Banished from the Face of the Earth


Good morning! How goes it?

I got my day started with a quick, yet effective, workout incorporating the treadmill and some free weights:

I upped the number of reps in my free weight circuit from 12 to 15, because the 5lb weights are a little too easy, but the 8lb weights (which is the next heaviest at my gym) are a little too hard right now. I can totally tell the difference when adding those extra three reps in. It was a struggle on my last circuit – but a good struggle, you know? Oh, and let me just tell you, inclines are where it’s at! After 5 minutes at an 8% incline, I was breathing just as hard as my 10  minute run at 7mph! Wheee! :D Do you ever play around with inclines on the treadmill?

I created a Frankenstein-esque breakfast today by combining two of my favorite things – overnight oats and pumpkin pie yogurt to make one stellar combo: Pumpkin Pie Overnight Oats!


God bless food blogs. I honestly don’t think I would have ever eaten as much of the awesome orange stuff without them to provide so much pumpkin creation inspiration! Between yogurt, pancakespie, oatmeal, butter – the pumpkin possibilities are endless, people!


In this morning’s PPOO mix:

  • 1/4 cup old fashioned oats
  • 1/2 cup pumpkin
  • 1 French Vanilla fat-free yogurt
  • cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice
  • Sliced banana
  • Sliced almonds


Combine all the ingredients, stash in the fridge overnight and devour in the sweet, sweet morning. :)


Totally loving adding pumpkin to overnight oats, to yogurt, to oatmeal, to…anything! It adds a ton of “girth” without adding a lot of calories. Very nutrient dense, to boot!


This was so yummy and perfect for a post-workout breakfast. Creamy, chewy, VOLUMINOUS and perfectly sweet. We’ve got a repeater on our hands!


Lunch today is a complete mish-mash of items – which happens to be one of my favorite types of lunches. All kinds of textures and flavors…fun. :)


I’ll be starting with an almond butter and thin bun sandwich. Thin bun? Nice name!


Perfectly swirled with almond butter, obviously.


These “thin buns” go by many names depending on the brand. Thin buns, deli thin, sandwich thin – no matter what they’re called though, they’re all really, really good.


At first glance you might think they’re dry little pathetic excuses for bread or buns – but they’re actually super moist and great for a variety of eats. Ben and I both LOVED them with our BBQ Bacon Burgers last night!


Eek – doesn’t this kind of look like a one eyed rattle snake?!


I also packed some leftover roasted asparagus from last night. Misted with olive oil, sprinkled with garlic salt and roasted for 13 minutes at 400 degrees. Tender and flavorful as can be!


Rounding out the mish-mash is a grape & kiwi salad.


Super summery, no? Kiwis always make me think of fruity, fresh, summery salads – and these babies were 5/$1 at the store this weekend. Sweet!


Mixed with some grapes – this is a perfect little fruit salad. :)


To be eaten in shifts, for sure. Awesome!  


In other news – I’m fortunate to be the lucky lady featured in Refrigerator Soup’s “Twenty Questions with our Favorite Food Bloggers” feature this week! Refrigerator Soup doles out the yummiest, most delectable food blog creations on the web, all in one place. Super great. Check out my twenty answers if you get a chance!

Have a supah Tuesday!


Taken from the Twenty Questions feature, because it made me laugh:

If you could banish just one food from the earth, what would it be?

I cheated and banished three: cooked carrots, bell peppers and mushrooms. Iiiiiiiick!

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  1. Evan Thomas 02.02.2010

    I have to say mayonnaise. I just don’t understand it or appreciate it

  2. You always have the most amazing looking lunches!!!

  3. CAULIFLOWER. Seriously, that food is DEVIL FOOD!! I actually gag if I eat it :(
    BAH at you Americans with your tinned pumpkin :;( we can’t get it over here, it’s so upsetting!! I made my own ‘tinned pumpkin’ the oher day, by mashing cooked squash and adding it to oatmeal. I think it’s way better :P (though I’ve never tried tinned pumpkin….)
    Oh and your lunch looks so fresh and wonderful – I got kiwis yesterday, they’re SO tasty!!
    Have a great day :)

  4. I’m with you, before reading food blogs I never would have thought to add pumpkin to anything!

  5. Jamie 02.02.2010

    How do you manage to get a treadmill and weights? Is your gym really quiet in the morning? Whenever I get a machine at the gym I have to horde it because there is always a line!

  6. OOH, i would say okra! Anything that has hair on the outside and snot in the middle needs to go away.

  7. I love sandwich “thins” but they all seem to have sucralose in them. Not a huge deal because a little artificial sweetener won’t kill you, but for the same calories, I like Martin’s 100% whole wheat potato rolls. Different texture being they are thicker though. :)


  8. MyThy 02.02.2010

    Breakfast & lunch looks delish & well rounded. I have a question about your O.O.’s (Overnight Oats), are you using old fashioned oats? Does it soften? I cooked 1/4 C old fashion oats + 1/2 almond breeze + 1/2 banana this morning for 7-8 mins and it still held its shape–unlike instant/quick cooking oats. Is this right?
    I’m trying to incorporate oatmeal (instead of my typical yogurt fruit salad mess!) but I’m a cereal kind of gal. My Dr says I need to up the iron in my diet and oatmeal is one of the ways.
    Thanks! Have a happy Tuesday!

  9. Carrie 02.02.2010

    Wow, you just banished some delicious foods!

    I’d get rid of canned green beans. I’ve hated them since I was little and never grew out of it.

  10. I could go without uncooked carrots- I prefer them cooked but don’t think they are good at all when raw (unless dipped in something). I can’t think of anything I want to banish- this will be on my mind today :)

  11. Rose 02.02.2010

    I would banish shredded coconut. I hate it!

  12. Yasmin 02.02.2010

    And don’t forget my favorite pumpkin pizzas :) I would banish grapefruits. They taste awful to me and also pork.

  13. Run Sarah 02.02.2010

    Love the yellow-orange tinge of pumpkin oats :) I would banish thick, juicy, hamburgers. Yuck!

  14. Mandy 02.02.2010

    I would banish beets! I can eat just about any veggie but beets taste so weird to me.

  15. AP 02.02.2010

    Brussel sprouts!! I had a really hard time thinking of anything to banish, though.
    I can’t wait to eat my kiwis after seeing yours!

  16. I’m afraid I can only agree with one of your choices: cooked carrots. I hate mushy carrots. Sauted is fine, but carrots in a crockpot? That can ruin a dish.

  17. Sara 02.02.2010

    Your oats look so good. I really want something pumpkin right now, but I couldn’t find any canned pumpkin at my grocery store…maybe the shortage has finally hit AZ. It’s funny to see what everyone would banish. I’d banish curry. I hate that seasoning!

  18. I would totally banish mushrooms too! Hate their texture!! Breakfast looks yummy! So jealous you have pumpkin… my stores are out until August, so they say :(

  19. Erin 02.02.2010

    Cooked cauliflower, hands down. And olives. Evil evil foods, lol!

  20. Susan C. 02.02.2010

    I would banish cooked peas, just hate the texture. Also liver, yuck, have bad childhood memories of being forced to eat both peas and liver!

  21. I’d banish malted milk balls. Seriously? Who eats those? Disgusto!!

    • heather 02.03.2010

      AHAHA no way! whoppers are nutso! reese’s makes PB ones too now…they are incredible(once evvery twelve years, i mean, not an everyday thing, LOL).

  22. Bridget 02.02.2010

    I tried overnight oats on Sunday (they were actually Church Oats as I made them before and enjoyed them after church!) They were so great! Thanks or the idea. Im looking forward to trying the addition of pumpkin too!

    It was fun to read your answers on Refrigerator Soup! Thanks for all of the fun articles, links, and videos… Several friends of mine and I read your blog daaaaily, we love it!

  23. Jessica 02.02.2010

    this has nothing to do with your post but CAN YOU BELIEVE he kept Veina AGAIN!!!!! UGH

  24. I’ve been playing around with the incline on the treadmill a lot more because it’s more like running outside!

    I would banish: Celery, sugar snap peas, and Kombucha lol

  25. Machelle 02.02.2010

    You bannished 3 things that I dearly LOVE! Ha! Mine would be pineapple, bratwurst, & bleu cheese.

  26. Machelle 02.02.2010

    For many years I thought I hated cooked carrots too cuz mom always bought the canned ones….horrible! You have to have fresh ones, just boil in a little water till they are the doneness you want them (I don’t like mine mushy!), spritz on a little spray fake butter, salt & pepper, they are wonderful! And canned peas are no good…try frozen. Much better! And I love them cold on a tossed salad. YUM!

  27. Rachel 02.02.2010

    I would definitely banish mushrooms too. I will NOT eat them under any circumstance. I won’t even eat foods made with cream of mushroom soup. YUCK!

  28. Jenna 02.02.2010

    If I could banish one food, it would be olives, hands down. Everything about olives grosses me out; the texture; the smell; the taste. I can’t even eat food that has had olives on it at some point. The one exception to this would be the salad at Olive Garden. There are too many flavors in that to worry about the olives.

  29. Kelly 02.02.2010

    I agree that without food blogs I would eat a LOT less pumpkin haha.
    Please do not banish cooked carrots- I know they are not as good as raw carrots, but my tummy likes them better. Also, I love mushrooms so you have officially made me angry haha. J/k
    I would banish vinegar, pickles (see #1), I don’t really like cheese either but I don’t think it would be nice to banish it since so many people love it.

  30. Jimmy Clausen 02.02.2010

    Pudding…. never ate it, never will.

  31. I am the least picky person EVER when it comes to food. I like/will eat pretty much EVERYTHING. I would ban McDonalds – does that count? Haha!

  32. I love the inclines. Before I was officially allowed to run again I was constantly playing with the inclines and sweating my hiney off.

    I would get rid of cauliflower. I can’t stand the stuff. It makes me gag.

  33. Caroline 02.02.2010

    I think I would banish pickles. Yuck!

  34. Your lunch looks gorgeous! I’ve been eating grapes the past few days with some catered lunches that have been brought into the office and I’m loving them. And of course this is the week I decided to NOT buy any!

    If I could banish one food, what would it be? Hmm … I would have to say cottage cheese or olives. As much as I try, I just can’t like either of them! :-) Although, I’m thinking that Cheese Whiz should be on the list, too, since it’s such a horrible non-food!


  35. kate 02.02.2010

    I was just looking online at restaurants in Iowa City that I could email in regards to our blogger meetup & I found out Wig&Pen opened up a new local in Ankeny! I thought you would love this news, now you can get your flying tomato way more often.

  36. Evan 02.02.2010

    KP! I think it’s about time you take a weekend off, and give us an extended Ben’s Corner….whaddya say? I’m in the mood for hotwurst.

  37. BroccoliHut 02.02.2010

    Mmm kiwi and grapes sound like a great combo!

  38. Haily 02.02.2010

    What is with you girls? I would banish french fries and cake….

  39. Bridget 02.02.2010

    Awesome kiwi and grape salad! I would banish mustard and water chestnuts–they are absolutely the most disgusting things in the world. I won’t eat anything that has touched either!

  40. Jenna 02.02.2010

    I have to try pumpkin in my yog soon!

  41. Cari 02.03.2010

    Raw celery. Hate it. It has no taste and takes forever to chew. Yeeuck!

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