You guys are bacon prodigies! You gave me sooo many great ideas that it’s going to be darn near impossible to narrow it down to just a few bacon-laced recipes to take to the party this weekend. Either way, I am sure to be the hit of every potluck I attend from now until 2020, with all the different bacon dishes I’ll be bringing. ;) PS Googling the word “bacon” yields some awfully strange image results… You’ve been warned! 8O

In the polar opposite direction, I made a pizza tonight that I am literally going cuckoo over: Thai Tofu Pizza!


I can’t even describe to you how freaking delicious this pizza is – I gobbled my pieces down! Don’t worry, it was lady-like gobbling. Natch.


I started with a Boboli 12″ pre-made pizza crust.


I had wanted to get the whole wheat crust, but my store didn’t carry that variety. It’s ok – white bread every once in a while is no biggie, especially when it’s for some good ‘za!


I placed my pizza crust on a round pizza pan that I snagged from my parents house (thanks Mom & Dad) but you could just put it straight onto the oven rack.


I slathered on some Thai Peanut Sauce that I made from soy sauce, peanut butter, rice vinegar – the works.


On goes some mozzarella cheese,


And crumbled tofu that I sautéed in some of the peanut sauce. 


Next is some chopped broccoli,


And green onions.


Bake in a piping hot oven,


And top with chopped peanuts, mango and cilantro! 


Seriously, I know I say this a lot but, O.M.G.!


I want to eat this pizza all day, every day, 24/7, 365!


When Ben and I first got married, I made two things a lot – I mean a. lot.

1. Chicken

2. Noodle dishes in peanut sauce

We both got over chicken pretty fast (which is why I don’t make “just chicken” very often,) but while he also moved on from peanut sauce type dishes – my love remained intact.


Fellow peanut sauce lovers – you will DEVOUR this! It’s salty, smooth and so flavorful. Plus the crumbled & sautéed tofu adds even more of the far-East flavor!


The sweet, tropical punch from the mango and zip from the cilantro is just fantastic too. Ooo – and I’m kind of glad that I got the original crust. It was prefectly chewy. I highly recommend it!


I am holding myself back from eating way too much of this pizza. All things in moderation! Ok, maybe one more piece. ;) 


I’m entering this pizza in a contest, so I can’t share the full recipe yet. I’ll be certain to make it again after the contest is closed so I can share the deets with you guys, cause you’ve got to give it a try!

Tonight I am tackling my inbox. I have so many emails to return – I’m so bad at responding right away! What about you?

Have a good one – tomorrow’s Thursday! Just, FYI! :mrgreen:


Do you like Asian food? What’s your favorite dish?

I live for Pad See Eiw. LIVE, I tell you! (Locals – you won’t find better than at Ban Thai!)