Contest Worthy Pizza!


You guys are bacon prodigies! You gave me sooo many great ideas that it’s going to be darn near impossible to narrow it down to just a few bacon-laced recipes to take to the party this weekend. Either way, I am sure to be the hit of every potluck I attend from now until 2020, with all the different bacon dishes I’ll be bringing. ;) PS Googling the word “bacon” yields some awfully strange image results… You’ve been warned! 8O

In the polar opposite direction, I made a pizza tonight that I am literally going cuckoo over: Thai Tofu Pizza!


I can’t even describe to you how freaking delicious this pizza is – I gobbled my pieces down! Don’t worry, it was lady-like gobbling. Natch.


I started with a Boboli 12″ pre-made pizza crust.


I had wanted to get the whole wheat crust, but my store didn’t carry that variety. It’s ok – white bread every once in a while is no biggie, especially when it’s for some good ‘za!


I placed my pizza crust on a round pizza pan that I snagged from my parents house (thanks Mom & Dad) but you could just put it straight onto the oven rack.


I slathered on some Thai Peanut Sauce that I made from soy sauce, peanut butter, rice vinegar – the works.


On goes some mozzarella cheese,


And crumbled tofu that I sautéed in some of the peanut sauce. 


Next is some chopped broccoli,


And green onions.


Bake in a piping hot oven,


And top with chopped peanuts, mango and cilantro! 


Seriously, I know I say this a lot but, O.M.G.!


I want to eat this pizza all day, every day, 24/7, 365!


When Ben and I first got married, I made two things a lot – I mean a. lot.

1. Chicken

2. Noodle dishes in peanut sauce

We both got over chicken pretty fast (which is why I don’t make “just chicken” very often,) but while he also moved on from peanut sauce type dishes – my love remained intact.


Fellow peanut sauce lovers – you will DEVOUR this! It’s salty, smooth and so flavorful. Plus the crumbled & sautéed tofu adds even more of the far-East flavor!


The sweet, tropical punch from the mango and zip from the cilantro is just fantastic too. Ooo – and I’m kind of glad that I got the original crust. It was prefectly chewy. I highly recommend it!


I am holding myself back from eating way too much of this pizza. All things in moderation! Ok, maybe one more piece. ;) 


I’m entering this pizza in a contest, so I can’t share the full recipe yet. I’ll be certain to make it again after the contest is closed so I can share the deets with you guys, cause you’ve got to give it a try!

Tonight I am tackling my inbox. I have so many emails to return – I’m so bad at responding right away! What about you?

Have a good one – tomorrow’s Thursday! Just, FYI! :mrgreen:


Do you like Asian food? What’s your favorite dish?

I live for Pad See Eiw. LIVE, I tell you! (Locals – you won’t find better than at Ban Thai!)

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  1. Melanie 02.24.2010

    I love Pad See Eiw, too – I know that Thai Kitchen in Ames has many great dishes, but every time I go there, I happen to be craving their Beef Pad See Eiw! Yum! I suppose I should branch out sometime… ;)

  2. Tay 02.24.2010

    Ahhhhh looks amazing!! I’ve always wanted to try the CPK Thai pizza and I’m sure this one rivals it ;-) Hurry up contest…I want the recipe!!

  3. I WANT that pizza!! Looks incredible!

  4. Evan Thomas 02.24.2010

    I LOOVE Pad thai–so good!

  5. Lauren 02.24.2010

    I am drooling over this pizza. I made a similar one a few weeks ago with BBQ Tofu and Pineapple. So freaking amazing. I second your O.M.G!!! :)

  6. That pizza looks delish!! I’m horrible with emails! I need to work on my email etiquette!

  7. Mae @ OhhMay 02.24.2010

    This looks absolutely amazing! I’m embarrassed to say I’ve never tried peanut sauce. (well there was one time, BAD MEMORIES… peanut+miso+tomato=AWFUL)

    This looks so delicious! I love the mango sweet+salty action. I bet I would love this pizza!!!

  8. Wow, that is such an interesting and delicious sounding combo! I could see that being a winner!

  9. Maura 02.24.2010

    I googled bacon….you were right. Holy awkward….

  10. Those ingredients sound random but those usually turn out to be the best meals. Hope you win the contest.

  11. Stephanie 02.24.2010

    I don’t normally go goo-goo for Thai food, but this pizza sounds amazing girl! I can’t wait to see how the contest turns out, bc I think you have a winner here :)

  12. I’m terrible at responding in a timely fashion… not a good quality =S hah That pizza looks soooo good! Mmm!

    Asian. Japan is in Asia. Sushi is from Japan. I love sushi. hah if you’ll count it =) Egg rolls are my favorite.. moderation is key on that one =)

  13. emily 02.24.2010

    Pad See Eiw is my favorite thing on EARTH! It is in my list of top 5 requirements for places to live to have access to Pad See Eiw!

    Also your pizza looks to die for. I’ve loved every kind of Thai pizza I’ve ever tried but I’ve yet to make it at home.

  14. Carrie 02.24.2010

    I will never, ever… EVER turn down sushi. And I also love Pad Thai.

    That pizza looks amazing, too.

  15. Yum!! That pizza looks so good! Love Boboli crusts!! I am not a HUGE fan of Asian food, but I think that’s because I’ve only had it in restaurants/ take out and never made it at home!! I will have to try that peanut sauce soon!

  16. Jamie 02.24.2010

    your descriptions are like food porn! haha and I LOOOVE asian food – I always consider getting Padi Thai but I always end up getting some sort of basil chicken with vegetables

  17. BP 02.25.2010

    Hi Kristin.
    huge fan of your blog. you introduced me to almond butter (lucky I can feed my addiction as I live right near a Trader Joe’s). my new breakfast fave–fruit salad with a spoonful of cottage cheese and a spoonful of almond butter. delish!

    I am also a huge fan of Pad See Ew. even try to make it at home with the rice noodles, broccoli, egg, and chicken but never get the sauce just right. and the pizza does look fantastic. have to get the recipe for a good peanut sauce.

  18. :O That looks amazing! I’ve never thought of adding peanut sauce to a pizza – girl, you’re a genius!
    I really like Asian food but I have no idea what all the names are, I just think it tastes good :P
    Haha re emails; I always try and respond right away, but ifit turns into an email conversation, I seem to take longer and longer!! Emails are very time consuming :s

  19. Cass 02.25.2010

    you should try ZuZap’s sometime (formerly Lemongrass). It’s right by Granite City in that strip mall-ish area where Caribou Coffee and Z’Marik’s are. Anyway – GREAT Thai food for WDM!!

  20. Rebecca 02.25.2010

    That pizza looks delicious! I would never think of using tofu on pizza but now I’ll have to try it.

  21. That pizza looks delicious! I might have to replicate it on the small scale since my husband isn’t too fond of peanut sauce (I know – what a weirdo!). Can’t wait for the recipe!


  22. AP 02.25.2010

    “Asian food” is a pretty huge category. Japanese? Sushi. Chinese? Sweet and sour or sesame chicken. Thai? Spicy basil beef. Viatnamese? Pho!!
    Yes I know half of these aren’t “authentic” but it’s the best we can do in the Midwest!

  23. AP 02.25.2010

    Indian? Curry!

  24. BroccoliHut 02.25.2010

    Tofu AND broccoli?! Two of my all time favorite ingredients on one pizza!

  25. Lori 02.25.2010

    Now THAT is a good lookin’ pizza! Sounds delicious too!

  26. shannon 02.26.2010

    Shrimp Drunken Noodles is by far my favorite Thai dish, followed closely by Red Curry.

    Can’t wait for that pizza recipe… I heart peanut sauce!

  27. Danielle 02.27.2010

    That pizza look so good! Yum!

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  30. Kevin 03.09.2010

    Great looking pizza!

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  32. Euna Fortis 06.09.2010

    I also like Shrek movies, super animation film.

  33. Kelly 09.29.2010

    Oh my gosh, this sounds amazing! I would have never though to put these combinations together but man, I’m glad you did. Must make this. :)

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