New Food Experience: Irish Steel Cut Oats


WOW – that was one long happy hour, eh? ;)

I “unplugged” yesterday – and truth be told, there wasn’t much going on here anyways! Oh, I DID watch the Miss America pageant! Did you see the talent portion? Miss Louisiana should have won based on her piano performance alone…she was inspired! What’s your opinion on beauty pageants? Outdated, ok, cool? I don’t mind them for older women (Miss America type stuff) but Toddlers in Tiaras makes me want to take those stage parents by the shoulders and shake some sense into them!!

At any rate, this morning I met one of my best friends, who was in from out of town, for breakfast at Gateway Market!


Seriously love this place. It’s so fresh, bright and bistro-esque. :)


Breakfast, lunch or dinner – the food is ALWAYS dynamite.


Now I have a thing for Gateway’s home fry/hashbrowns but, as you know, I also have a well documented thing for oatmeal. So, today I bit the bullet and ordered Irish Steel Cut Oatmeal.


Woah! The bowl/plate was as big as my torso!


Served with maple syrup and brown sugar on the side.


I take my oatmeal “dry”, if you will, so this was a little different in that it was on the “soupy” side. But you know what? I didn’t mind it at all – it was kind of a nice change of pace!


I’d never had Irish steel cut oats before and I LOVED them! The texture was kind of like Israeli couscous – round and very chewy. Irish steel cut oats are just oats that have had the outer (I just typed “oater”) husk removed and then are chopped up. Old fashioned oats, in comparison, are oats that have the husks removed and then are steamed and flattened. I have a HUGE box of old fashioned oats that I got from Costco a couple months ago – but when I run out (just typed “oat”!!), I’m totally buying a canister of the steel cut variety!


A perfectly warm, comforting and tasty breakfast for such a cold and blustery winter day. Also perfect for catching up with an old friend – miss that boo already!! :(


After a quick Target run, I’m back home taking care of my patient. It’s true, I passed on my sickness to poor Ben! Cough drops and Nyquil will have to be the remedy until I can convince him to go to the doctor…which will be hard to do considering the man thinks he is self healing. Oh dear!


Talk to you later!

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  1. Krystin 01.31.2010

    True love means sharing everything.. even colds! ;) Poor Ben, hope he feels better pronto! :)

  2. When you make the switch from old fashioned to steel cut, beware. Steel cut take a lot longer to cook! When I make steel cut oats, I try to make a huge pot and save the rest for later in the week.

  3. Are these different from Steel Cut or are they the same? I have seen both but only have eaten non irish steal cut… they take forever to cook, like 45 minutes so I very rarely eat them.

  4. I loovvve my oatmeal on the soup-y, milk-y side of things – but this morning I had them ‘dry’ lol! Either way, the oats you had looked fab :) Old fashioned is definetly the way to go!
    I hate tiny people beauty pageants (as in toddlers/babies) but I’ve never seen a ‘proper’ one, so I have no idea! The most I’ve seen was Miss Congeniality, and that seemed pretty cool….
    They’re not a big deal in England, I think it’s more an American thing :)
    Have a good day!

  5. Evan Thomas 01.31.2010

    I like my oats dry, too, so I don’t know how I would have liked that. Plus, I need peanut butter for my oats! I swear it’s not as filling for me if I don’t boost the fat

  6. I have a great recipe for crockpot steel cut oats that makes more than enough for a week’s worth of breakfasts! Let me know if you want it!

  7. Toddler in Tiaras makes me so sad, too. :(

  8. Kendel 01.31.2010

    I hope Ben gets better soon! At least he has an awesome wife who knows a lot about healthy food to cook up something healing! Your breakfast photos are absolutely gorgeous! I must say the steel cut oats are slightly more photogenic!

  9. Melinda 01.31.2010

    It looks really good. I see challah french toast on the menu you had pictured and that would be what I would order.

  10. I have some that I really want to make but I’m going to make mine in the slow cooker.

    Sorry Ben is sick but hopefully he go to the doc soon.

  11. teresa 01.31.2010

    …and I have a great recipe for baked Apple Cinnamon Irish oatmeal, too. I bake a big casserole and then reheat portions each day until it’s gone. I recommend it for anyone dealing with Iowa winters.

  12. Simply Life 01.31.2010

    Glad to hear you liked the oats!

  13. Jamie 01.31.2010

    my roommate just bough a crock pot so i see some steal cut oats and a few of your delicious looking crock pot recipes in my future; im so excited!!

  14. Steel cut oats are awesome! Just take too long to cook for every day ;-)

  15. Amber 01.31.2010

    Why do guys refuse to take over the counter drugs? My boyfriend REFUSES to take anything! Instead, he just suffers. I don’t understand.

    That oatmeal looks delicious! I might have to try that sometime. I have only eaten at Gateway Market once and had pizza. Maybe I will have to give it a try again! :)

  16. a 01.31.2010

    OOoh I’m so glad you tried the steel cut oats I’ve been curious myself and to be honest glad I didn’t try them as I like my oats pretty dry , not creamy at all, so soupy would not work for me :)
    hope you re feeling better.

  17. Oooh those steel cut oats look fabulous! Love me some pinhead oats as Alton Brown would say :)
    so sweet of you to take care of Ben!

  18. dana828 01.31.2010

    Steel cut oats are the only way to go! If you don’t want to take the 45 minutes to cook them, Trader Joe’s has some quick-cooking steel cut oats that only take 10 minutes–SO good with a little almond butter, cinnamon, & sliced banana! When I have the time I make a pot of Alton Browns version, which lasts a week in the fridge.

  19. Matt 01.31.2010

    I love steel cut oats! They are a pain to cook but they are so chewy and delicious.

  20. kate 01.31.2010

    looks like i need to check that restaurant out next time im in dsm. hope ben feels better!

  21. christina hales 01.31.2010

    This product has been a HUGE HIT for marathon runners-thought I’d share!

    I’d love to get your thoughts!

  22. Allison Porter 02.01.2010

    I’m not sure if anyone already mentioned this, but you can soak steel cut oats overnight and then they’re super easy in the morning. I use a 1:4 ratio of oats and water/milk/whatev. You just microwave the water till it’s boiling, dump in the oats, cover and stick in the fridge, and then pull them out in the morning and microwave for about 6 minutes (till they’re the right consistency). Wah-lah!

  23. Cass 02.01.2010

    thanks for writing about miss america! i competed in the miss america organization for 4 years and did well, so i appreciate when it gets some attention! normally im a fanatic about the pageant, especially once you’ve seen it live and had best friends competing recently. but this was the first year since i can remember that i didnt watch! i didnt know any of the girls, and i dont have TLC :( but i DID check out photos and youtube clips and have to say, as a vocalist i am EXTREMELY picky about my singing, and caressa’s vocal was a-ma-zing. i am tired of the competition being 40% talent, yet we always end up with weakly-talented girls. i am so glad to see caressa has pipes to go with her looks, and equally glad to hear that louisiana also had stellar talent. way to go, girls! thanks again for watching, and reporting!

  24. Allison Porter 02.02.2010

    Oops, forgot to mention you need a huge bowl to microwave the oats. I made a huge mess in my microwave the first time! :)

  25. Jenna 02.02.2010

    Need tried steel cut oats but they look great!!

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