$50 Shopping Spree Giveaway!


**This giveaway is now closed!**

How would you like $50 of free stuff that YOU get to pick out? :D

iHerb.com is a natural-products online store which boasts a selection of over 16,000 products from 600 respected brands. Here you can get anything from Kashi crackers to Kava Extract!  

The company gave me the chance to spend $50 on anything I wanted and, trust me, this was no easy task. Their selection is HUGE! Check out my picks:


A massive bag of Organic Dried Apricots (better than candy!) and a big canister of omega-3 fatty-acid rich Chia Seeds (which I’ve been drying to try!)

DSC_0004 DSC_0005

Wild Berry Trailmix (perfect for topping oatmeal and yogurt,) and a bag of Steel Cut Oats (I no longer have to wait for my massive stash of old fashioned oats to dwindle!)

DSC_0006 DSC_0007

One bottle of Organic Agave Nectar (also something I’ve been meaning to purchase) and a box of Roasted Garlic & Thyme Kashi Crackers…because, I couldn’t resist. :)

DSC_0008 DSC_0009

Rounding out the goods is The Big Poppa himself – a 2lb container of Vanilla Whey Protein! This container is bigger than my torso! 8O


I took this shopping spree as an opportunity to get some items that I’ve been really curious about trying – chia seeds, agave nectar, whey protein powder – but didn’t know when I’d actually purchase them myself. Now’s your chance to do the same!

iHerb.com wants to give YOU your very own $50 shopping spree! You can enter up to 3 different ways by Monday, February 15th @ 3pm central. Here’s how:

1. Check out iHerb.com and leave a comment telling me about a product you’d include in your shopping spree.

2. Post about this giveaway on your blog and leave a comment letting me know.

3. Tweet: “I want $50 worth of free stuff from @IowaGirlEats http://tinyurl.com/yhja9cl!” and leave a comment letting me know.

FREE STUFF that YOU get to pick out – what more could you ask for?!

Happy Friday! :D

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  1. Kim 02.12.2010

    I tweeted about it! User name is @kbouldin

  2. Kim 02.12.2010

    I would love to get some cacao nibs from Navitas Naturals! YUM! They are great on my oatmeal.


  3. D. Dallas 02.12.2010

    I like your selection as well . . . the steel cut oats is definitely something I’d like to try but have been hesitant.

  4. Haily 02.12.2010

    I would love to try Eden Foods RED Quinoa! I have the regular kind, but I have heard that the Red kind is DELISH!


  5. kk 02.12.2010

    i would try chia seeds!

  6. Haily 02.12.2010

    I would love to try Eden Foods RED Quinoa. I have the regular stuff, but I have heard that the Red is DELISH!


  7. I want some steel cut oats! I go thru them like socks. :)

  8. Amber 02.12.2010

    Any of the acai products! I’ve also wanted to try the agave nectar as a sweetener, but just haven’t got around to buying it!!

  9. Jessica 02.12.2010

    Love love love the organic creams for your face and skin. The winter weather has been pretty harsh on this Ohio skin!

  10. Jackie W. 02.12.2010

    I’d love to try Source Naturals, Hi-Stress B&C, 120 Tablets!

  11. Central Iowa 02.12.2010

    I would really like to try the vanilla whey protein :)

  12. Taylor 02.12.2010

    I’ve been wanting to try chia seeds too!!

  13. chau 02.12.2010

    i tweeted about the giveaway!
    I want to try the chia seeds. Ive seen Tina on Carrotsncake use them before…

  14. Maura 02.12.2010

    Great selection! I’d love to try the agave nectar in my oats & also I’m trying to incorporate whey into my diet so I’d go for the vanilla whey protein! Thanks so much and have a fabulous Friday :)

  15. Sarah 02.12.2010

    I would love to try some Whey Protein…obviously for my overnight oats :)

  16. Jamie 02.12.2010

    I would love to try the Dr. Oetker Chocolate Organic Brownie Mix. Anything with chocolate is worth trying! I am also interested in the steel cut oats as I am a huge fan of oatmeal and always looking for a new breakfast item.

  17. Abigail 02.12.2010

    I want to try the chia seeds and agave nectar too :)

  18. Lauren Christine. 02.12.2010

    chia seeds and coconut oil! thanks for the giveaway!!

  19. MAC 02.12.2010

    Organic Dried Apricots for me sound good!!! Really love the taste/texture of these:) What a great give-away!!

  20. Leianna 02.12.2010

    Sunbutter! Looks so yummy!

  21. Kelsey 02.12.2010

    Would totally try Chia Seeds!

  22. I want unsweetened coconut and spirulina!

  23. mal 02.12.2010

    I would totally stock up on some larabars! LOVE those things and you can buy them in bulk!

  24. Kristi 02.12.2010

    I want to try the Chia Seeds.

  25. Jesi 02.12.2010

    Hmm.. so many choices!! My chia stash is getting awfully low so I’d definitely get some more and I’d really like to try some maca powder!

  26. Amy 02.12.2010

    Looks like you made some really great picks! I, too, have really been wanting to try chia, but have been hesitant to purchase them myself.

  27. Mary 02.12.2010

    I would try Clif Bars :)

  28. Lauren L. 02.12.2010

    Definitely the Chia seeds too! They would be a fun addition to my daily oatmeal!

  29. Katie 02.12.2010

    Green Tea Skin Care, Natural Anti-Aging Green Tea…supposed to be great for your skin!

  30. Sami 02.12.2010

    I’m with ya, Kristin! I’d totally be going for the dried apricots too! Mmm! Nature’s candy is right :)

  31. Sami 02.12.2010

    I don’t have Twitter yet :(

  32. Summer 02.12.2010

    I would totally get some agave nectar, i’ve had it in restaurants and have always been curious about putting it in things at home. There are also several vitamins I would get!

  33. Dawn Hutchins 02.12.2010

    I would love to try the Humm Foods Larabar, Cashew Cookie bars. You are always talking about how good the Larabars are and I’ve never tried them!

  34. Jeff 02.12.2010

    I have always wanted to try Goji Berries so I would buy the Dragon Herbs, Heaven Mountain Goji Berries!

  35. Amanda 02.12.2010

    I’d looove to win this! I am also dying to try Chia seeds!

  36. Dawn Hutchins 02.12.2010

    I posted a link about the giveaway on my blog. Thanks girl!

  37. Jenna 02.12.2010

    What a cool spree to win! I don’t want to get greedy on this one, however, because I work for a health company that carries most of those items either in our warehouse or our retail store, and I can usually get them cheap as an employee.

    How do you feel about the agave nectar? I’ve been interested in buying some, but I never actually have.

    Happy Friday! :)

  38. Holly 02.12.2010

    CH-CH-CH-CHIA! i have had them in granola, but never been able to cook with them. therefore, i need a big tub like that!

  39. Kashi Go Lean/High Protein/High Fibre- purely cos I always see people eating it but I’ve never had any myself! Either that or a big thing of agave cos the bottles I have are too small :(

  40. NySoonerGirl 02.12.2010

    I’d have to go with the chia seeds and agave like you did!

  41. Katie 02.12.2010

    I really want to try the Chia seeds.

  42. Rachel 02.12.2010

    I would love to try chia seeds!

  43. I have been dying to try chia seeds!!

  44. Dawn 02.12.2010

    I have been wanting to try the dried apricots that you love! :)

  45. I’m also tweeting about it!!

  46. Sarah T 02.12.2010

    I’d like to try any of the Rainbow Light products, I’ve heard great things about them and the Chocolate Protein Energizer product looks like it’s packed with power.

  47. Linda 02.12.2010

    I’d like to try the chia seeds!

  48. Jess 02.12.2010

    iHerb.com is amazing! I would love to try the steel cut oats, and possibly some tried fruit!

  49. Jessie 02.12.2010

    I would love to try some of the Bob’s Red Mill products.

  50. Jessie 02.12.2010


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