The Coveted Rice Pocket



After brunch I spent a couple quality hours in the kitchen, cooking away and getting dinners ready for the week. It’s afternoons like this one that reminds me how much I really love to cook! So often it’s rush, rush, rush during the weekdays, and I forget how much fun it can be to take my time, spread out and just cook. Know what I mean? Do you like cooking? I think it’s so relaxing. :)

Funnily, I didn’t cook dinner, rather, Ben and I hopped over to Chipotle! Hmmm, Homemade Chipotle Burrito Bowls last Sunday, real Chipotle Burrito Bowls this Sunday…am I sensing a pattern here!? 


Ben and I find ourselves in Sunday night dinner patterns a lot. We once went MONTHS getting this vegetable fried rice dish from a local Chinese restaurant every single Sunday evening. I can’t remember how/why that fizzled out…they were really good though…


At any rate, tonight Ben went in and got me my standard Chicken Burrito Bowl. Oh. Yum! I had to wait in the car – it’s getting coooooold out there!


We’ve got rice, black beans, chicken, pico de gallo, green salsa and my own touch of green Tabasco sauce. It just doesn’t taste the same without it!


My favorite part of burrito bowls are the pockets of unspoiled rice.


The big clumps of chewy rice flavored with hints of lime & cilantro are the best!!


For dessert I’m snacking on some chocolate covered almonds that Ben’s parents gave us for Valentine’s Day. They are to die for!


I need to go put this bag away before some major damage is done… 8O


Back to the Olympics! I didn’t think I’d be as into them as I am! Just waiting for that bobsledding to come on… ;) 



What are your must-have toppings for burritos?

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  1. Becky 02.14.2010

    These Chipotle posts are killing me! The nearest one is 45-min out of the way…I gotta get me a burrito bowl, pronto! Thank goodness the homemade ones are just as good….penciling that into the meal plan now!

  2. We tend to fall into dinner patterns also…. Chipoltle is not a bad pattern to fall into ;)

  3. That sign is funny.

    For me I need to have some cheddar cheese on my burrito. Just a smidge but so yummy.

  4. Jessica 02.14.2010

    I love reading your posts with tips and new meals to try! What types of things do you do for meal prep? Any tips or things to stay away from? I’d love to do that more, but there are just so many things that aren’t quite the same (in a bad way) when I prep them ahead of time. Your thoughts?

  5. Cilantro is my burrito must have. It makes everything taste good!

  6. My favorite part of any Chipotle burrito are the rice/sour cream/cheese pockets w/o salsa on them… but since i dont eat rice anymore, well, i’ll just have to dream!

    Stay warm girlie!

  7. Ashley 02.14.2010

    I have never had Chipotle before, but after the picture of your dinner I just may have to go give it a taste!

    I too, have found myself completely addicted to the Olympics! I love the Downhill Skiing and the Mogils (sp?). Have a wonderful week!

  8. Yum Yucky 02.14.2010

    this is a stick up! gimme that rice on fork! I want it.

  9. I got a prominent dark chocolate almond gene from my dad. I’ve been loving them with dried apricots lately – mmm!

  10. I’ve never had a burrito so I can’t really comment :(
    OoOHER the font/style for Dove chocolate (we don’t have it in England) looks exactly like that for Galaxy – are they the same brand with a different name?
    Have a good evening :-)

  11. We went to a mexican place on Saturday for lunch … my burrito had black beans, rice with lime and cilantro, black bean and corn salsa and plenty of guacamole!

    Salsa and guacamole are a must. :-)


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