Fashion Faux Paus of the 90’s


Hey guys!

Shopping was fun – I even channeled my inner 4th grader and got some stirrup pants!


Kidding! Seriously though, I used to rock stirrup pants back in the day…and apparently now they’re back in fashion? I suppose they would be good for boots, but I’m don’t know if I’m ready to go back there quite yet! Do you have stirrup pants? 


Ben and I also went grocery shopping and picked up something I’ve been super curious about – Throwback Mountain Dew made with real sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup.

DSC_0001 (2)

I’m not exaggerating when I say that I can’t have more than 2 sips of regular pop without getting an instant sugar headache. But with all the hype surrounding the sugar/HFCS swap, I felt like I had to give it a try!

DSC_0006 (2) DSC_0004 (2)

The verdict? Syrupy sweet – maybe even sweeter than Dew made with HFCS. I stuck with a sip and moved on. Good effort on Pepsi Co’s part for coming out with a unique product in a saturated market, but it’s still just too much for me! Do you drink regular pop? I used to drink regular Mt. Dew all.the.time. in college – I have no idea how I used to do it! 8O

DSC_0007 (2)

Around 4:00 my stomach started growwwwling with a fierceness. I peeked around my cupboards and found myself with all the ingredients for Homemade Chipotle Burrito Bowls. Yessssss!

DSC_0023 (2) 

I followed my standard recipe, but subbed cubed, extra-firm tofu for chicken (seasoned the same way and baked for 20 minutes @ 375 degrees) and instead of making my own salsa, I used the homemade stuff my friend gave me from our potluck yesterday!

DSC_0008 (2)

Ben better watch it, because I am literally falling HARD for baked tofu. I absolutely adore it!!!!

DSC_0010 (2)

If I closed my eyes I could have literally been sitting down at Chipotle. This recipe is spot on!

DSC_0012 (2)

Lime & cilantro rice, spiced black beans & tofu, fresh salsa and a couple dashes of green Tabasco sauce. Perf.

DSC_0015 (2)

I add a TON of cilantro to my rice and even add some on top of the whole dish. I find that most people either love or hate cilantro. I’ve even seen Facebook groups dedicated to taking sides! Where do you stand?

DSC_0016 (2) 

Mmm. Mmm. Mmm. I might be making this again tomorrow…you’ve been warned. ;)

DSC_0020 (2)

And because I haven’t had any chocolate today, (the horror!) I demolished a Chocolate Brownie PURE Bar for dessert. So.friggin.delicious! I could eat 10 of these – they’re like brownie batter bars!

DSC_0001 (2)

I think I’m watching the movie Valkyrie tonight. Anyone ever see it? I’m not a huge fan of Tom Cruise’s (15% of me believes he really IS keeping Katie Holmes prisoner!!) but I feel like I should see the movie for some reason or another… hmmm…

Have a good night, peeps!


Looking back, what were some of your biggest fashion faux paus growing up?

Mine include enormous bangs, too many scrunchies, fluorescent EVERYTHING, and No Fear shirts. Oh, the horror!

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  1. Lindsay 02.06.2010

    I think my biggest fashion Faux Paus was wearing stirrup pants and big bright color sweaters with half of my head consumed with bangs!! It was absolutely horrible!! I am so glad that I wear jeans these days!!!

  2. I remember those stirrup pants! LOL The horror! ;-)

    I also remember a bit of a love for polka-dots and stripes and crazy hats. *giggles*

  3. Oh, and no, I don’t drink soda – I quit years ago and the few times I’ve sipped one since, I’ve found it to taste like thick syrup. Blech.

    I have tried Zevia soda, though (made with stevia) and loved the Black Cherry one. Have you tried Zevia?

  4. lindsey 02.06.2010

    hmm…stirrup pants sounds interesting with boots :) maybe something i’d like to give a try. i’m still a senior in high school, so i don’t remember them being in style! not that you are old by ANY means :)

    i can’t drink regular soda either, it kills me! not just my head, but my teeth, as well. and i <3 cilantro :)) sadly, we don't have a chipotle anywhere near where i live.

    ♥ lindsey

  5. lindsey 02.06.2010

    good lord, i have a smiley face issue.

    ♥ lindsey

  6. Jillian 02.06.2010

    You inspired me to make baked tofu tonight. I marinated it in equal parts soy sauce and rice vinegar with a little honey and canola oil and then followed your baking directions. I reserved the marinade and reduced it to use as a sauce. I ate the tofu served over a quinoa pilaf, and it was so yummy and healthy.

  7. Joanne 02.06.2010

    Oh my god I so want to go buy a pair of stirrup pants now! We call them Ski pants in Britain for some insane reason (as pants here are knickers not trousers!)
    My biggest fashion faux pas of the nineties were definitely my shell-suits. Total cringe! I had one that glowed in the dark!
    Loving your bog btw!

  8. Yep, I sported the stirrup pants often in elementary and middle school….not really sure why we thought they were cool! Your burrito bowls would go great with the guac recipe I blogged about today!

  9. Melissa 02.06.2010

    I had a neon green sweatsuit in 4th grade that I thought was the raddest thing ever! I even tight rolled the pants! I wore that sucker until the knees got holes in them. Although, I’m a tiny bit older, so that was in the 80s . . . Good times. :)

  10. Mary Ann 02.06.2010

    Cilantro definitely equals love!

    I was a fan of the stirrup pants in sixth grade. ugh. My bangs were also large and scary and sideswooped. I used a lot of hair spray.

  11. kate 02.06.2010

    haha i think he may be keeping her prisoner, too. stir up pants would be perfect when you want to wear leggings with your uggs, dont you think?! i may buy some :) haha

  12. Stephanie 02.06.2010

    Tape rolled jeans – worst fashion trend EVER. Period. haha.

    Did you know that there have actually been alot of studies on a person’s aversion to cilantro? Many people think it tastes “soapy” and scientists think it could be an actual genetic disposition…!

    I, however, love the stuff :) Your din looks fantastic!

  13. Jen 02.06.2010

    Love your blog IGE – just discovered it this week!
    Acid washed jeans, tight rolled. Yikes!
    I wish, wish, wish I could get my hubby to eat tofu. I tried, once, it didn’t go over too well.
    As for MD, I have a slight addiction to the diet stuff. I have one a day. I am super healthy otherwise and my friends just can’t believe I ingest all those chemicals. Someday I will tackle that vice.

  14. Run Sarah 02.06.2010

    I used to always wear stirrup pants too! Your burrito bowl looks SO good, I have been pan-searing tofu lately, kinda missing the chewy baked taste.

  15. Sonia 02.06.2010

    MMM those Homemade Chipotle bowls look good! My fashion faux pas is probably TOO MUCH TIE-DYE!

  16. I also just discovered your blog this week and I love it!!

    As for the stirrup pants… wow… I can’t believe they are back. I used to rock some stirrup pants and some bad bands. And those huge, oversize sweaters with leggings… yep. Good times (not really, awful styles…)
    I’ve never been to Chipotle but that dinner looks AMAZING! I’ve been trying to find a way to cook tofu at home and I think I may have found it :) Thank you!
    And I LOVE cilantro. It’s my favorite herb :)
    Valkyrie is awesome.

  17. Jess 02.06.2010

    “Heck No” to the stirrup pants! I also remember wearing those in elementary school.

    I have tried the throwback Mt. Dew and Pepsi. I love them :) I drink Mt. Dew a few times a week.

  18. MoneyMaus 02.06.2010

    Hi, Kristin! I discovered your blog a few weeks ago & now I’m a first-time commenter!
    1. No stirrup pants for me, BUT I do own 2 pairs of leggings (great with long sweaters & boots!)… in the ’90s, I had horribly huge bangs!
    2. I almost never drink pop. I can’t handle all the sugar / carbonation / caffeine! If I do have pop, it’s usually when I’m at the bars with friends and my drink of choice (when hard cider isn’t available!) is a rum + Coke. But even that’s a stretch! ;)
    3. I must try tofu as a reprieve from all the chicken I eat. I LOVE CILANTRO!!!
    Have a great Saturday! :)

  19. I totally rocked scrunchies too!!

  20. emily 02.06.2010

    Oooh, I had some No Fear shirts! My biggest faux pas was t-shirts with spandex ….. with the t-shirts tucked in!! Gah, I don’t even know how my mother let me out of the house like that!

  21. I totally used to rock the stirrup pants with the big t-shirt tied in a knot on the side. I had many other faux pas like making my own vests that matched my t-shirts perfectly and multiple pairs of slouchie socks that I had to buy a bigger sized shoe.

  22. Oh man, I’d forgotten about No Fear shirts! Pretty sure I had one of those.

  23. Valerie 02.06.2010

    stir up pants back in style? sweet! i’d rock them with some sexy pumps.

    and coke (we call all soda coke in texas) = yuk. i’d rather drink water or tea any day.

    • Joanne 02.07.2010

      That’s funny- we call all soda lemonade or ginger in places in Scotland!

  24. Sandy 02.07.2010

    oh wow, my husband LOVESSSS chipotle! i mean i love it to… but if he could pick something to marry after me… it would be chipotle. thanks for sharing your recipe on how to make it, i’ve bookmarked it and am going to try it out VERY soon!!! i might even try the baked tofu version too, how fun!!!

    i used to wear neon colored tights and rocked a side ponytail hehe. =)

  25. Lee 02.07.2010

    I definitely rocked the stirup pants in elementary school. Complete with scrunchy socks.

    I’ve read that some people have a gene that makes them think that cilantro tastes like soap.

  26. Hey, so the soda with real sugar is really no different than that of HFCS. Traditional sucrose (table sugar) breaks down to 50% fructose and 50% glucose, while HFCS breaks down to 55% fructose and 45% glucose. This small difference in fructose vs glucose has the same physiological effects in regards to spikes in blood glucose and insulin levels.

  27. Wow, I had no idea stirrup pants were back! I used to have them in every color of the rainbow- with matching scrunchies. I used to hate cilantro but I don’t mind it now if it’s used in small amounts. I wouldn’t ever add extra though. Your burrito bowls look yummy.

  28. I’ve never had cillantro, what is it?!
    I’m falling hard for tofu as welll…I’ve yet to bake it though! I’ll do it this week :D
    My biggest fashion faux pas….I’m not sure I could pick justone; I was a 90s child, so the WHOLE of my wardrobe was bad!!
    Have a good evening :)

  29. Julie 02.07.2010

    I used to drink regular mtn dew all the time too. I was practically hooked up to an IV of it in high school.

    Fasion faux paus was my middle name in grade school. I had 2 perms, wore stirrup pants, socks over the stirrup pants, turtle necks with designs, neon anything, scrunchies, poet shirts, colored jeans…you name an ugly outfit and I rocked it.

  30. Rachel 02.07.2010

    I love cilantro! If a recipe calls for it, I typically add double of what it calls for!

    And as for my fashion mistakes, scrunchies would be right up there on my list as well! Every picture up until 2000, I had a lovely scrunchy in my hair!

  31. FoodCents 02.07.2010

    Ohhh stirup pants, I remember these quite well. I used to rock them, but wouldn’t even again……… Big scrunchies, yikes – those were for sure in my hair quite a bit.

    the late 80’s/early 90’s really brought some interesting styles, huh? I am not the least bit fashionable but it is funny how what was once deemed “a terrible fashion pick” always seems to make it back into “fashion” ……….. I think that is why I like pretty classic styles.

  32. Balance for MEre 02.07.2010

    I loved those pants, back in the day. I think it’s funny how fashion always repeats itself.

  33. Jessica 02.08.2010

    Girl, where did you find the Mt. Dew? My bf has been looking for it just to try it. Well he wants to try the pepsi but MD will do just fine. Danica at Danica’s Daily said she found it at Target but I went to my Target and it was nowhere to be found :(

    Your Chipotle bowl looks amazing. I need to try making one myself. I mean, the ingredients are all pretty basic, I just need to finally DO IT!

  34. Cass 02.08.2010

    poofy curled bangs, stirrups, SLAP BRACELETS!, any combo of hot pink, purple, teal, and blue, huge scrunchies….oh, the 80s and 90s….

    i have a feeling we’ll be saying the same things about skinny jeans and ugg boots before too long! glad im not on the bandwagon :)

    i HATE cilantro with a passion! i knew there was something i really didnt like about some homemade salsa, and i finally figured it out a few years ago. i adore spices and herbs – probably a little too much – but cilantro is one i just can’t get on board with!

  35. Machelle 02.08.2010

    Ah yes….stirrup pants! I had a couple pairs. I also had some handy-dandy stretchy clip things that turned regular pants into stirrup pants. Regular Heavy Mt. Dew (No diet!)…LOVE the stuff…but only in an ice cold can. I can’t look at it. The color grosses me out!

  36. Machelle 02.08.2010

    Fareway has that new Dew.

  37. I used to wear stirrup pants, too! I’m not sure if I could get away with it nowadays. LOL!

    OK, now I love those burrito bowls even more! Maybe I’ll make that for dinner one of these nights with my tofu … the husband likes Mexican food, so maybe he’ll like this!

    I’m definitely not a cilantro fan – it just tastes weird to me. Though I do grow it in the summer and use it then, but I don’t make special trips to the grocery store for it. As for pop, I’m definitely one who drinks it on occasion (diet pop), but prefers water or tea. I can’t drink too much of either regular or diet pop – they both taste wrong to me!


  38. AP 02.09.2010

    I found a bunch of scrunchies at my parents’ when I was home last… embarrassing!!
    I LOVE cilantro. They put a ton of it in the salsa at Mazatlan (WDM) and I think that’s why I love it there.

  39. […] cook dinner, rather, Ben and I hopped over to Chipotle! Hmmm, Homemade Chipotle Burrito Bowls last Sunday, real Chipotle Burrito Bowls this Sunday…am I sensing a pattern […]

  40. Arielle 02.15.2010

    The burrito bowl looks great. We also recreated the cilantro-lime rice for a make-your-own burrito dinner party a few weeks back – so delicious. Interesting though, how you don’t realize how oily the rice is at Chipotle until you make it at home without the oil and taste the difference.

  41. stevia acne 04.19.2010

    Me and my flatmate have been taking sugar leaf for a while now after reading about it in this blog. and think its great! Now i can’t drink my cappachino without it! i love the fact that its has no calories too

  42. […] Burrito Bowl, but doesn’t have the ingredients at home to to make the homemade chicken or tofu variety? One sends one’s fabulous husband out to pick up the real […]

  43. Lyana 12.04.2012

    That looks SOOO good! I’ve been really into Chipotle recently but theyre not near where I live! Definitely trying this out at home, it looks divine!

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