Pineapple Upside Down Pancakes


Dinner was epic!

First – a workout… :) I hit the gym after work to try a new treadmill routine incorporating hills (inclines) that I found on FitSugar. My abs have been so sore since incorporating an 8% incline in my Tuesday morning workout, so I knew it was going to be good! I made some slight modifications, but basically followed this Running Hills routine:

Time Speed Incline
0-5 6.0 1
5-10 6.5 1
10-15 6.0 2
15-20 6.0 3
20-25 6.0 4
25-30 6.5 3
30-35 6.0 2
35-40 6.0 1
40-50 6.0 1

I claim treadmill brutality!!!! This.was.KILLER. KILLER! My thighs and buns were screaming during this routine and I definitely had to break for some walking. Hills take endurance to run, for sure, but they also take strength and I could feel different parts of my body kicking in to try and tackle those inclines. Absolute insanity – give it a try!

Ok, now dinner!

For weeks now, I have been dreaming about a meal I had on vacation, ohhh two months ago. It’s true – I have been replaying Snooze’s Pineapple Upside Down Pancakes over and over in my head since I devoured them in Denver this December! Well, tonight, it was finally time. Time to recreate!


Pineapple Upside Down Pancakes

Print this recipe!


  • 1/3 cup “just add water” pancake mix
  • 2 pineapple rings, divided, chopped & drained (reserve drained juice)
  • Cinnamon
  • 1 Tablespoon brown sugar
  • 1 Tablespoon butter
  • Vanilla
  • Powdered sugar

*I didn’t end up using the almond breeze



1. Mix pancake mix with some cinnamon, a splash of reserved pineapple juice and enough water to get to pancake batter consistency. Add 1 chopped pineapple ring.


2. Cook until golden brown on both sides.


3. In a small sauce pan combine some cinnamon, brown sugar, butter, a splash of pineapple juice, vanilla and remaining chopped pineapple ring.


4. Cook over medium-low heat until thick and syrupy.


5. Plate pancake, sprinkle with some powdered sugar and top with pineapple-brown sugar glaze. DEVOUR!




Sweet, caramely, pineapple upside down pancakes!!


Most pineapple upside down cakes have whole pineapple rings on the bottom that you then flip over to reveal, etc., etc….this was the lazy girl’s way. Just toss the pineapple right in the batter. :) It’s easy, fuss-free and just as delish!


While, of course, these don’t rival Snooze’s original version – they definitely give them a run for their money!


Seriously, so good. Sooo, so good. :)

I’m off to dig into more sugar 8O and get my bake on – we’re having a Super Bowl potluck at work tomorrow and I’m bringing some ooey gooey goodies! :D



Have you ever tried to recreate a restaurant dish at home?

What’s your go-to potluck dish?

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  1. those pancakes look heavenly. I love pineapple in just about anything!

  2. Lauren 02.04.2010

    Holy heaven on a plate, these sound too good to be true!

    And that treadmill workout sounds killer but I am dying to try it. I love how you say, “Absolute insanity- give it a try! ;)”
    Haha, you know your a runner when you promote death inducing workouts on others! ;)

  3. Do you remember when the Village Inn restaurants used to have syrup spinner with six kinds of syrup on them? I’m sure they had a pineapple. I liked to mix it with the strawberry. These days they just have maple.

  4. Oh my gosh, I’m dying to go to Snooze, but these might hold me over. In Cooking Light Jan/Feb ’10 they feature the Snooze carrot cake pancakes if you’re interested (I thought it was the pineapple but just checked)!

  5. Um… YUM!
    I know a very interesting fact about pineapple, but I don’t think its appropriate to post in a blog’s comment section!!

  6. Holy moly that looks so good!

    My go to potluck dish…. BBQ pulled pork. It’s so easy and tasty too :)

  7. Wow! Looks yummy!

  8. If something really is good I try to recreate it. I do that a lot with spanish foods since my study abroad trip.

  9. katie 02.04.2010

    oh my gosh girl-delish!

  10. Those pancakes really do look amazing!

  11. Run Sarah 02.04.2010

    That looks awesome! My go to pot luck dish is spinach dip in a bread bowl or pasta salad.

  12. Jill 02.04.2010

    YUM-EEEEE!! I am going to try these for sure. My daughter’s new (and first, I might add) boyfriend is coming over tomorrow night; I thought about these for dinner for awhile but maybe breakfast food isn’t the best first meal. Would be for me though (btw, she’s a freshman in college. I’m certain a good homecooked meal would be good for her. If only I cooked :/).

  13. Jamie 02.04.2010

    I’ve tried to recreate brunch specialties at home such as asparagus and swiss quiche! some restaurants will even offer you the recipe if you ask!

  14. Oh.. yum… that is about the most delicious looking pancake i’ve ever seen. So creative!!!

    And I have tried to re create some things but for the life of me I can’t think of anything right now… It’s so much fun though!

  15. This pancake looks soooo yummy! Whenever I’m asked to bring something, I always make my Too Much Chocolate Cake. It’s to live for!

  16. Leah 02.05.2010

    I had chicken that was topped with crushed pecans and a cream sauce a couple years ago on Valentines day. Its turned in my favorite “lets be fancy tonight” meal! I obviously didnt get it quite the same as in the restaurant, but I like mine better so its ok!

    I may have to try those pancakes though – holy YUM!

  17. They do look good – almost like a dessert or breakfast!
    I’ve yet to try to recreate an ACTUAL restaurant dish, cos normally they’re so amazing I kind of don’t want to spoil them if it goes wrong :P but I get lots of inspiration :)
    I do make a mean spinach and hazelnut lasagne though :P Great for vegetarians!

  18. Jenna 02.05.2010

    Mmm look yummy!

  19. Those pancakes look delicious! Now I wish I had some pineapple so I could make them at home. :-)

    I’ve never really tried to recreate a dish at home, but I do cook a lot of restaurant meals I get in cookbooks. There’s nothing like a homemade meal!

    My favourite thing to bring to a potluck is the vegetables, a salad, or … meatballs!


  20. […] vacation recreation and dinner news – I once again channeled a meal Ben and I had on vacation in Denver and made Chili Verde Cheeseburgers […]

  21. Aaron 05.05.2012

    Thanks, Iowa Girl! I’m going to try these for Mother’s Day.

  22. Ohmigosh! I just left denver and can not stop thinking about the pineapple upside down pancakes from Snooze. They were amazing and I am so glad I found your post. I can not wait to recreate my own batch! Thanks for sharing!!

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