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Ohhh, bachelor, bachelor, bachelor…

Let me break it down for you – would you quit your job in San Francisco if you had a 25% chance of getting “picked” by a guy you’ve “known” for six weeks, gone on 3 dates with and who’s also dating 3 other women?! Um, NO! Team Alli! That girl finally gave me a reason to root for her last night! I wanted to reach through the television screen and shake Jake for asking that poor girl to quit her job, although he couldn’t promise he’d put a “ring on her finger” at the end.

As I was ranting and raving about why these people would even be thinking about marriage after only being in each other’s presence for a hot minute, Ben asked me the million dollar question – “why do you watch this stuff then?” Uh, good question…I have no idea! I suppose I’ll step off my soapbox now… :oops:

Do you get into reality shows? I thankfully have a very low-drama life, so this is apparently where I get all my juice from! ;)

In less, gets-way-to-into-reality-television woman news – I had Oats in a Jar for breakfast!


I’ve had this bad boy waiting patiently in my fridge for ages, just begging to be used as a vessel for my sweet and creamy stovetop banana oatmeal!



In the mix:

  • 1/2 cup old fashioned oats
  • 1 cup water
  • 1 banana (half sliced into oats while cooking, 1/2 sliced on top)
  • cinnamon
  • almond butter!

Pour the cooked oats into your nearly empty jar of nut butter, top with your sliced 1/2 banana and seriously.devour. 



If you need an almond butter or peanut butter fix – this is the way to go about getting it!


The hot oatmeal literally melts everything that’s left in the jar, into one gooey, fantastic mess. :) Mmm!!


Totally hit the spot! In the meantime, I’ll be patiently waiting here until my next almond butter jar nears its end… ;)


For lunch today, I am taking some leftover Tofu Sloppy Joes and a Thin Bun. FYI – the recipe makes enough for approx 100 sloppy joes, so be prepared for some leftovers. My freezer is now nicely stocked! 


And a lumpy, navel orange. Mmm. :)


In other San Francisco news, I was watching House Hunters last night and this couple was prepared to pay $429,000 for a 1 bed/1 bath 600 sq foot apartment in the city. Now, I know real estate in San Fran is among the most expensive in the country, if not the most expensive – but that is nauseating! I now call House Hunters, House Dream Crushers because one of my life’s dreams is to move to California someday, but watching stuff like last nights’ show is awfully discouraging!

On a happier note – I couldn’t be more content as I am right now, licking the last little spoonfuls of almond butter out of my jar. The best part of the whole thing is that you get to throw away your “bowl” when you’re done. Only a spoon to wash! :D

Have a GREAT Tuesday!


Do you believe in love at first sight?

Would you rather pay an outrageous mortgage or rent to live in your dream location, or live somewhere less desirable, but have the money to travel?

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  1. Kristine 02.09.2010

    haha oh my gosh but I really like Ali and Jake together! I was so ad to see her go, but i kind of looks like maybe she comes back in the picture? One can only hope! I was thinking a lot last night about whether that whole thing was staged. What do you think? Also, do you really think they only spend the short amount of time together we see on TV? There has to be a lot of behind the scenes stuff! At least, that is what I tell myself to reconcile for watching it! Haha!

  2. Yasmin 02.09.2010

    I really liked Ali and I thought the whole situation was too scripted but she is coming back! I would want money to travel the world. Why stay in one dream place when there are so many to explore?

  3. I love the bachelor! I am hearing that Ali is going to be the next bachelorette? Hmm…

    I KINDA believe in love at first sight…I guess I believe in LUST at first sight. :)

  4. Eve 02.09.2010

    San Fran is definitely super expensive. Here in NYC, apartments go for over $1,000/sq ft. So that apt would have been over $600,000! It’s really insane. Condos are closer to $1500 sq/ft! This is why we’ll only be living in NYC for a few more years and then move to the suburbs where at least we can get a little more space to raise a family in :)

  5. Maura 02.09.2010

    I totally agree with you. Realistically, it didn’t make sense for her to stay BUT he’s just so darn adorable I’m not sure I would have had the willpower to leave 0:) hahaha

  6. Jessica 02.09.2010

    GO ALI!!!
    I am proud of her, no man is worth leaving your job for…I dont think….
    but shes not gone…..:)

  7. I get really into reality shows – screaming at the TV etc! In regards to love at first sight, I believe in LUST at 1st sight, but I don’t think you can love someone truly til you know all their bad points, and you can love them in spite of that!
    I also think I’d be tempted to pay a lot to live in my dream place – but only on the condition that I could still afford decent food! Got to get my priorities straight :P
    Good call on the oats in a jar – I’m rushing through my PB purely for that reason :P

  8. Tina 02.09.2010

    Hi :) I just love reading your blog and since I’ve been reading it for a bit now, I figure I should introduce myself and comment more regularly ;)

    I’m a big reality tv fan, even though when it first started I always claimed I would never get into it. Oh well. When most tv dramas aren’t as imaginative anymore what are you left with, right? Plus nothing could ever compare to my beloved Friends show so reality it was. ;)
    I’m with you on The Bachelor. I love it for the drama since my life is relatively drama free, but don’t quite get how they can fall in love with someone in 6 weeks with limited one on one time to connect. I do think you can know if a person is someone you could see yourself ever marrying in that time…but not so much to actually MAKE that commitment.

  9. Jessica 02.09.2010

    I so agree with you! I get into these shows too (tragically) and I could completely understand why ali wouldn’t want to stay, why would she if there were three other girls that he was “falling for.” I vote ali for the next bachelorette :) (if she doesn’t reconnect w/ jake) good grief!

  10. Linda 02.09.2010

    So, I actually watched that same episode of house hunters and was thinking the exact same thing. San Fran is super fab, but 419K for 600 sq feet, no parking, 2 flights of stairs to your shared dirt patch of a yard….YIKES! I always wonder how people afford it….I mean what do they do to afford a 419K condo? Maybe they have lots of credit card debt, etc. Ultimately, I would choose to live somewhere more affordable with money left over to travel. But, in a perfect world I would just be rich so I could live in my dream location and have money to travel.

  11. Haha I’ve only lived in nyc and boston so that doesn’t even seem that expensive to me!

  12. Sarah W. 02.09.2010

    I was REALLY sad to see Ali go – I think Ali and Jake are perfect for each other. I like Tenley but I think Tenley has the potential for issues..she hasn’t recovered enough from her divorce. I dont really like Gia for Jake and Vienna – not a fan.
    But from the looks of the previews – Ali could come back in the picture – there was a clip of Ali calling Jake in St. Lucia…….

    I’m a sucker for reality shows..

  13. Melissa 02.09.2010

    I too realize how dumb reality shows are but they are addictive and fun to watch. I was proud of Ali for leaving.

  14. a 02.09.2010

    I don’t watch the Bacholor but I am a reality show addict..

    so jealous of all these oats in a jar I keep seeing . I may have to try it out for myself one of these days.

  15. Carrie 02.09.2010

    Oh, would definitely rather have a modest home and a disposable income. My husband and I love to travel (getting ready to book our next European vacay) and I can’t see us giving that up just because we “can” afford some outrageous mortgage.

    Fingers crossed we can do both someday, LoL.

  16. I don’t watch the bachelor but my mom does and she said it’s getting intense…

    Love when the jar get’s empty to make a new bowl.. ate buying a new one ;-)

  17. Darci 02.09.2010

    I really liked Ali as well. And I think she made the right decision. But you could tell that Jake really cared about her, he was practically in tears!!
    Def live somewhere more affordable and have the $$ to travel!! I love your questions…they always make me think twice :)

  18. jen 02.09.2010

    I know what you mean. Being a mid-west girl myself, I cannot imagine having to spend that much on a home! I mean, we have to put up with all this snow {you poor thing, you have more than we do, and I’m sick of it!} but at least we get some pretty nice houses for waaaay less money!

    I would miss the seasons too if I didn’t have them, but right now, I’m ready for some sun!!!

  19. I was soooo happy Ali left! I’m really not a big fan of Jake. He acts like a soap opera actor :)

  20. katecooks 02.09.2010

    i never watched before this season but now im hooked! me and my girlfriends get together and gasp and scream at the TV. ali said it perfectly last nite…if you were mine, this would be a different decision.

    i mean, seriously?!?! what if she quit her job and didnt win?!?! not quite the same thing as dating someone who is ONLY dating you and leaving your job to be with them, ya know??

    anyway drama lama and i love it :)

  21. You must be hauling your Trader Joe’s Almond Butter in from some other state. Otherwise there is a TJs that I am missing out on!

  22. I watch Reality TV for the same reason. I like looking at other people’s drama as long as I don’t have to live it.

    I would much rather live in a less desireable location and travel. I’ve dreamed of living in NYC but it is far to expensive when I could live outside the city and travel to visit.

    I don’t believe in love at first sight. I didn’t fall in love with Hunni until after we had been friends for several months first. For me love is about relationship not just attraction.

  23. Ugh – I’m glad Ali left, but her overly dramatic exit really bothered me! and she told him she loved him right before? Totally scripted!! she’s coming back at the end and he’ll have to choose between the last girl (my guess is Tenley) and Ali. And I’m so sick of Jake’s vacant stare!! He says the same things about every girl. I obviously got into this show, but never have before.

    And I do not believe in love at first sight.

  24. Sara 02.09.2010

    Ha ha, I love your ranting! I’m glad Ali is gone because I didn’t like her much. I thought she was always throwing tantrums, like a 5 year old, when Vienna was around and then when she couldn’t decide to stay or go last night…she just kept crying and pouting! Good riddance, if you ask me. I don’t think she’s going to be coming back, eventhough the preview for the next episode made it seem that way. The final two will be Tenly and Vienna. The Bachelor is my one reality TV show guilty pleasure!

  25. I’d much rather live somewhere less desirable. I could not be content with 600 square feet no matter where I lived.

  26. I have never been able to stomach reality shows, only Biggest Loser. I would rather be watching food network, ;)
    I don’t believe in love at first site. Love comes after after hard work, blood and tears.

  27. Hahahaha. I don’t know why I watch it either, drives me nuts!

    But yes, good for Alli for going back to her job and not quitting for Jake. At the same time, I look at it all a bit critically and I can’t help but wonder why her job would give her the time off and then say “Oh you have to come back to work now” SO CLOSE to the end of the show! Oh the TV drama. Haha

  28. The Bachelor is just crazy! I am going to disagree with you a bit and say that I think she should have stayed if she really had feelings for him. I say this only because I am a true romantic at heart (which makes reality go out the window sometimes!!) and that sometimes you have to take chances and risks for love. :) But, I understand this is TV so who knows what is real! Haha! I just wished she wouldn’t have looked like such a babbling baby and made the decision!! You know she will be coming back though! That’s how The Bachelor ALWAYS does it!! :)

    Wow! That is A LOT of money for an apartment in San Fran!! Love House Hunters too!! I think I would live somewhere less desirable and have money to travel!!

  29. FoodCents 02.09.2010

    I do not believe in lost at first sight, though I do believe in “lust” at first glance…….. I think you have to get to know someone to love them. Not to say that “lust” at first glance doesn’t have potential, for I know it does :)

  30. Rose 02.09.2010

    I think I believe in love at first sight, but I can say it’s never happened to me that way…

  31. Machelle 02.09.2010

    The only reality show I watch is Biggest Loser. The rest seem to me to just be fake, over dramatic, stupid BS!

  32. laura dishes 02.09.2010

    Okay, there’s only one thing that’s funnier than ranting & raving AND still watching The Bachelor. It’s that I read the spoilers on know what’s going to happen before each episode… and STILL watch! lol

  33. That is an insane price! I live in So. California and I have seen houses go for that price! But…in Malibu houses are never under 1. mil! CRAZY!!!

  34. Heather 02.09.2010

    I feel the same way about the Bachelor! I liked Ali before that whole little situation but even more now!

    YUM to breakfast

  35. sassy molassy 02.09.2010

    Oh I feel ya. The whole Ali thing was agonizing in so many ways. I definitely ranted about it on my blog this morning. I just wanted her to pick one thing. And just decide. Know in her heart that she was right. But I also get that falling in love can make you really confused.

  36. Angharad 02.09.2010

    I am OBSESSED with house hunters and a little sad that I missed the san francisco episode…dream crushers indeed!
    I hate to say it but I don’t really believe in love at first sight…I do believe in oats in a jar though! Amazing!

  37. Deirdre 02.09.2010

    I definitely believe in lust at first sight. Love at first sight I’m not sure.

    I’ve lived in NYC for about 6 years now so my whole idea of real estate is pretty out of whack. I always tell people I live in a borough that’s not Manhattan so that I can actually afford to go out to bars and restaurants in Manhattan. I love New York so much I feel like paying a lot to live here is worth it. I’m addicted to the City.

  38. Ashley 02.09.2010

    I too believe in lust at first sight, and maybe an intense feeling of a connection, but not love. As for real estate, I’m born and raised in San Diego, so I have a very whacked view of real estate. To me that’s cheap.

  39. Ashley 02.09.2010

    Also, I think it’s easier to pay more for real estate when it’s all you know. I have no idea what a house goes for in the Midwest, so I don’t know the difference.

  40. Katy 02.09.2010

    I wouldn’t quit my job either… but then I wouldn’t be stupid enough and waste my time to do a show like Bachelor anyway. Those girls are so stupid to think they can find love on TV… the smart ones are the ones who are only using TV for 15 minutes of fame and don’t give a crap about the dude.

  41. This is my first time visiting your website and I just have to say…you are a woman after my own heart! I was thinking the exact. same. thing while I was watching The Bachelor last night. And my husband said pretty much the exact same thing to me that yours did :)

    Speaking of husbands, that’s how I found your blog! Evidently our hubbies work together at Wells Fargo and my husband has been doing some shadowing with yours this past week. Somehow they got onto the topic of how their wives have blogs (I wish I could’ve been a fly on the wall to hear what they said in that conversation :)

    So my husband sent me the link to your blog so I could check it out. I’m looking forwarding to poking around and seeing what recipes you’ve tried!

    Sorry for such a long comment — sheesh! ;)

  42. OK, I don’t even watch The Bachelor, but did he really ask a girl to quit her job? That’s insane!

    That’s also insane about the $$ for the house. I won’t say an amount, but my husband and I paid less than that for our 2500 square foot home that’s on 1.4 acres of land. No, we’re not right in town, but I like that it’s quiet (no constant traffic noise) and we have plenty of room for our family to run around – i.e. the dogs.

    Of course, we still have no money to travel, but that’s probably because I have a problem and should have my credit card frozen in ice or something.


  43. […] off for the Bachelor – which – I have to say – Allie definitely made the right choice.  This pretty lady summed it up quite well! […]

  44. kate 02.09.2010

    i know id rather be able to have the flexibility to travel. thats partly why i like iowa so much. we can afford a nice place and still have money leftover to travel the world.
    win-win, no?

  45. justkrish 02.09.2010

    I love traveling but I would give up almost anything to live in SF with my husband and our dog Berkeley. We live in a wonderful home in a gated community, in a central valley town with family and friend we’ve known forever but our hearts aches for the city. We take the 4 hour drive north at least every other month. “One day,” we keep saying. We’ll even raise our family there if needed.
    Love at first sight = yes, (maybe) When I first saw my husband I got this weird feeling and 13 years later it hasn’t gone away.

    p.s. TEAM ALI!!! (Great to see one girl has a brain on that show)

  46. BroccoliHut 02.09.2010

    That tofu sloppy joe looks amazing!

  47. Tay 02.09.2010

    Oh Bachelor – such entertainment. I really don’t know what to say, but I love to watch it for comedy too!

  48. Jill 02.09.2010

    I agree! Team Ali! As for Live in your dream location or travel more question- I live in Southern California and yes the cost of living is more but I think its so worth it – you cant 300 days of sunshine and living 10 mins from the beach- I only get 2 weeks vacation to travel a year anyway so we have all year to save up- this year I’m hoping we can go to Europe in Sept. (fingers crossed!!) :)

  49. Shelby Austin 02.09.2010

    Here is what frustrated me about Ali leaving (and Ed leaving last season), shouldn’t the contestants/participants/whatever you want to call them prove that they are available for the entire process BEFORE signing up? Now 2 seasons in a row a serious contender has had to leave prematurely. And it looks like she’ll be back, are we really surprised though?

  50. heather 02.09.2010

    that’s what i’d expect around here, if they’re selling generously(but i live in an NJ suburb twenty minutes from manhattan). i cant imagine settling happily anywhere else, though; the price makes sense to me, outrageous as it sounds.

    i didn’t believe in love at first sight until it happened…kinda like a bigfoot sighting, but more romantic and intense. :)

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