grocery store and then walking away…but I really want to make these! My favorite bar food…probably cheese balls.

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