Good News, and Bad News



What a gorgeous day this turned out to be! The sky is clear blue (oxymoron) and when standing in the sun, why, you’d think it must be April. Soon! ;)


Ooo, I have some exciting news! Remember that tofu press I showed you a couple days ago? The good news is that you can buy it online! :D The bad news is that it’s temporarily unavailable. :( I encourage you to bookmark the website though, and keep checking back, because it is totally a tofu-lovers must-have kitchen gadget!

In vacation recreation and dinner news – I once again channeled a meal Ben and I had on vacation in Denver and made Chili Verde Cheeseburgers tonight!


Oh. Yum! One of our favorite meals we had while in Denver earlier this winter  (I’d call it the favorite, except for those pancakes at Snooze!) was eaten at Cherry Cricket in the Cherry Creek district of Denver. I had a life-changingly tender steak and Ben had the famous Cherry Cricket Burger drenched in their house Green Chili.


Well, after I made those BBQ Cheeseburgers a couple weeks ago, the first thing Ben said to me after we got done eating was, ‘these would be awesome underneath some of your Chili Verde!’ So, that’s exactly what I did tonight!


I whipped up a batch of Chili Verde, cooked up some burger patties, and smothered them in chili and cheese. OMG! Naughty good and totally reminiscent of the Cherry Cricket Burger Ben got! You’ve got to give this a whirl guys!!

I also made some freshly roasted asparagus for a little somethin’ somthin’ extra.


Misted with extra virgin olive oil, sprinkled with garlic salt and roasted for 10 minutes at 400 degrees.


Garlicky, salty, perfection!


Yum, yum, yum. So content right now! Tonight’s dinner was a totally kicked up version of a regular chili cheeseburger, and took us right back on vacation, even if it was just a little while. ;)

I’m sooo excited for dessert tonight, which involves these two lovely ingredients. Oranges and Chocolate. Can I get another Amen?! I’ll share the deets in the a.m.! :D 

DSC_0012 DSC_0014

Have a good night!


If you could be smothered in one thing, what would it be?

I say caramel. I love it!!!

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  1. Kelly 02.10.2010

    Oo, could I be smothered in caramel chocolate? I love that combo haha. I’m so demanding :)

    The tofu press is awesome I’ll definitely have to check it out

  2. Megan 02.10.2010

    Mmm I would totally be smothered in dark chocolate! I could eat that stuff all day!

  3. Runeatrepeat 02.10.2010

    I’m jealous of that sky :)

  4. Mmm that asparagus looks SO fresh and delicious! I love re-creating vacation meals. It just takes ya back! When my husband and I got back from our Western Caribbean cruise, I swear we ate Mexican for two weeks straight! haha

  5. Chocolate AND peanut butter. Oh yeah.

  6. Lauren 02.10.2010

    You are lucky in Iowa. The entire east coast is under a blanket of snow. I’m talking BLIZZARD conditions! At least there was a snow day out of it. ;)

    I love recreating a life changing dish. Vacation meals can be some of the best! :)

  7. jenny 02.10.2010

    Well, I would love to be smothered in cookie dough . . . but I think I would need an adhesive ;)
    I think caramel would do the trick . . . yum yum yum

  8. Does it sound weird if I say hummus. I love that stuff and eat it almost daily.

  9. Bridget 02.10.2010


  10. Your burger looks SO good. OMG.
    And i’d say chocolate, all the way :)

  11. ShutupandRun 02.10.2010

    I love the Cherry Cricket, but can’t say I’ve had that burger. It looks incredible!! I just loved their beer selection. What does that say about me?

  12. Catherine 02.10.2010

    I’m jealous of that blue sky! I moved from Des Moines to the DC area last summer, and I was excited for winter because I thought the weather would be a lot milder here… so much for that! If I could be smothered in anything, I’d choose nutella.. or heck, anything warm and snow-free!

  13. Your weather was a lot bette than mine today! SNOW-UGH. I would be smothered in peanut butter and fudge-together :)

  14. Sara 02.10.2010

    Peanut butter!!!

  15. Mmm oranges and chocolate go so well together! I think I would be smothered in chocolate! Or PB! Hard decision!!

  16. Ms. S 02.10.2010

    Have you ever added some lemon zest and splash of lemon juice to your asparagus? It adds a surprisingly refreshing kick.
    As for your question…I think I’d be lying if I said anything other than chocolate. :)

  17. So cool you can buy it online I am book marking the site now. I don’t cook tofu that often because I have problems draining it correctly but this will surely help!

  18. katie 02.10.2010

    man this made me want spring soo bad!
    LOVE asparagus! except it makes your pee SMELL!!

  19. I would be smothered in love! Just kidding, it was the first thing that came to mind but so cheesy. I would enjoy some hot fudge.

  20. oohh that does look good!
    I’d like to smothered in kabocha squash if at all possible!
    If not I’ll settle for some good quality dark chocolate, or some goat’s cheese :P
    (Maybe not at the same time…)

  21. sugar plum fairy 02.11.2010

    An absolutely sweet blog …love every post here and its my first time here….love love love this cute tofu press and all ur delicious goodness here too!!!


  22. Your dinner looks amazing!!

    If I could be smothered in one thing it would be my puppies with their wet noses and kisses … they’re just so cute and cuddly!


  23. BroccoliHut 02.11.2010

    Can’t wait for that tofu press to be back in stock–considering my tofu consumption, I NEED one of those:)
    I would be smothered in hummus, I think:)

  24. Hey Kristen,
    OMG, so we tried your tofu scramble this morning, and had the chocolate covered oranges for dessert tonight, it is so good!(you have ti try half with botterscotch chips though, so DIVINE!)And guess what we are actually going to Cherry Cricket tomorrow after a book signing for Lauren Conrad. Can’t wait to try it =)
    XOXO Court and Whit

  25. I appreciate the work that you have put in, in this page. Really good,

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