WOW – that was one long happy hour, eh? ;)

I “unplugged” yesterday – and truth be told, there wasn’t much going on here anyways! Oh, I DID watch the Miss America pageant! Did you see the talent portion? Miss Louisiana should have won based on her piano performance alone…she was inspired! What’s your opinion on beauty pageants? Outdated, ok, cool? I don’t mind them for older women (Miss America type stuff) but Toddlers in Tiaras makes me want to take those stage parents by the shoulders and shake some sense into them!!

At any rate, this morning I met one of my best friends, who was in from out of town, for breakfast at Gateway Market!


Seriously love this place. It’s so fresh, bright and bistro-esque. :)


Breakfast, lunch or dinner – the food is ALWAYS dynamite.


Now I have a thing for Gateway’s home fry/hashbrowns but, as you know, I also have a well documented thing for oatmeal. So, today I bit the bullet and ordered Irish Steel Cut Oatmeal.


Woah! The bowl/plate was as big as my torso!


Served with maple syrup and brown sugar on the side.


I take my oatmeal “dry”, if you will, so this was a little different in that it was on the “soupy” side. But you know what? I didn’t mind it at all – it was kind of a nice change of pace!


I’d never had Irish steel cut oats before and I LOVED them! The texture was kind of like Israeli couscous – round and very chewy. Irish steel cut oats are just oats that have had the outer (I just typed “oater”) husk removed and then are chopped up. Old fashioned oats, in comparison, are oats that have the husks removed and then are steamed and flattened. I have a HUGE box of old fashioned oats that I got from Costco a couple months ago – but when I run out (just typed “oat”!!), I’m totally buying a canister of the steel cut variety!


A perfectly warm, comforting and tasty breakfast for such a cold and blustery winter day. Also perfect for catching up with an old friend – miss that boo already!! :(


After a quick Target run, I’m back home taking care of my patient. It’s true, I passed on my sickness to poor Ben! Cough drops and Nyquil will have to be the remedy until I can convince him to go to the doctor…which will be hard to do considering the man thinks he is self healing. Oh dear!


Talk to you later!