Born in 1919


TGIF! :mrgreen:

It’s a cozy warm freezing cold 62 degrees in the crib this morning! You guys are so smart. :) We totally have a programmable thermostat and I completely forgot to use it all winter long! Oh well, better late than never, eh? I’ve now got my house completely hooked up:

5am-9am: 65 degrees

9am-4:45pm: 62 degrees

4:45pm-9:30pm: 67 degrees

9:30pm-5am: 62 degrees

DSC_0006 DSC_0003

DSC_0004 DSC_0005

It was quite a shock waking up in such chilly surroundings and there was definitely a mad dash for a hot shower. Our old setting of 71 degrees now seems practically tropical! Anyways, now that we’ve got the thermostat working on our terms, we just get to sit back and let it do it’s money saving magic. And seriously bundle up – the groundhog did see it’s shadow after all. ;)

In addition to being a little bit more cold than usual this morning, I’m also a little bit more tired than usual! I popped one of these babies – a Vitamin B pill.


I got these at Trader Joes for like $5, and they seriously do wonders for my energy levels. Did you know that the energy shots/drinks like 5 Hour Energy are basically just liquid vitamin B? Took a few of those when I was in Vegas last summer! ;) 


Vitamin B’s not the only thing for breakfast! I’m taking the rest of it on the go though, because I’m not feeling very hungry right now for some reason. I packed some extra BPC (blueberry pancakes) sprinkled with almonds and stewed blueberries!


I added some almonds this morning to give them a little extra staying power and will eat them cold, I think. They’re actually really good cold!


These store really well in the freezer, too. Just layer them with some wax paper, and pop them into the toaster when you’re ready to eat them. SO convenient, right?


Can you tell I like taking pictures of pancakes? ;)


There are so many uses for these stewed blueberries, too. In addition to being the best pancake topper, mmm, ever they’d also be super good over oatmeal, spread on toast, or on top of yogurt. YUM!


Lunch today is a good one and I’m hoping that I don’t break into it too early. 8O It’s got ALL my favorites!


An EarthGrains Thin Bun, smeared with almond butter and topped with banana slices. 


LOOOOOOOOVE this combo!!


Some orange colored kryptonite, aka dried apricots. These apricots are darker than what you might typically see in the grocery store because they’re not treated with sulfur dioxide, which a lot of dried fruits are to retain their color. They are SO good!


And my heart. Peach Chobani and I go way back. Tried and true – always fabulous.


FYI – Strawberry Banana Chobani is very tropical tasting, I really liked it a lot!


In other news…

Happy 91st Birthday Grandma!

My beloved Grandma turns 91 today. 91! She was born in 1919 – can you imagine how much she has seen and experienced?

This woman is the smartest person I know – we still calls her for advice! Plus she’s the most tech savvy 91 year old around. She reads my blog everyday on WebTV. Yes, she has WEBTV!! She continually amazes me. :)

On top of everything else, she’s the sweetest, proudest and most wonderful person. I love you Grandma – have a wonderful birthday! Hugs and love from Iowa!!! :D

Have a great Friday everyone!


Are you, or were you, close with your Grandparents?

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