All You Need is Love…and Pizza


Commuters: I give you mad props! My normally 15 minute commute took me 45 tonight, and I was ready to pull my hair out! 8O Plus, I was so thirsty since I accidently gulped down all my water not knowing that it would take me so long to get home. So thirsty, because I tackled this awesome Treadmill Interval Workout after work!

Time Speed
1-2 3.5
2-5 6.0
5-10 6.5
10-12 7.0
12-17 6.5
17-19 7.0
19-24 6.0
24-26 8.0
26-31 6.0
31-33 7.0
33-38 6.5
38-40 7.0
40-45 6.5
45-48 6.0
48-50 3.5
Total: 5.21 miles

Whew – this was challenging! I set the incline to .5% and let me tell you – small incline, big impact! I know doing this will make it easier to transition into running outdoors when the weather gets nicer, so I guess, no pain, no gain!

Knowing that I was in no mood to cook tonight, Ben popped in a take and bake Pepperoni Pizza Pie that we had chillin’ in the fridge while I got showered up!


This was a Super Bowl sale item at the grocery store that I am super glad we took advantage of. Freshly made pizza for $4?! What a steal!

DSC_0001 DSC_0002 DSC_0003

This pizza was a tad on the greasy side, so I blotted. I’ll spare you the picture. ;) Are you a pizza blotter?


I really like these “take and bake” pizzas too, because you can totally customize them before popping in the oven. I like to add black olives and sauerkraut. I didn’t have any this time around, but next time…yeah, next time.


Sometimes all you need in life is a little pizza – can I get an Amen?!



Long commute = forgotten. LOST is on tonight! 8O / :D


What is your favorite guilty pleasure food?

Mine’s candy. I know. All kinds, I do not discriminate AT ALL!

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  1. Pizza, beer, and ice cream… a perfect meal! I do blot when its appropriate, but I would NEVER blot a deep-dish pie :)

    Bummer about the commute… mine was normal because my principal let us leave early, but man, if I’d had to leave regular time, I’d just now be getting home!

  2. My favorite guilty pleasure food is ice cream. I love it!!!

    That treadmill workout looks awesome. I need to try to bump up the incline a little next time!

  3. Evan Thomas 02.09.2010

    My guiltiness would be brownies. No matter how you dress them, they’re usually unhealthy(and purely delicious :-))

  4. I’m definitely a blotter :-) So pumped for lost!

  5. Ashley 02.09.2010

    Pizza is comfort food! I love it! :). I also, love to pick up a fresh pizza that just needs to be popped in the oven! Much more tasty! I’m one of those commuters…it can definitely have its “down days”.

  6. Wendy 02.09.2010

    Oh, thanks for the reminder about LOST! I am so out of the habit of watching TV at night, but I LOVE that show!

    I am also a candy fiend. Especially chocolate candy. :)

  7. Jill 02.09.2010

    Omg! Candy is my absolute weakness. I’m actually eating jelly bellies right now! But I work out hard so I can eat it!

  8. Bridget 02.09.2010

    Pizza is love. Hands down. I definitely blot my pizza–who doesn’t? Well, men don’t. My guilty pleasure food is Lay’s potato chips dipped in Anderson Erickson sour cream and onion dip. It’s like 40 million calories but oh so delicous!

  9. Lauren 02.09.2010

    OMG I know what you mean. I have a 2 min commute, and last month, there was major road work being done in route. It put me back 10 min and I wanted to die. Ugh, I am so spoiled, I could NEVER move! Or get another job.

    Sorry you had a crappy commute but what an awesome workout! :)

  10. lindsey 02.09.2010

    goshh i miss pizza so much…i really miss more places carried fake cheese ;)

    and there is no shame in blotting! i haattee overly greasy things.

    ♥ lindsey

  11. Jenna 02.09.2010

    I only blot if there is a ton of grease- the orangey stuff, nasty…

    My guilty pleasure food? Anything sweet. Cheesecake and cake would have to be at the top though!

  12. Margaret 02.09.2010

    I’m an unabashed pizza blotter. We bought one of those $4 pizzas, too, and I definitely had to blot that puppy.

  13. Maura 02.09.2010

    Guilty pleasure food- for sure chocolate. Oh, and I’m a total pizza blotter. I love pizza, hate the grease!

  14. Deirdre 02.09.2010

    I’d say my guilty pleasure foods are normally salty so pizza, burritos, and french fries.

  15. Definitely a blotter on the pizza – just think of all that artery clogging grease you’re getting rid of, ick!
    My guilty pleasure is homemade ice cream… when I go back home and my mom has made some, my sisters and I eat it within a day =) hah

  16. Great treadmill workout! I keep my treadmill incline at 1% always, just to simulate more like outside! I love me sone pizza too! One of my favorite foods for sure!!

  17. AmyLou 02.09.2010

    Oh I so love LOST.

    And I def. blot pizza when it’s pepperoni. If I make it myself at home, I buy turkey pepperoni–way less fat and tastes great!

    My favorite guilty food are those frosted Lofthouse brand cookies you can buy for like, $2.50 for 10 in the clear plastic container. They are round and frosted with sprinkles and are so soft and delicious, and taste home baked!! I cannot have them in my house because I am powerless to resist them!

    I also like cake with homemade frosting, cheesecake and anything smothered in cheese. YUM!!

  18. katie 02.09.2010

    mine are hot fudge sundaes!!!
    girl im such a pizza blotter! that looks GOOOOOD!
    that treadmill workout looks awesome too!

  19. Amen girl. I love pizza… yumm.. and I do blot :)

    Guilty pleasure would be them.

  20. emily 02.09.2010

    I’m not just a blotter, I practically rub down my pizza!

  21. My guilty pleasure food is cookies. I try not to keep them in the house because I can’t control myself. And the sugar free ones don’t taste as good.

  22. Jessica 02.10.2010

    What a good workout. I did a little less intense interval workout today. 120 minutes, 6.2 for 4 minutes 7.5 for 1 minute.

    I’m an EVERYTHING blotter, not just pizza. I now it’s time to blot when I take a bite and my lips feel like I just put on lipgloss!

  23. My comfort food is stuffed pasta :) or Lindt dark chocolate…I’m game either way :) or hot chocolate! You can never cease to be comforted by a steaming mug of that stuff :D it’s where the fun is!

  24. Tina 02.10.2010

    Pizza is definitely sometimes needed!!! And I’m with you on the blotting. I like to be able to chew and taste my pizza…not just have it slide away down my throat from extra greast. ;)

    And my favorite guilty pleasure food is any sort of baked good. Mmmm!

  25. Angie 02.10.2010

    Do you have a treadmill at home? Or do you go to the gym to workout in the winter?

  26. Sara 02.10.2010

    I’m totally a pizza blotter! :) Pizza and cookies are my favorite guilty pleasure foods. Oh, I heart them!

  27. I’ve jotted down that treadmill workout – it looks intense! I’m not sure if I could hold up the 8mph for a whole 2 minutes. LOL!

    When we make pizza, it’s always homemade, though for this weekend’s treat, I’ve bought some whole grain naan to have as the base. Normally, I make the dough myself. So because we make it ourselves, there’s no need to blot!

    My guilty pleasure food has to be candy – I just love anything chewy and sugary. :-)


  28. AP 02.10.2010

    It depends on the pizza – definitely have to blot that pepperoni.
    My weakness is Mexican :) and wine!

  29. Machelle 02.10.2010

    If I can see grease floating on top…I blot! And Sauerkraut!! My friend Bubba has been sharing his homemade kraut with me! It is THE BEST! Flashes me right back to when my Grandma was alive! Fond memories!

  30. Baked Goods!!! Cake, Pie, Donuts, etc………..=)

    In NY all the pizza is “greasy” and it is SO GOOD, I hate to admit I loved it dripping off the end! =O

  31. Kelsey 11.09.2010

    just did this workout this morning at the gym…it rocked!

  32. Cara 12.12.2010

    I can’t believe I did this workout! Lately I’ve only been running 2 miles, 3 max. My sister and distance trainer ( turned me onto interval training and I decided to give this one a try, thinking I’d just do what I could. I did it! And felt SO great afterward! Thank you so much. I can’t wait to conquer more of your interval workouts.

  33. […] (PS the treadmill workout was based off of this one.) So weird this workout felt like I was running outside, easy and free. My last long run felt like […]

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