IGE Video Hits the Web!



How ’bout those Saints? Good for them, I say. Did anyone else see Kim Kardashian and her Mom getting jostled around in the crowd on the field after the game? You know they were trying to get it in on that camera action! ;) I joke because I love. :)

Well, yesterday’s breakfast was too delicious to not be repeated, so I swapped the jam for a banana and made a Banana Star Thin Bun!


One EarthGrains Whole Wheat Thin Bun, slathered in almond butter and topped with a sliced bananananana.


Is there anything more enticing than the combination of nut butter and bananas? Mmm, I just love it!


Love this placemat too. :) I picked up a bunch of mismatched ones at Pier 1 a couple months ago, just to keep things interesting. Do you use placemats?


I am rocking another Kitchen Sink Salad for lunch today!


In the mix:

  • Baby carrots
  • Cucumber
  • Roma tomato
  • Raw broccoli
  • Dried cranberries
  • Annie’s Lite Raspberry Vinaigrette (the last of it! :( )

DSC_0017 DSC_0015 DSC_0016

For some reason, at the grocery store this weekend, I picked up 2 bags of the pre-washed/pre-cut broccoli AND a giant head of broccoli. Not sure where all the broccoli love was coming from (maybe my body was trying to subliminally tell me I need extra vitamins?!) – either way, expect to see a lot of it this week! :D


In other IGE news, I’ve hit the web! As you know, I’ve really taken a liking to tofu in the past couple months and Nasoya – who just re-launched their website – asked me to create a video demonstrating how to make my Baked Turkey Egg Roll recipe to feature on their new site! Um, of course! :D :D :D

View the video here!

Notice how I am totally representing by rocking my Iowa Hawkeyes zip up!? Even Iowans love their tofu! :D

I hope you have a wonderful Monday, everyone!


What’s one website you visit every single day?

I am a crazy woman about checking my bank account online. Even if neither Ben nor I have made any purchases, I still want to check it. Half out of habit, half out of being OCD! ;)

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  1. I never use placemats but I wish I did – I think they are so cute!

  2. I visit my favourite blogs everyday! Not just once but all the time…they say students spend all day on Facebook – Foodies spend all day on blogs!!

    Love the video! It’s really strange seeing/hearing you – it makes you seem real lol :p you seem really good in front of a camera, impressive! :) I’d be stuttering and making a fool of myself if that were me haha!

  3. I have some fun placemats for pictures, and less expensive ones to eat on :)

  4. HOORAY for the video! So cute!
    About the placemats… I have a few, but usually my plates are so big and the placemats are wrinkled, so I don’t bother :)

  5. P@ 02.08.2010

    Google Reader is the site I visit everyday, all day and I get your feed (along with a thousand others). Definitely the next logical step in a food blog.

    Watched your video, very cool. Definitely the next logical step in your food diary, pictures, blog… Easy to follow and informative. I assume either Ben or your mom shot it, looks good for a first try. If you ever wants some tips from a professional videography don’t be scared to shoot me an email.

    P.s. include more goofy pics/vids of Ben. I miss him : (

  6. Lauren 02.08.2010

    OMG, the video is fantastic! I love seeing you in action. So cute! :)

    Have a wonderful Monday!

  7. John 02.08.2010

    Omg, could you be any cuter?!
    Great video.

  8. Stephanie 02.08.2010

    I love the video, great job! I definitely am guilty of checking my bank account every day, but I’m accountant so I guess I have an excuse ;)

  9. I’m addicted to checking the weather, at LEAST once a day!

  10. That was a cute video! You’re a natural on camera :)

  11. Catherine 02.08.2010

    Love the video!!

  12. Heather 02.08.2010

    Aw, great video! Those looked yummy!
    I’ve always been “anti-tofu”, but after reading your blog I think I may try it…wish me luck convincing the husband :)

  13. Erin 02.08.2010

    Question: What do you use to transport your salad dressing to work everyday?

  14. emily 02.08.2010

    Firstly, that video was awesome! I check my bank site pretty regularly too, but the other sites I visit ever day are “Cake Wrecks” and “This is Why You’re Fat” for my daily foodie dose of humor :)

  15. ashley 02.08.2010

    Very good video! And I can’t get enough of bananas and nut butter too :-)

  16. SO FUNNY, I just got back from the kitchen with my toasted whole-wheat “flat” bagel with peanut butter & sliced banana and visited your blog to see the same pictured! =O

    I visit my bank daily as well, then MSN, Facebook & my blog as well!

  17. Fun video!! So neat that they asked you to do that!!

    I always visit twitter, facebook, and google reader MULTIPLE times a day! Haha!

  18. I check my multiple email addresses many times a day!

    You’re so cute on the egg roll video. :-)

  19. What’s one website you visit every single day? I have to pick just one? I usually start on my igoogle page which shows me the many new posts on the millions of blogs I follow. I try to get through all of them, but usually don’t. I got to your today!

  20. I check my bank account and my gmail multiple times a day. I keep rechecking just to make sure nothing has changed.

  21. allijag 02.08.2010

    Such a cute video – they couldn’t have picked a better spokesmodel! :)

  22. Sarah W 02.08.2010

    Hey IGE!

    I use placemats for some of my dinner parties.

    Also, I just wanted to let you know that I tried your baked brie (with pumpkin butter) and the BBQ Beans & Tofu Nachos recipes for the Super Bowl party I attended last night. Both went over VERY well! Thanks for the great ideas!


  23. Yeah, I love place mats! I visit blogs everyday, and google. I spend some time on livestrong.com too. :)


  24. Angharad 02.08.2010

    Banana+nut butter=a truly magical combination that I eat almost everyday in some format! Love!
    Loved all your super bowl eats from yesterday and big up to your boy Ben for loving RJD2 – love!!
    Happy monday!

  25. Congrats on the video!!
    I always check my gmail, facebook, my blog, and other blogs every day. :)

  26. AWWW that video is awesome. I love seeing bloggers personalities coming out on their videos. You did a great job!

  27. Beautiful salad. I have OCD about checking blogs, but I also check my bank account frequently as well – so convenient. Oh, and nut butters + banana is truly a match made in heaven : )

  28. I visit my bank account alllll the time too. I think I hit up Google reader almost every single day as well, or else it gets out of control!

  29. Maura 02.08.2010

    I visit IGE everyday :) haha…I also visit facebook & gmail everyday along with many, many blogs. Gorgeous salad, I must add!

  30. I love buying placemats, but we’re those bad sit-in-front-of-the-TV dinner eaters, so we rarely use them.
    One website I visit daily? Yours, of course!

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