You Guys are Great!


You guys are so great! Thanks for being excited for both the Chobani Cho-Rainbow Giveaway AND my chances at getting to Napa Valley! You will literally hear my squeal for MILES if I’m selected! Don’t forget, you’ve got until 3pm central tomorrow to enter to win. :D

In other news – Ben and I are continuing to put our blinders on when it comes to the cold, wind and snow, by making dinners reminiscent of those hot summer nights! 8) Tonight: BBQ Chicken Sandwiches with Roasted Brussels Sprouts!


FYI: my new favorite thing in the entire world is roasting chicken. I never knew it was so EASY! All you do is take thawed or frozen chicken tenders or breasts, season them up with a mist of olive oil and S&P, then roast them in a 375 degree oven for 15-25 minutes (depending on if they’re frozen or thawed).

That’s literally it! No messing around with a skillet on the stovetop or splatters on the wall. Using this easy roasting method, you get juicy, tender and flavorful chicken in mere minutes. Plus, if you line your baking sheet with foil, there is NO cleanup!! :D

So – for tonight’s BBQ Chicken Sandwiches, I roasted 4 frozen chicken tenders, let them cool slightly, and shredded the meat.


Then, I mixed the shredded chicken with some BBQ sauce,


and plopped it on top of a toasted thin bun with a slice of melted colby jack cheese. Oh yeah!


Saucy! Savory! Sweet! Sooo good!


On the side…my favorite sidekick.


 Roasted Brussels Sprouts!


Take one bag or carton of b-sprouts,


cut off the core end, cut in half lengthwise and remove the outer, loose leaves.



Lay the b-sprouts out on a foil-lined, non-stick sprayed cookie sheet and season with olive oil & garlic salt (you could add black pepper & other seasonings, too!)


Roast in a 425 degree oven for 26 minutes, flipping halfway through, and you’ll be just as happy as me right now. Which is pretty happy. :)



Summer has once again arrived in la casa de IGE with this meal, and we couldn’t be happier.


Join us, won’t you? ;) 


FYI – BBQ sauce has now been upgraded to a spot in my top 3 favorite condiments. I LOVE IT!

AFYI – We booked our spring break trip today!!!! We’re heading south – but not too far south…I’ll fill you in in the next couple of weeks so you can help us plan. I AM SO EXCITED. :D



What’s your favorite seasonal summer food?

Mine’s watermelon. Juicy, ripe, oh-so-sweet watermelon!!

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  1. Evan Thomas 02.03.2010

    I love berries in the summer!

  2. Yum, roasted brussel sprouts. They’re my favorite winter veggie! In the summer, I’m all about fresh berries.

  3. Jenna 02.03.2010

    I can’t wait to hear where you are headed!! We are trying to book a ‘spring break’ too. :)

    My favorite summer food would have to be berries AND melon. Just think about summer food makes me happy.

  4. Kris 02.03.2010

    Try Cattleman’s BBQ – it is what Hickory Park used in the past and now can be found in the regular store :)

  5. Katie 02.03.2010

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE roasted brussels sprouts (and just about any other roasted veggie! I made Maple Glazed Brussels Sprouts with Bacon tonight, super flavorful and delicious. It’s hard to choose a favorite summer food… Nebraska sweet corn, peaches, berries, watermelon/melon, grilled food. Summer seems so far off especially since we’re expecting freezing rain and snow for the next few days.

  6. My favorite summer meal is lovely grilled chicken. And potato salad.

  7. Bridget 02.03.2010

    My favorite summer food is fresh lettuce and tomatoes from our garden. Once you have it you’ll never look at store bought lettuce or tomatoes the same again. I so want for you to be able to plant a garden! The closer it gets to April the more excited I get about gardening. So fun that you’re heading south soon. Iowa girls need sun too! :)

  8. Abby 02.03.2010

    Everyone talks about how good roasted brussel sprouts are…but I just don’t know if I’m ready to make that leap! I can’t get past the smell!

  9. Jenna 02.03.2010

    Yummy summer dinner!!

  10. Molly 02.03.2010

    mine is caprese salad. I guess, lets be honest, I eat this whenever I can get my hands on it…BUT it is for sure a summer staple. I could eat it for every meal. Its love.

    and those chicken sandys. holy heck. do you think they would hold up if you sent me one in FedEx. cuz damn they look good!


  11. JodiS 02.03.2010

    Your meal looks amazing I wish I had that tonight!! My favorite summer food is hands down corn on the cob! It’s Iowa baby, who doesn’t love corn on the cob.

  12. Molly 02.03.2010

    Your food looks yummmmmmmmy. My favorite summer food would have to be corn on the cob and anything BBQ’d. Since watermelon is your fave- have you ever tried squeezing a little lime on it?! It really makes the flavor pop!!! SOOOOOO delicious. I highly recommend trying it!

  13. Jamie 02.03.2010

    I love your step by step pictures; they are always so fun to progress through and make it so easy if i want to recreate a dish of yours!

  14. Jenna 02.03.2010

    Dinner looks great! I dove into fruit and vegetable world for my dinner, but when I only have to cook for myself I don’t go all out too often.

    I agree with watermelon as the top seasonal summer food. My parents always have a bowl of the stuff cut up and ready to devour upon visiting.


  15. Jessica 02.04.2010

    Wow, what an amazing looking dinner. My favorite seasonal fruit has to be exotic fruits like mango and papaya. Sooo sweet and juicy!

  16. I think I’ll have to go with a fresh, juicy peach or nectarine – mmm!

  17. Haha that’s funny – I used to roast EVERYTHING – chicken, fish etc – then after reading your blog, I started doing things in the pan (like fish) and I was as amazed as you are at the results! Like my fish was sooo tender and juicy when done on the stove, I couldn’t believe it :) weird how people get stuck in habits and forget half the good methods.
    LOVE roasted sprouts btw..I had some yesterday too :)
    I like blackberries (though they’re autumn…) and strawberries. I can’t really think of any summer seasonal stuff, cos everything seems to be in stock all the time anyway lol!

  18. Gosh I have been seeing brusellsprouts on all the blogs lately! I haven’t had them for a good month or so. I’ve never tried roasting them, though!

    And I hear you on the winter business. I can’t believe we are about to get snow…AGAIN! haha

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  20. Sbhays 02.04.2010

    I have to give you props…I HATED brussell sprouts until I tried roasting them – they are now my new addiction!

  21. jen 02.04.2010

    that looks seriously good! i will definitely be trying soon.
    by the way, i am completely hooked on the roasted brussell sprouts! my hubby even likes them, and he was completely against them before. :)

  22. AP 02.04.2010

    Juicy grilled burgers, watermelon, and sweet corn (double points for grilling) definitely SCREAM summer! I can’t wait.

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  24. vixations 02.05.2010

    I would not have thought to put brussel sprouts with BBQ chicken, but this meal looks AMAZING! I love corn and watermelon in the summer too, but lobster is definitely my favorite (although expensive) summer treat. I can’t wait to try out the b-sprout recipe! Mine always turn out terrible, but this seems pretty fool-proof.

  25. Those sandwiches look amazing! I bought a few whole chickens the other day and I cook them in the crock pot. I think it only takes about 3.5 hours on high and then you have a moist, delicious chicken!

    I’m pretty sure I have some kind of mango sauce I picked up at a gourmet store, too … that would be perfect!

    My favourite seasonal summer fruit has to be either the berries (I eat them like candy!) or the apples (which aren’t really summer, but they’re great here towards the end of summer).

    Of course, now I feel like watermelon!


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