How I Found $50!


I love the Internet.

As I was eating my lovely salad this afternoon, I kept getting slapped in the face by large, rogue pieces of lettuce. Which wouldn’t be too bad – but they were covered in dressing, you know? I couldn’t help but wish that the pre-washed & bagged lettuce I use for my salads was cut just a little bit smaller. Then I remembered a restaurant I ate at a couple times when I lived in Minneapolis – Salad Creations.


At Salad Creations you pick your lettuce and toppings from a huge buffet line, and then your “salad artist” puts it all into a giant bowl and attacks it with this pizza cutter looking thing. The result is a salad that has been chopped up into perfectly small, non-face whipping bites. It’s so cool!

Anyways, the pizza cutter/salad chopper thingamabob is what I was most interested in. It’s exactly what I need! I adore the convenience of pre-washed & bagged lettuce, but the pieces are generally enormous. If I had a salad chopper, I could run it through my salads as I was making them and the pieces would be cut to just the right size, without me having to tear everything up by hand (the horror!)

Not knowing what the salad chopper was actually called, I simply Googled “salad chopper” and, what do you know, the gadget I had been thinking about in my head came right up!


Wheee! Sometimes I feel like the Internet can read my mind, and for that, I am grateful. ;) Apparently they sell these salad choppers at Bed, Bath & Beyond, so I’m totally picking one up the next time I go!

In more good news, I found $50 after lunch! No, not really, but whenever I tell a lame story, I always throw that line in there to spice it up a bit… Yipes.

At any rate, dinner tonight was EPIC!

A few weeks ago, Whit featured something on her blog that had me drooooooling in mere seconds. What could have caused such a reaction? Her Mom’s Stewed Blueberries and Blueberry Pancakes! I had to have them!


Stewed blueberries are such a cinch to make, a nice change from regular syrup and can even be made ahead of time, which is what I did! All I had to do tonight was add a dash of water to the mixture and heat in the microwave for a minute. Good as new.



I drizzled my stewed blueberries over some Blueberry Buttermilk Pancakes. I followed this recipe except I halved it, added a squeeze of agave nectar, and only used 1 Tablespoon of butter in the batter. INDESCRIBABLE!!!


I’m going to go out on a limb and say that these were the best pancakes I’ve ever had. Yep, it’s true. And they were so easy to make!


Fun fact: I suck at flipping pancakes. Like, I’m really, really bad at it. These pancakes were really easy to flip though, which makes me think that 1/2 the battle in successfully flipping a pancake comes down to having good batter?!



Let’s just say that it is… ;)



The result was a thick, decadent and perfectly fluffy pancake. The.Best.


And those stewed blueberries took them into another galaxy. Thick, rich and summer sweet. SO YUMMY!


I seriously can’t get over how delish this whole thing was. Thanks Whit + Whit’s Mom! ;)

In a wonderful blueberry coma, I am heading over to babysit my beautiful nephew Finn, and then hit up church. My bro is preaching tonight! :D

PS: Day 2 of the 40 Day Movement Challenge included 30 minutes on the elliptical during lunch. Whee!

Have great night everyone!


Pancakes, waffles or French toast?

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  1. Woww…. those look amazingly good. Springing It! So I remember to make these

  2. Evan Thomas 02.18.2010

    I so rarely have any of those but if I do it’s pancakes because those are easy. Although french toast sounds good if someone else makes it :-)

  3. Okay, Kristen, I’m pretty sure I went to school at UNI with your brother? Was he an electronic media major? If I have the right person, I’m am sure I had classes with him. As soon as I saw his pic, I recognized him….what a small world:)

    BTW…your blueberry pancakes look delicious! Those are on my menu this week as well!

  4. Melissa 02.18.2010

    OMG my mouth is literally watering looking at those pancakes! Bookmarking now . . .

    For me, it’s a toss up between pancakes & french toast, although pancakes may have a teeny tiny lead. Waffles? Meh. Never had any that knocked my socks off.

  5. Paige 02.18.2010

    Haha my friends and I used to always say “…and then I found $20.” I guess inflation is everywhere! haha

  6. Kristin, your blog seriously makes me happy. :) I just wanted to tell you that!

  7. Lauren 02.18.2010

    I always think that these crazy kitchen gadgets are so cool, but when I actually own one, I always seem to forget about them. My knife is always so much more convenient when I am right in the middle of cooking. But the salad chopped does look neat.

    So yeah, these pancakes…..

    I can’t even speak! :)

    Have fun tonight!

  8. Heather 02.18.2010

    That is a pretty neat gadget!

    I’m a waffle girl – love them!

  9. YUM those pancakes look awesome!

    I´ve never tried pancakes, but when I do, I want to have blueberry ones! Topped with stewed blueberry! HOLY YUM!
    But, seriously, I´m curious – how did you win $50? You simply found it on the floor or something?
    Brazilian XOXO´s,

  11. hah love your $50 joke AND those blueberry pancakes are so photogenic – they look delicious!

    My all time favorite is homemade waffles with the best sauce – oj mixed with strawberry-rhubarb jam, heated up and poured generously over the waffles, mmm!

  12. Sara 02.18.2010

    These look like the best pancakes…ever! Out of the three, I’d pick waffles.

  13. Breakfast for dinner is one of my favorites!! So is blueberry pancakes :)

  14. Becky 02.18.2010

    Yay! Love breakfast for dinner. I lprefer to have pancakes at home, but when I go out, I’m always a sucker for thick, decadent french toast!

  15. Carrie 02.18.2010

    Haha, I hear you about the huge leaves–especially spinach. And you can’t shake the leaves off your fork if you get too much; you just have to shove it all in as gracefully as possible.

  16. Jessica 02.18.2010

    Waffles…with strawberries and whipped cream :)

  17. Yvette 02.18.2010

    Would have to be French Toast for me but made with French Bread and cooked in butter. It is that being from New Orleans thing.
    I feel the same way about lettuce, love chopped salad. Saw this gadget at a Pampered Chef party – didn’t buy it but wanted to.

    There are so many things I want to suggest in New Orleans, many mentioned here. But the one I would have at the very top of the list for you is cooking class at the New Orleans School of Cooking. This is the most fun thing and you learn a lot about the history and influences of creole, cajun, etc. And they keep you laughing and then you get to eat the food. When you click on this link the tall guy is Kevin and he has been doing it for as long as I can remember and he is seriously so funny, you will LYAO. I took like 10 people as one of the events for my out of town guests for my wedding, which was in April and the weather is amazing at that time of year.

    Bring some shoes you don’t care if they get ruined that are very comfortable. When you are from there you have your “French Quarter” shoes, they will get dirty if you plan any nights in the Quarter at bars and on Bourbon street.

    I strongly recommend one fine dining night at either Commander’s Palace (or Sunday Brunch) Antione’s or Tujaques. Check with them about dress codes.

    Totally you have to ride the street car and ride down St Charles Avenue in the Uptown/Garden District.
    I could go on for hours but if you are going to do one thing I recommend the cooking class.

  18. Ummm.. food porn alert. Ha. Those really do look incredible!!! I’m a pancake girl, all the way. I love waffles but they don’t compare to my pancakes. And what is my favorite? Blueberry. I’m so trying that recipe!!

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  20. Those pancakes look divine! Personally I am a french toast girl though!

  21. 1) [Belgian] Waflles. 2) Grainy Pancakes. 3) French Toast. =]]]

  22. katie 02.18.2010

    those are SERIOUSLY food porn! yum!

  23. Haha that wasn’t a lame story! I want to invest in a salad chopper now :D
    LOVE stewed blueberries!! I had them yesterday for a snack and I’m about to go and make them again as an oatmeal topper, and I’m weirdly excited about it :P
    Good pancake batter definetly = better pancakes too, believe me! I;ve had many a pancake disaster from poor batter…
    Pancakes, waffles or french toast? I’m not a huge fan of any…but probably a nice scotch pancake :)
    Have a good evening!

  24. Now I want a salad chopper! lol because I totally know what you mean by getting whapped in the face with lettuce. Dressing face=not good.
    Heck yeah on finding $50! That’s an awesome day!
    Those blueberry pancakes just made me hungry. Just like that.

  25. Megan 02.19.2010

    Gahh, nut butter on english muffins with bananas is my favorite!! It’s the best after a really great workout :)

  26. Those blueberries look delicious!! And I suck at flipping pancakes, too. I have to be really careful – normally I’m too forceful and end up splattering the batter all over the pan!

    That is a tough question!! I would have to say waffles because I love the crunchiness of the outer crust. And THEN pancakes because they’re just the bomb. And lastly, waffles … my husband and I had the best STUFFED waffles on our honeymoon – they were to die for! Though when I make them, I’m boring, which is why I rated them third. :-)


  27. BroccoliHut 02.19.2010

    French toast all the way!

  28. chocolatepickle 02.19.2010

    Not sure if anyone has mentioned this yet, but the chopped salad places in NYC use huge mezzalunas to make chopped salads. I fell in love when visiting my sister there and realized I OWNED a mezzaluna but never put it to this use! It MIGHT work better for chopping than the pizza cutting thing just because it chops back and forth instead of across the lettuce…..just a thought:) You can google mezzaluna if you want to take a look at another option:) I use mine now almost every day!

  29. I love pancakes but waffles are so much easier to make. I eat them both equally.

  30. Whit 02.20.2010

    Yay for pancakes!!!! Thanks for the link love, love! ;)

  31. Mary Kay 03.26.2011

    Do you happen to have the recipe for Whit’s stewed blueberries? The links don’t seem to work any more.

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