Some People Need Wine…


Hey, hey everyone! Glad you’re psyched about the shopping spree giveaway! I got a wee bit jealous reading all of the things you would choose to get if you won. Kind of – ‘dang, I wish I would have thought of that!’ Nevertheless, I am completely satisfied with my purchases. Also the Wild Berry Trailmix may or may not be 90% gone at this point…

In other news, happy Friday! :mrgreen: This was a week that definitely needed to be ended with two things. #1: Chocolate.


I’ve had this recipe printed and waiting for me on my kitchen counter for over 2 weeks now. After work I finally whipped up a batch.

Chocolate Chewies

From How Sweet It Is. Makes 15 cookies.


6 oz + 1 heaping spoonful powdered sugar

1 oz + 1 spoonful cocoa powder

1/8 teaspoon salt

2 egg whites

1 teaspoon vanilla


1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Stir dry ingredients together in a mixer. Add first egg white and mix. Add second egg white, turn the speed up to high and whip batter for 2-3 minutes, or until it is very thick and fluffy.



2.  Using a cookie scooper, scoop batter onto a parchment paper lined cookie sheet and bake for 16-18 minutes, or until the insides are barely set.*

*You can break a cookie in half to see if the batter is uncooked. If it is, just put the two halves back together and continue baking!




This recipe comes with one warning: get that batter onto a cookie sheet pronto, because you are at high risk of gobbling it all up before it ever reaches the pan. It is addicting with a capital A!


After they bake, each cookie is like a perfect little meringue with a delicate, chewy shell…


And a sinfully rich & chocolatey center. Holy. Cow. these are yummy! Thanks to Jessica for the idea – LOVE her recipes!


With my chocolate fix taken care of, it was time to dig into week ending item #2: Pizza.

I know, I know! I already had pizza this week! I needed it again though, and here’s why.

  1. This was Papa Murphy’s pizza. Only the best take-and-bake pizza known to man.
  2. It was HEART SHAPED for Valentine’s Day!Heart shaped people! How adorable. :D




I popped that baby into a piping hot oven and 15 minutes later, Ben and I were dining on the most romantic pizza we’ve ever had. ;)

DSC_0002 (2)

Hey, some people need wine to unwind from a long week. I choose chocolate and pizza. :) To each their own! What do you unwind with?

DSC_0005 (2)

Tonight, Ben and I are fighting over plans. He says Olympics opening ceremonies. I say Couples Retreat. C’mon – the movie was set in Bora Bora…or something! I could use a nice tropical view like that right now!


We shaaaaall see. :)

Are you watching the opening ceremonies of the Olympics tonight? If you could compete in one winter Olympic sport, what would it be?

I would compete in the skiing event where they launch themselves off a massive ramp…can’t think of what it’s called… Or bobsledding! Cool Runnings style, mon. 8)

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  1. Evan Thomas 02.12.2010

    I would love to be a speed skater!
    Those cookies sound fantastic.

  2. Girl! Your cookies look better than mine! :) Glad you liked them. How cute is that heart pizza?!?!?

  3. Sarah 02.12.2010

    How much sugar/cocoa did you use? Did you weigh it or do you have some kind of dry measure? They look so good I want to make them right now!

  4. I wanted to see that movie!! And those cookies.. yum yum. The pizza is too cute girl!!!
    Personally, I would rather watch than compete. If I competed, I may maim myself or someone else in the process as I’m VERY uncoordinated.

  5. Kelly 02.12.2010

    I am about to watch the ceremonies as we speak but actually I really want to see Couples Retreat too at some point!
    Those cookies look AMAZING. and I love the heart pizza- I think some weeks are just multiple pizza weeks!

  6. We are watching the opening ceremonies part but not all the mumbo jumbo leading up to it. We like Criminal Minds ahead of time.

  7. Melissa 02.12.2010

    Couples Retreat is so hilarious! I would definitely watch that! I prefer to see the games themselves rather than the opening ceremonies, even though I know they do some cool stuff during them.

    I will be dreaming of those cookies all weekend long . . . I have a feeling they will be my next baking project!

  8. katie 02.12.2010

    OH my gosh im in love with that pizza!! my boyfriend would LOVE it!! :)

  9. Heart pizza! How cute!! Those cookies look sooo good!!

  10. Mae @ OhhMay 02.12.2010

    I know it’s not a winter sport but I wanted to be an Olympic marathon runner for so long. Yah, I shoot for the stars ;-).

    I LOVE that recipe for chocolate chewies! Jessica is awesome. I made a stuffed version with peanut butter and chocolate chips. They were so good.

    That pizza is adorable! I want to make one for my parents… :-D

  11. Jamie 02.13.2010

    definitely downhill skiing – i love skiing but I’m too scared to race because I’m afraid I’ll blow out a knee or something… maybe in another life I’ll have the courage to give it a try!

  12. Jessica 02.13.2010

    I saw those cookies on Jess’s site. I really want to make them now. They look sooooo light and fluffy!

  13. Woah those cookies look sinful!
    Hmm I don’t know half the Winter Olympic sports! I’d say either ice skating cos it looks so elegant, or curling, for the exact opposite reason – it’s just so funny to look at!!
    Have a good evening :)

  14. jen 02.13.2010

    We had Papa Murphy’s last night too! Only the gourmet veggie for me and the cowboy for him…lot’s of leftovers! No heart shape either, but it was still delish!

  15. Tracy Parish 02.13.2010

    Papa Murphy’s closed here in Georgia :( Now I have to get my fix when I go home to St. Louis.

    If I could be at the Winter Olympics I think I’d like to be a figure skater… I love the costumes! But I couldn’t take the pressure….

  16. Melissa S. 02.13.2010

    i definitely unwind with chocolate…and cereal. hahaha!

    didn’t get to watch the olympics; winter sports aren’t my thing.

  17. Melinda 02.13.2010

    Those cookies look sooo good!!! And I love the heart shaped pizza- how cute! :D

    I have been wanting to watch couples retreat- maybe I can talk the hubby into watching it with me this weekend- it looked so funny!

  18. Yum! That pizza and the cookies look good. We have a restaurant in town that serves heart-shaped pizza on Valentine’s Day. My husband and I had pizza, too, but they were just pita pizzas … followed by puffins. How romantic, eh? :-)


  19. fatih golsat 02.28.2010


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